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What colors can you wear with burgundy?

Burgundy is a rich, deep red color that can be striking and sophisticated when worn. However, burgundy can be tricky to pair with other colors. The wrong color combinations can clash or look dull. To help you look stylish in burgundy, here are some guidelines on the best color matches.

Warm neutral colors

Burgundy works beautifully with warm neutral colors like beige, camel, tan, light brown, and taupe. These earthy neutrals complement burgundy without competing with its richness. They create a harmonious and elegant color palette. For example:

  • A burgundy dress with nude or tan heels and bag
  • A beige trench coat over a burgundy top and pants
  • Burgundy trousers with a light brown belt and shoes

Metallic colors

Metallic accents add glamour and vibrancy to burgundy outfits. Go for metallic shoes, jewelry, bags, and other accessories in colors like:

  • Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Bronze
  • Pewter
  • Silver

Avoid pairing burgundy with metallic tops or dresses. Too much metallic can overpower burgundy. Use metallics sparingly as an accent.

Rich jewel tones

Burgundy has an affinity with other deep, saturated jewel tones like:

  • Emerald green
  • Sapphire blue
  • Ruby red
  • Amethyst purple

These colors have a similar intensity and vibrancy as burgundy, allowing them to complement each other beautifully. For example, pair a burgundy sweater with an emerald green skirt or ruby red heels.


Black is a perfect match for burgundy. Black’s depth and darkness complements burgundy’s richness. Black also balances the warmth of burgundy. There are many stylish ways to wear black with burgundy such as:

  • A black blazer over a burgundy dress
  • Burgundy trousers with black boots or heels
  • A black handbag with a burgundy coat

When pairing black and burgundy, opt for one color as the main color and use the other sparingly as an accent. Avoid wearing equal amounts of both colors, as this can look too severe.


Different shades of gray can work well with burgundy. Light grays help brighten burgundy, while darker charcoals complement its richness. Examples of stylish gray and burgundy outfits include:

  • A charcoal gray coat over a burgundy sweater
  • Burgundy trousers with a light gray blouse
  • A gray belt and shoes with a burgundy dress

Avoid wearing burgundy with shades of gray that have purple or green undertones, as these can clash with the red burgundy tones.


While cool blues are not natural color matches for warm burgundy, some rich shades of blue can work. Opt for deep, jewel-toned blues like navy, cobalt, or sapphire. Lighter and brighter blues are more likely to clash with burgundy. Even with rich blues, use it sparingly in small accents against dominant burgundy. For example:

  • A navy blue blazer with burgundy trousers
  • Burgundy heels with a cobalt blue handbag


Some colors are very unflattering with burgundy and best avoided. Colors to stay away from include:

  • Pastels – Soft pink, mint, baby blue will clash.
  • Neon brights – Burgundy overwhelms loud neon colors.
  • Pure white – Too stark and harsh against rich burgundy.
  • Browns with orange undertones – Can look muddy with burgundy.

Tips for wearing colors with burgundy

Here are some top tips for stylishly wearing different colors with burgundy:

  • Use one color as a dominant and the other as an accent.
  • Aim for tonal harmony, colors that are equally warm or cool.
  • Add metallics and black sparingly for vibrancy and contrast.
  • Gray is very versatile – adjust the shade to complement burgundy.
  • Only use shades of blue that are deep and jewel-toned.
  • AvoidPastels, neons, white, and orangey browns.

Sample burgundy color palettes

Here are some recommended color palettes to use with burgundy for foolproof style:

Palette Colors
Warm neutrals Burgundy, beige, tan, taupe, camel
Jewel tones Burgundy, emerald, sapphire, ruby red, amethyst
Monochrome Burgundy, black, gray
Metallic Burgundy, gold, rose gold, bronze, silver


Burgundy is a rich, striking color that allows for many stylish color combinations. For foolproof pairings, stick to warm neutral earth tones, metallic accents, black, jewel tones, and some deep blues. Avoid soft pastels, brights, and oranges. Use one color as a dominant and the other as an accent for best results. With the right colors, burgundy can look utterly sophisticated and put-together.

With creative pairings and avoiding clashing tones, burgundy can be integrated into many elegant outfits. From formalwear to casual chic, this guide helps you confidently combine colors with burgundy for a sophisticated look. Have fun experimenting with different burgundy color palettes!