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How do you make blue eyes pop?


Making blue eyes stand out and look their best can really enhance your overall look. With the right makeup tricks and color choices, you can make your baby blues look absolutely stunning. Here are some tips on how to make blue eyes pop:

Use brown and purple eye makeup

Brown and purple eye makeup are perfect choices for making blue eyes look brighter and more vivid. Browns create depth and definition while purples make blue irises look more intense. Use brown eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines and a plum or eggplant eyeshadow on the lids. You can also use brown mascara to make blue eyes stand out. A touch of highlighter in the inner corners also helps draw attention to blue eyes.

Apply white or nude eyeliner on the waterline

Using a white or nude eyeliner on the waterline (along the inner rims of your eyes) can make eyes look bigger and brighter. The light colors open up the eyes, making the blue irises look more prominent. Make sure to use a waterproof formula so it stays put all day.

Use eyeshadows with yellow or gold undertones

Eyeshadows with warm yellow and golden undertones complement blue eyes beautifully. Shimmery champagnes, coppers and bronzes make blue eyes pop and add color without looking too bold. Sweep these shades across the lids and use a matte brown shade in the crease for definition. The warmth of the shadows make blue eyes stand out.

Avoid using black eyeliner

Although black eyeliner is a popular choice, it’s best avoided if you want to make blue eyes pop. Black liner can be too harsh on fair skin and blue eyes. It also closes the eyes off, making them appear smaller. Skip the black eyeliner and reach for soft brown shades instead.

Complement with peachy blush and pink lips

The colors you choose for the rest of your makeup can also enhance your blue eyes. Try using a peachy blush to add a healthy glow to your complexion. Soft pink lipstick and gloss also complement blue eyes beautifully. Avoid bold red lips which can clash with lighter eye colors. Stick to soft and natural makeup hues.

Use an eye brightener or highlighter

Special brightening eye products can instantly make tired blue eyes look refreshed and radiant. Look for eye creams and serums containing ingredients like vitamin C, caffeine and optical diffusers to perk up the under eye area. You can also use a creamy nude highlighter pencil inside the eyes, along the lower lash line and inner corners. This immediately opens up the eyes.

Curl your lashes

Curled lashes help open up the eyes, drawing more attention to the color of your irises. Use a lash curler to curve your lashes up before applying mascara. Make sure to get right to the base of the lashes. You can also try a lash perm for a longer lasting curl. Curled lashes make blue eyes look wide awake.

Eye Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes Effect
Brown Creates depth and definition
Purple Makes eyes look more intense
White/Nude eyeliner on waterline Brightens and opens up eyes
Yellow/Gold eyeshadow Complements and adds warmth

Avoid messy eye makeup

To make blue eyes stand out, aim for crisp, clean eye makeup looks. Stay away from smudgy black kohl liner or eyeshadow that’s applied unevenly. Precise application is key. Use a light hand and blend out any harsh lines in your eye makeup. The better the application, the more your blue eyes will shine.

Use an eyelash primer

An eyelash primer coats your lashes so mascara glides on more smoothly and eye makeup doesn’t transfer onto your lids. Primed lashes look thicker and fuller, framing eyes beautifully. Look for lash primers specially formulated for sensitive eyes. Apply before mascara for wide open eyes and lush lashes.

Curl eyelashes before and after mascara

Curling your lashes both before AND after mascara can make a big impact. Curl your clean lashes first to open up your eyes and make them look more awake. Then apply mascara. Curl again after mascara to lift and separate the coated lashes. This avoids clumping and creates extra lift. Repeat for wide eyed blue eyes!

Try blue enhancing contact lenses

Color enhancing contact lenses provide an instant way to make your natural eye color more vivid. Blue enhancing contacts add extra pigment and depth so eyes appear brighter and clearer. Just take care to buy quality lenses from your optometrist. Cheap lenses ordered online could potentially damage your eyes or impair vision.

Don’t forget your lower lashes

Focusing eye makeup only on your top lashes can neglect your gorgeous blue lower lash line. Take the time to enhance your lower lashes too. Use waterproof brown mascara or darker eyeshadow smudged along the lower lash line. This makes eyes look fuller and more defined. Just avoid applying black shadow or liner below the eyes as this can make them appear tired.

Use an eyelash serum for longer lashes

Long, full lashes perfectly frame blue eyes and make them stand out. But achieving naturally lush lashes takes time. Using an eyelash serum can speed up lash growth so you see results in weeks. Look for peptides and vitamins that stimulate follicles. Apply along the lash line once a day. Soon you’ll have fluttery lashes that emphasize your eyes.

Try lash extensions for special events

Lash extensions are a great option for weddings, parties or photos where you want to maximize your eye impact. Opt for natural looking extensions that gradually increase your lash length and thickness. Dramatic lashes can overwhelm blue eyes. But a soft, flirty extension enhances them beautifully. Just make sure a qualified technician applies the lashes to avoid damage.

Color Makeup Suggestion
Brown Matte brown eyeshadow in the crease
Peach Peachy blush on cheeks
Pink Soft pink lipstick or gloss
Purple Plum eyeliner or eyeshadow


With the right makeup techniques and color choices, you can make your blue eyes look absolutely stunning. Stick to warm, enhancing colors on your eyes while keeping the rest of your makeup soft and glowy. Precise application is key to prevent a messy look. Primers, lash curlers and serums can also maximize your eyes so they dazzle in photos and in person. Just avoid harsh blacks – a softer approach flatters light eyes. Have fun experimenting with makeup to find the techniques that make those baby blues pop!