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What colors go best with lavender for a bedroom?

What colors go best with lavender for a bedroom?

Lavender is a light purple shade that can add a soothing, elegant touch to any bedroom. When decorating a lavender bedroom, it’s important to choose accent colors that complement the lavender walls without clashing. Certain shades will enhance the tranquil vibe you’re aiming for while others may be too bold or vibrant. Here are some of the best color combinations to consider when decorating a lavender bedroom.

Soothing Neutrals

Neutral accents are a safe bet for balancing out bold lavender walls. Soft beiges, warm grays, and creamy whites help tone down the purple while letting it still sing. Try pairing lavender with:

Beige Adds a subtle warmth and brightness
Light gray Cool and calming accent
White Clean and airy contrast

Creamy neutrals complement lavender beautifully in bedding, rugs, furniture and decor accents. For example, white bed linens pop against lavender walls but don’t clash. Beige carpeting can offset a lavender wall color while contributing a light earthy feel. Cool grays make an elegant pairing in furniture like a washed gray wood dresser. Neutral tones are foolproof options for decorating a relaxing lavender room.

Soft Pastels

While intense primary colors might overwhelm a light lavender wall color, soft pastel accents blend in beautifully. Consider pale hues like:

Mint green Adds fresh, springtime appeal
Butter yellow Warm and cheerful pop of color
Baby blue Peaceful, dreamy accent
Blush pink Romantic femininity

These faded versions of vibrant colors have lower saturation, making them more mellow companions for a light purple wall color. Minty greens, barely-there blues, and peachy tones will enhance the springlike feeling of a lavender room. Pastels also pair beautifully in soft furnishing like pillows, throws, and area rugs. For example, butter yellow throw pillows can brighten up a lavender sofa or bed.

Deep, Dusty Hues

While pale pastels are safe accent options, don’t be afraid to use deeper, moodier hues too. Richer tones like deep grays, navy blue, brick red, and olive green have bold impact but their dusty, faded quality keeps them sophisticated. Consider hues such as:

Charcoal gray Brooding and elegant
Navy blue Anchor a lavender room
Dusty pink Vintage charm
Olive green Earthy yet bright

Deeper accents work best in small doses through textiles and decor. A charcoal throw blanket at the foot of a lavender bed makes a mysterious contrast. Navy blue accent pillows or an olive green area rug add pops of color. Faded brick red looks striking on bookshelves against a lavender wall.

Metallic Touches

For a glam accent, consider metallic furniture, decor items, or accessories. Polished gold, silver, brass and bronze catch the light beautifully against soft lavender walls. Options include:

Gold Warm and radiant
Silver Crisp, cool sparkle
Brass Vintage luxury
Bronze Earthy iridescence

A gold-framed mirror makes a striking statement over a lavender dresser. Delicate silver throw pillows can accent a bedroom sofa or chair. Brass table lamps or sconces emit a romantic glow against purplish walls. Gilded photo frames and bookends, hammered metal decor and metallic area rugs all make eye-catching metallic accents.


When decorating a lavender bedroom, keep the overall look peaceful and relaxed by avoiding bright, clashing colors. Soothing neutrals, soft pastels, and muted deeper tones complement the purple hue beautifully. Metallic accents add a hint of glamour. Stick to just one or two accent colors and vary them through bedding, window treatments, furniture and decor. With a calming color palette, a lavender bedroom will feel like a soothing oasis. The right accompaniments make all the difference in highlighting the elegance of this beautiful wall color.