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What colors compliment slate blue?

What colors compliment slate blue?

Slate blue is a cool-toned, medium to dark grayish blue color that can work well with a variety of accent colors in home decor or fashion. Determining what colors pair nicely with slate blue requires considering factors like color harmony, tone, and mood. This article will provide some quick answers on complementary colors in the opening section before diving into more details on what colors go with slate blue and why.

Quick Answers on Complementary Colors for Slate Blue

Some quick answers on colors that generally complement slate blue well:

– Warm neutrals like cream, beige, tan
– Light and soft cool colors like mint, sage, ice blue
– Vibrant oranges, yellows, corals
– Metallic golds, bronzes, coppers

While warm neutrals and light cool tones help soften and relax slate blue, the vibrant warm shades create a bold and energetic contrast. Metallic shades add glamour and sophistication.

What is Color Harmony and Why Does it Matter?

Before diving deeper into the top color pairings for slate blue, it helps to understand color harmony and why it’s important when coordinating colors.

Color harmony refers to color combinations that are pleasing to the eye. When colors harmonize well together, they create balance and visual interest.

There are several types of color harmony that help guide aesthetically pleasing color schemes:

Complementary Colors

These are colors opposite each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange or purple and yellow. They create high contrast and vibrancy.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, like blue, blue-green, and green. This creates a cohesive look.

Triadic Colors

Triadic color schemes use three colors equally spaced around the color wheel, such as red, yellow, and blue. The contrast is bold but balanced.

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic color schemes use different tones, shades, and tints of one single hue. This creates a cohesive, soothing look.

Compound Color Schemes

Compound schemes combine multiple color harmony rules, such as complementary analogous or split complementary. This allows for more complex and vibrant schemes.

Considering color harmony helps select color combinations that work well together, whether it’s for fashion, interior design, graphic design, or other applications. Coordinating colors properly creates aesthetically pleasing looks that align with the desired mood and style.

Top Color Matches for Slate Blue

Now let’s explore some of the best color pairings for slate blue that follow principles of color harmony.

Cream and Beige

Soft warm neutrals like cream and beige make an elegant pairing with slate blue. The muted neutral tones complement the cooler, grayish-blue slate color nicely. This color scheme has an analogous relationship, as the warm neutrals sit next to slate blue on the color wheel. The cream and beige add a soothing, relaxed feel that works well in bedrooms, living rooms, and casual fashions.

Ivory and Tan

Slightly deeper warm neutrals like ivory and tan also complement slate blue beautifully. The ivory and tan create the same harmonious, analogous balance with a touch more contrast. This adds subtle vibrancy while maintaining a cohesive, calming ambiance. Use this color scheme for table linens, pillows, and relaxed apparel.

Sage Green and Mint

Cool pastels like sage green and mint green pair gorgeously with slate blue. The lighter greenish tones sit analogously next to slate blue on the color wheel, creating a harmonious combination. Mint and sage add softness and luminosity against the deeper slate blue. Integrate these colors through decorative accents, tableware, and women’s clothing.

Robin’s Egg Blue and Ice Blue

Robin’s egg blue and ice blue are other cool pastels that work well with slate blue. As lighter tones of blue, they have both an analogous and monochromatic relationship with slate blue. Use these colors sparingly to provide pops of interest against the dominant slate blue. They work well in kitchenware, artwork, and embellishments on pumps or clutches.

Coral and Melon

Vibrant warm shades like coral and melon provide an energizing complementary color scheme with slate blue. These lush oranges and pinks pop dramatically against the cooler slate blue, creating excitement and contrast. Use coral and melon to liven up living spaces, graphic designs, and fashion pieces.

Sunflower Yellow and Lemon

Bright yellows like sunflower and lemon also deliver bold complementary contrast. The cheery yellows look striking against the moody, contemplative slate blue. Use these colors for children’s items, accent walls, and statement accessories for a lively, playful look.

Terracotta and Paprika

Earthy shades of red-orange like terracotta and paprika pair beautifully with slate blue. They provide the complementary vibrancy of orange, but in deeper, richer tones. Use this combination for dining rooms, fall tablescapes, and bohemian-inspired designs.

Bronze, Copper and Gold

Metallic shades of bronze, copper and gold bring elegance and sophistication when paired with slate blue. The warm sheen of the metallics plays nicely against the cooler slate tone. Integrate these colors through candleholders, vases, jewelry, and high-end fashion accents.

Pewter, Silver, and Platinum

On the cooler metallic side, sleek silvers like pewter, silver, and platinum also complement slate blue wonderfully. The two cooler tones allow the metallic sheen to stand out against the matte slate blue. Use this scheme for tabletop items, wall decor, and embellished pumps or clutches.

Factors to Consider When Combining Colors with Slate Blue

While the above combinations generally create attractive, harmonious looks with slate blue there are some additional factors to consider:

Color Undertones

Consider whether the undertones of the colors work well together. For example, pairing slate blue with other cool-toned colors like icy pastels and silvers creates a cohesive look, while warm tones like coral and lemon add exciting contrast.

Light vs. Dark Contrast

Lighter tones like cream and mint green soften the darker slate blue nicely, while pairing it with other darker shades like navy can feel unbalanced and heavy. Balance light and dark values.

Saturation & Intensity

Slate blue is a moderately saturated, medium-intensity blue. Pairing it with more muted tones creates a relaxing effect, while saturated and intense accents make it pop.

Purpose and Mood

The feeling you want to create also helps determine color schemes. Energizing warm complements work for lively spaces, while cool monochromatic pastels are soothing.

Personal Preference

Your own color preferences and aesthetic style should factor in as well. For example, if you dislike orange, skip the coral accents!

Tips for Decorating and Designing with Slate Blue

Here are some top tips for effectively incorporating slate blue and complementary colors into your decor or wardrobe:

Use slate blue as a bold accent against neutrals.

The muted cool tone pops against creams and tans.

Make it the dominant color in a monochromatic scheme.

Different shades of blue create a calm, unified look.

Pair with warm metallics for an elegant, glamorous effect.

Bronze, gold and copper make slate blue feel rich.

Add energizing warm accents for contrast.

Punches of yellow, coral and terracotta liven it up.

Combine it with cool pastels to keep the look relaxed.

Icy blues, mints, and sages soften slate blue’s mood.

Use as a neutral base for bolder brighter shades.

Slate blue grounds reds, oranges, fuchsias and lime greens.

Add texture and patterns for extra visual interest.

Houndstooth, herringbone and tweed pair nicely.

Incorporate metallic sheen for depth.

Satin, silk, velvet and metallics complement the color.


Slate blue is a gorgeous, versatile color that works well with a wide range of accent shades thanks to its medium-dark tone and cool, grayish-blue hue. Warm neutrals, vibrant oranges and yellows, icy pastels, and metallic bronzes all harmonize beautifully with slate blue. Consider the desired mood, personal preferences, and principles of color harmony when coordinating colors. Use slate blue as a bold neutral, monochromatic dominant, or lively accent paired with coral, mint, gold, or cream. With endless possibilities, slate blue offers stylish versatility for home decor, graphic design, fashion, and more.