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What colors are best in hoodies?

Hoodies are a staple clothing item for many people. They are comfortable, versatile, and come in a wide variety of colors. When picking out a hoodie, the color choice can be an important decision. Some colors are more popular for hoodies than others. The color you choose for your hoodie can affect how often you wear it, how it matches with your other clothes, and what statement it makes. In this article, we will explore what hoodie colors are best and why.

Most Popular Hoodie Colors

Here are some of the most popular hoodie color choices:


Black hoodies are a wardrobe basic. They go with everything, from jeans to joggers to shorts. Black hoodies have a sleek, stylish look. They also appear more flattering on most body types compared to lighter colors. Black is a versatile neutral that pairs well with colorful accessories too. This makes it one of the best color choices for hoodies.


Like black hoodies, gray hoodies also pair well with most other colors. They have a softer, more subtle look compared to black. Gray hoodies come in various shades, like charcoal, heather, and steel. Lighter grays can add brightness when you don’t want a stark black. Gray hoodies are just as versatile in terms of matching with different clothes.


White hoodies have a crisp, clean appearance. They standalone as a stylish statement piece. A bright white hoodie looks bold with dark jeans or joggers. White also makes a good layering piece under denim jackets or unbuttoned flannel shirts. One downside of white hoodies is they tend to get dirty faster. Stains and discoloration will show up more clearly compared to darker colors.

Color Pros Cons
Black Matches everything, versatile, flattering Can look dull if faded, shows lint/hair
Gray Also versatile, softer look, variety of shades Can appear dull, shows some dirt
White Bold, crisp look, good for layering Gets dirty fast, needs more care

Most Stylish Hoodie Colors

Beyond basic blacks and grays, some other hoodie colors have a stylish, fashion-forward look. These include:


Maroon hoodies offer a mature, refined appearance. Maroon works well in fall and winter when you want a color that’s warmer than black. It pairs nicely with brown, tan, and navy shades.

Forest Green

Forest green hoodies complement brown eyes beautifully. They also work for redheads and people with olive complexions. Forest green has an earthy appeal that stands out from standard colors.


Like maroon, burgundy hoodies deliver sophistication. Burgundy works well in autumn when the leaves are changing. It makes a statement color that’s still versatile enough for everyday wear.


Navy blue hoodies are reminiscent of the sea and sailcloth. They have a classic nautical vibe. Navy flatters most complexions. It also mixes and matches effortlessly with many other colors.

Color Flatters Pairs Well With
Maroon Cool and warm skin tones Brown, tan, navy
Forest Green Brown eyes, red hair, olive skin Brown, tan, cream, black
Burgundy Cool skin tones Brown, cream, light pink
Navy Most complexions Whites, tans, blacks

Best Hoodie Colors for Your Complexion

The most flattering hoodie color for you depends largely on your individual complexion and coloring. Here are some best color matches:

Fair or Porcelain Skin

If you have very fair skin, pastel hoodies in soft pink, mint, baby blue, or peach will complement your complexion beautifully. Gray and navy are also safe neutral choices.

Pale or Olive Skin

With pale olive skin, try richer jewel tones like emerald green, purple, burgundy, and mustard yellow. Corals and pinks also tend to flatter this complexion.

Medium or Tan Skin

For medium skin with warm undertones, terra-cotta, jade, crimson, and magenta are ideal hoodie shades. Navy and gray still work well for neutral options.

Dark or Deep Brown Skin

Deep complexions look fabulous in vibrant primary colors like red, yellow, and royal blue. Pastels can sometimes wash out, so go for bolder hues. Neons and bright whites also pop against rich brown skin.

Skin Tone Most Flattering Hoodie Colors
Fair Pastels like pink, mint, baby blue
Pale Olive Jewel tones like emerald, purple, burgundy
Medium Tan Terra-cotta, jade, crimson, magenta
Deep Brown Primaries like red, yellow, royal blue

Best Hoodie Colors for Your Hair Color

In addition to skin tone, hair color is another factor that impacts what hoodie shades look best. Here are flattering options for common hair colors:

Black Hair

For black or very dark brown hair, bright and light hoodie colors create a nice contrast, like pastel pink, baby blue, neon orange, or white.

Brown Hair

With brown hair, try rich saturated shades like jewel tones, burgundy, forest green, navy, and mustard yellow.

Blonde Hair

Blondes tend to suit cooler hues like ice blue, lavender, dusky pink, pale gray, and mint green

Red Hair

Redheads shine in green hoodies that intensify the red tones. Blue-based reds like burgundy or maroon are also great color choices.

Hair Color Most Flattering Hoodie Colors
Black Pastels, neons, brights like pink, orange, white
Brown Jewel tones, rich colors like burgundy, emerald, yellow
Blonde Cooler hues like ice blue, lavender, mint green
Red Green, burgundy, maroon

Most Versatile Hoodie Colors

No matter your complexion or hair color, there are some universally versatile hoodie shades. These include:

Heather Gray

Heather gray hoodies have a mottled, textured appearance from mixed flecks of gray and white. This makes them a versatile neutral that isn’t as flat or dull as solid gray.

Olive Green

Olive green has a natural earthy tone that works as a neutral. It has some brightness without being overpowering.


Peach is a warm neutral that flatters almost everyone. It works for blondes, brunettes, pale to tan skin. Peach dodges the brightness of neon orange or pink.

Rust Orange

Not a bright orange, rust orange is muted and earthy tone. Its versatility comes from having a mix of red and brown. The orange adds warmth without dominating an outfit.

Color Why It’s Versatile
Heather Gray Textured neutral, not too dull or flat
Olive Green Earthy neutral tone
Peach Warm neutral, flatters most complexions
Rust Orange Muted, earthy tone with warmth

Best Hoodie Colors for Your Purpose

Beyond personal coloring, also consider the purpose for your hoodie. Certain colors suit different needs better.


For the gym or running, bright colors in neon pink, green, orange, or yellow make you visible and stand out. Black is also popular for looking slimming during workouts.


Light gray, tan, and navy are good layering hoodies for wearing under jackets and unbuttoned shirts. Neutrals peeking through won’t clash.


For relaxing at home, choose soft pastels and muted earth tones like mauve, peach, mint, or mustard for a calming effect.

Making a Statement

Stand out from the crowd in bold red, rainbow tie-dye, or flashy metallics like gold or silver. These eye-catching shades express your bold personality.

Purpose Best Color Choices
Activewear Neons like pink, orange, yellow. Black.
Layering Grays, tans, navies
Loungewear Muted pastels and earth tones
Making a Statement Bold reds, tie-dye, metallics


Hoodie color choice impacts the versatility, styling, and appearance of this wardrobe staple. The most popular colors are basic blacks, whites, and grays. But bolder, brighter, and more stylish options exist too. Colors like maroon, forest green, navy, and burgundy bring sophistication. Pastels, neons, and brights pop against darker complexions and hair. Rust orange, olive, and peach work as universally flattering neutrals. And bold primary shades make a dramatic statement. Consider your own coloring, purpose, and personal style preferences to choose hoodie colors that are perfect for you.