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What colors go good with yellow in a kitchen?

Yellow is a bright, sunny color that can bring a sense of warmth and cheerfulness to a kitchen. When decorating a kitchen with yellow, it’s important to choose coordinating colors that will enhance the vibrancy of the yellow without clashing. Some of the best color pairings to consider for a yellow kitchen include neutral tones like white and gray, complementary colors like blue and purple, and accent shades like green, red, black and brown.

Quick Summary

Here is a quick summary of the best color pairings for yellow kitchens:

  • Whites and grays – Classic, neutral pairings that create a clean, airy look.
  • Blues – Complementary on the color wheel, different shades of blue work well with yellow.
  • Greens – Earthy greens like sage and olive mesh nicely with the cheerful vibes of yellow.
  • Purples and lavenders – From pale lilacs to deep plums, these hues contrast and complement yellow.
  • Reds and oranges – Bold, saturated versions of these warm colors can accent yellow well.
  • Browns and black – Grounding neutrals that add depth and sophistication.

The Psychology of the Color Yellow

Before diving into the specific color pairings, it’s helpful to understand the psychology behind the color yellow. This sunny hue is associated with:

  • Warmth
  • Happiness
  • Optimism
  • Intelligence
  • Energy
  • Creativity

Yellow stimulates mental clarity and extraversion. It’s a lively, vibrant color that infuses any space with joy and positivity. In a kitchen environment, yellow promotes sociability and appetite, perfect for family gatherings and meals.

However, too much yellow can feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to balance it out with other hues that add contrast and visual interest.

Pairing Yellow with White or Gray

White and gray are neutrals that complement just about any color under the sun, and yellow kitchens are no exception. The clean simplicity of white kitchen cabinets or walls prevents a yellow kitchen from feeling too busy. Gray has a subtler effect, adding sophisticated contrast and depth.

Benefits of pairing yellow with white or gray

  • Creates a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic
  • Feels airy and spacious
  • Yellow stands out against a neutral backdrop
  • Easy to change up with accent décor and pops of color

Consider fresh white subway tile backsplash as the perfect canvas for lemony yellow walls. Or opt for gray quartz countertops with sunshine yellow bar stools for chic, modern style.

Matching Yellow with Blue

On the color wheel, yellow’s complementary color is blue. This means the two hues are directly opposite each other and create visual balance. The invigorating combination of yellow and blue is ideal for kitchens, promoting productivity and focus.

The key is choosing the right tone of blue. Cooler shades like sky blue and teal have a tranquil feel, while bolder navy or cobalt make more of a dramatic impact. Turquoise adds a fun, retro vibe.

Benefits of pairing yellow with blue

  • Provides high-contrast for visual interest
  • Feels energetic and lively
  • Promotes productivity and creativity
  • Wide range of blue shades to choose from

Some examples of yellow and blue pairings include a cobalt blue backsplash against lemon walls or mustard yellow bar stools around a navy blue kitchen island. The options are endless!

Type of Blue Works Well With
Pale Blue Buttery Yellow
Turquoise Sunflower Yellow
Navy Gold Yellow
Royal Blue Canary Yellow

Combining Yellow and Green

For a more natural, earthy aesthetic, green is a foolproof pairing with yellow. The two colors create a harmonious springtime vibe. Pastel minty greens work well with light yellows, while mossy olive greens match deeper golden yellow tones.

Benefits of pairing yellow with green

  • Feels fresh, organic and soothing
  • Invokes the colors of nature
  • Works with different aesthetics – from farmhouse to midcentury
  • Many shades of green to choose from

Consider sage green walls with lemon yellow kitchen cabinets or olive green countertops with yellow ceramic backsplash tiles. There are so many creative ways to use green and yellow together in a kitchen.

Type of Green Works Well With
Mint Pale Yellow
Sage Mustard Yellow
Forest Golden Yellow
Lime Dandelion Yellow

Complementary Purple and Yellow

Like blue, purple is also a complementary color to yellow. The pairing provides similarly high-contrast while feeling more regal and sophisticated. Pale lilacs or lavenders work well with lighter yellows, while deep plums and eggplants match stronger golden hues.

Benefits of pairing yellow with purple

  • Sophisticated and creative contrast
  • Feels elegant and upscale
  • Works with contemporary or traditional aesthetics
  • Many light and dark shades to choose from

A pale purple paint color with bright yellow bar stools makes a fun statement. Or try bold purple glass tiles in the backsplash against sunny yellow walls. The options for yellow and purple are diverse and eye-catching.

Type of Purple Works Well With
Lilac Lemon Yellow
Lavender Pale Yellow
Eggplant Mustard Yellow
Plum Golden Yellow

Punchy Red and Yellow

For a lively, stimulating kitchen environment, red is an ideal accent color with yellow. Together, these passionate, energetic hues create a fun and inviting kitchen vibe. The key is choosing deeper, more saturated shades of red that have enough contrast against the yellow.

Benefits of pairing yellow with red

  • Vibrant, punchy combination
  • Feels lively, youthful and hip
  • Works well with modern or retro aesthetics
  • Deeper reds like crimson and burgundy contrast best

A cherry red kitchen island provides drama against sunny yellow walls. Or make a checkerboard backsplash with bold yellow and red ceramic tiles. When used thoughtfully, red and yellow pack an invigorating visual punch.

Type of Red Works Well With
Burgundy Golden Yellow
Crimson Dandelion Yellow
Scarlet Canary Yellow
Cranberry Mustard Yellow

Sophisticated Black and Yellow

For an upscale, dramatic look, black pairs beautifully with yellow in kitchens. The bold contrast adds visual intrigue while feeling elegantly modern. Mustard yellow, gold, or amber work best with the deep shade of black.

Benefits of pairing yellow with black

  • Striking, high-contrast combination
  • Feels edgy yet refined
  • Ideal for contemporary, minimalist designs
  • Let’s the yellow pop against black backdrop

Black stainless steel appliances make a sophisticated style statement against golden yellow walls. Or opt for sleek black quartz countertops with yellow leather bar stools for an upscale vibe. Use black and yellow with intention for compelling contrast.

Type of Yellow Works Well With Black
Mustard Yes
Gold Yes
Amber Yes
Pale Yellow Less so

Warm and Inviting Browns

For kitchens with a cozier, more traditional feel, rich brown hues pair beautifully with different shades of yellow. Warm browns like mocha, espresso and maple add subtle depth and contrast. Using yellow and brown together creates a welcoming, charming environment.

Benefits of pairing yellow with brown

  • Feels cozy, familiar and inviting
  • Works well with farmhouse, cottage or traditional aesthetics
  • Warm brown tones complement both light and bold yellows
  • Natural, earthy color combination

Try pairing honey yellow walls with chocolate brown cabinetry or mustard yellow backsplash tiles with a dark wood floor. Browns help ground and anchor the vibrancy of yellow in kitchen spaces.

Type of Brown Works Well With
Mocha Mustard Yellow
Espresso Amber Yellow
Maple Golden Yellow
Walnut Butter Yellow

Tips for Combining Colors with Yellow

When working with a bold yellow color in the kitchen, follow these tips for choosing and combining coordinating hues:

  • Select 1-3 accent colors maximum for the best visual appeal.
  • Use 60-70% yellow as the dominant color and 30-40% for accents.
  • Choose accent colors from opposite sides of the color wheel for contrast.
  • Mix different shades, tones and finishes of accent colors for added interest.
  • Add plenty of neutrals like white, gray and wood tones to provide balance.
  • Incorporate green and blue accents for energizing contrast to yellow’s warmth.
  • Use red and purple accents for sophisticated, elegant contrast.


With its cheerful, lively essence, yellow makes a fantastic feature wall color or kitchen accent. Pairing it thoughtfully with whites, blues, greens, purples, reds, blacks and browns creates stylish, inviting kitchen spaces. The color combinations are diverse, from retro red-and-yellow diners, to cozy brown-and-yellow farmhouses, to sleek black-and-yellow modern kitchens. With the right complementary hues, yellow kitchens make any home feel fun, uplifting and full of positivity.