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How should I buy my Yeezy slides?

Yeezy slides have become one of the most popular casual shoes in recent years. With their minimalist design and comfort, it’s easy to see why. However, as demand has increased, buying a pair is not as simple as it once was. If you want to get your hands on a pair of Yeezys, there are some key things to consider.

When do Yeezy slides release?

New Yeezy slides typically release a few times per year, usually coinciding with the launch of a new Yeezy clothing collection. The most common release months are February, June, and September. Release dates are not usually confirmed more than a month in advance. The best way to stay on top of upcoming Yeezy launches is to follow Yeezy and Adidas social media accounts and sign up for release calendars on sneaker blogs.

How can I buy Yeezy slides on release day?

Here are some tips for copping Yeezy slides on release day:

  • Enter raffles and giveaways – Many sneaker retailers like Adidas and Yeezy Supply will run raffles in the weeks leading up to a launch. Enter as many as possible to increase your chances.
  • Use multiple devices – Have multiple devices ready to go on launch morning. The queues fill up fast so you want to cover your bases.
  • Follow restock accounts – Accounts like @adidasalerts and @yeezymafia will tweet links right when the shoes go live.
  • Be ready at launch time – Yeezy slides tend to launch around 9-10am Eastern. Refresh retailer pages right at launch to get in the queue.
  • Shop at multiple retailers – Don’t just stick to one site. Hit up Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and any other retailers selling the shoes.
  • Use autofill – Make sure your payment and shipping info is saved to cut down checkout time.
  • Act fast – Yeezy stock sells out in seconds or minutes. Check out immediately once you get access.

Where can I buy Yeezy slides?

Here are some of the most common places to buy Yeezy slides, both at launch and after market:

Retailer Notes
Adidas Adidas is always the top retailer for Yeezy launches. Releases often happen through the Adidas app.
Yeezy Supply Kanye West’s official webstore gets a lot of Yeezy stock. Launches are notorious for site crashes.
StockX A popular resale marketplace where you can buy slides for above retail after launch.
GOAT Another big resale site to find Yeezys after they sell out at launch.
Stadium Goods Reliable resale marketplace to find rare/sold out Yeezy slides.
eBay You can find resale Yeezy slides on eBay but beware of fakes.

How much do Yeezy slides cost retail vs resale?

The retail price for Yeezy slides is typically around $60. However, due to limited quantities and high demand, the resale price can be significantly higher:

Release Retail Price Resale Price
Yeezy Slide Pure $60 $200 – $300+
Yeezy Slide Glow $60 $300 – $500+
Yeezy Slide Soot $60 $150 – $250+

As you can see, certain colorways like the glow in the dark slides can fetch over 5x retail price on the resale market due to the hype and demand.

How can I get Yeezy slides for retail or under resale?

Here are some tips for scoring Yeezy slides for retail price or below typical resale prices:

  • Enter every raffle and giveaway – This gives you the best shot at copping retail on launch day.
  • Follow restock accounts and turn on notifications – Restocks don’t happen often but you need to be ready.
  • Buy used rather than new – You can find gently used pairs on sites like GOAT for under resale.
  • Wait a few weeks or months after release – Resale prices typically dip after the initial launch hype dies down.
  • Consider less popular colorways – The hypebeast colors go for huge resale while simpler ones are easier to get.

Should I size up or down for Yeezy slides?

Yeezy slides generally fit true to size for most people. However, here are some tips on sizing:

  • Size up 1 full size if you have wide feet – The molded design is quite narrow.
  • Size down 1/2 size if you have narrow feet – The slides will have a little more room to slide on and off.
  • Stick with your true size if you have average width feet.
  • Size down if you’re in between sizes – They fit a little big.
  • Try them on in store if possible to get the right fit.

How can I spot fake Yeezy slides?

With Yeezy shoes being scarce and expensive, the market is flooded with fakes. Here’s how to spot counterfeit Yeezy slides:

  • Check for poor quality materials – Fakes tend to use cheaper, flimsier foams.
  • Look for uneven cut and stitching – Authentic pairs have clean precise manufacturing.
  • Inspect the adidas logo – Fakes often have poorly printed or misshapen logos.
  • Review seller feedback if buying resale – Reputable sellers will have lots of positive feedback.
  • Compare to legit online photos – Look for differences against photos on brand websites.
  • Scan barcode if possible – Barcodes on fakes won’t sync up to legit pairs.

How can I keep my Yeezy slides clean?

Here are some tips to keep your slides looking fresh:

  • Use protective spray – Spraying slides with a waterproofing/stain repellent will prevent dirt buildup.
  • Hand wash when dirty – Mix gentle soap and water and scrub with a soft bristle brush.
  • Air dry away from direct sun – Direct sunlight can damage the foam over time.
  • Store with shoe trees – Placing tree inserts in the slides will help maintain the shape.
  • Consider replacement soles – If the footbed gets really dirty, replacement soles can be bought.


With some preparation and persistence, scoring your own pair of Yeezy slides for retail or close to it is possible. Following restock accounts, entering all raffles, and monitoring resale prices can help you get your hands on one of the most coveted casual shoes on the market right now. Just be wary of fakes, and take care to keep them looking clean once you get them!