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Do Comfort Colors run big or small?

Comfort Colors garments are known for their ultra-soft fabric and vintage look. But how do they fit? Do they run large or small? In this in-depth guide, we’ll examine Comfort Colors sizing and whether you should size up or down.

Comfort Colors is an American clothing brand that specializes in super soft, pre-washed t-shirts and sweats. They’re known for their unique garment dyeing process that gives each item a worn-in, vintage look.

When it comes to sizing, Comfort Colors offers sizes from XS to XXL for most styles. Sizing can vary a bit between different items like hoodies, crews, and v-necks. Some reviews claim Comfort Colors run big, while others say they run small. So who is right?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Comfort Colors sizing for both men and women. We’ll examine actual garment measurements, customer reviews, and tips for finding your perfect Comfort Colors fit.

Why Comfort Colors Might Run Big

There are a few reasons why some claim that Comfort Colors run large or oversized:

  • They’re designed to have a baggy, relaxed fit
  • The soft, broken-in fabric has more drape and stretch
  • Sizes like XL and XXL run very generously large

Comfort Colors states that their items have an “ultra soft, worn-in feel for a comfortable, relaxed fit.” Many of their core styles like hoodies, crew necks, and v-necks are designed to have a loose, boxy fit.

The fabric itself also contributes to this oversized look. Comfort Colors uses ringspun cotton that gets garment dyed and washed multiple times for softness. This creates drape and stretch that can make some pieces fit larger.

When it comes to extended sizes like XL and XXL, most reviews say these run very big and baggy. An XXL can often fit more like a 3XL or 4XL. So if you prefer a more fitted look, consider sizing down in XL/XXL sizes.

Why Comfort Colors Might Run Small

On the other hand, there are a few reasons others insist Comfort Colors run small:

  • They shrink significantly after washing
  • Some of the smaller sizes fit very snugly
  • Women’s styles are shaped more fitted through the hips

100% cotton shirts like those from Comfort Colors can shrink up in length and width quite a bit, especially if washed and dried at high heat. Some claim Comfort Colors items can shrink several inches.

The smaller end of the sizing range like XS and S are also cut more fitted. For those with broader shoulders or larger chests, these sizes may feel tight in the shoulders, chest, and armpits.

For women’s items, the hip and bust area also run more fitted. So those with curvier figures may find women’s Comfort Colors pulling and tight across the hips and chest.

Comfort Colors Size Charts

To get a better idea of Comfort Colors’ intended fit, let’s look at a few of their actual size charts. Here are the size charts for two of their most popular styles:

Unisex Crew Neck T-Shirt

Size Chest Body Length
XS 17″ 27″
S 19″ 28″
M 21″ 29″
L 23″ 30″
XL 25″ 31″
2XL 27″ 32″

A few things stand out from their crew neck size chart:

  • There are 2″ increments between sizes for chest width
  • Length increases 1″ per size up until 2XL
  • 2XL is very oversized with a 27″ wide chest

Based on the measurements, Comfort Colors crew necks do look to run on the bigger side, especially in XL and up sizes. A size L Comfort Colors crew could likely fit someone who normally wears M or L in other brands.

Women’s Classic V-Neck Tee

Size Chest Body Length
XS 31-33″ 26″
S 34-36″ 26.5″
M 37-39″ 27″
L 40-42″ 27.5″
XL 43-45″ 28″
XXL 46-48″ 28.5″

For the women’s v-neck tee, a few things stand out:

  • There is a 2-3″ range for the chest size
  • Length increases by .5″ increments between sizes
  • XS through L run on the fitted side in the hip/chest area

Based on the size chart, the women’s Comfort Colors v-neck is cut fairly fitted through the bust and hip area in the smaller sizes. Length is also on the shorter side. So for curvier figures, sizing up may be preferable for a looser fit.

Do Comfort Colors Shrink Significantly?

One of the biggest complaints about Comfort Colors is how much the fabric tends to shrink, especially after machine washing and drying. The amount of shrinkage depends on a few factors:

  • Washing temperature: Hot water will cause cotton shirts to shrink and fade faster than cold water.
  • Drying temperature: High heat drying can significantly shrink cotton up to several inches.
  • Style of shirt: Heavyweight hoodies and crews tend to shrink more than lighter tees.

To help minimize shrinkage, here are some tips:

  • Wash in cold water and hang dry instead of machine drying on hot.
  • Buy shirts a size up from your normal size if you plan to machine dry.
  • Wash inside-out to prevent fading and extend the vintage look.

If you follow these care instructions, you can limit shrinkage to 1-2″ in width and length. But some shrinkage should still be expected with 100% cotton garment dyed shirts like those from Comfort Colors.

Review of Comfort Colors Sizing by Style

Now that we’ve looked at the size charts, let’s see what real customers have to say about how different Comfort Colors styles fit. Here’s a quick overview of sizing reviews for some of their most popular items.

Crew Neck T-Shirts

The classic crew neck tee is one of Comfort Colors most beloved styles. Here’s what reviewers say about the fit:

  • Run at least 1 size big, especially after washing
  • Size down for a fitted look or true to size for an oversized slouchy fit
  • Well-suited for men but also popular oversized style for women

Women’s V-Neck T-Shirts

Comfort Colors v-neck tees are a wardrobe staple. Feedback on sizing:

  • Slimmer fitting than unisex styles but not tight
  • Size up one for a little looser fit through hips and chest
  • Armpits run narrow so size up if broad shoulders
  • Shrink about 1 size after washing


Their hoodies have the signature soft, worn-in quality. Here’s how they tend to fit:

  • Oversized, baggy fit especially in bigger sizes
  • Size down for a more fitted look
  • Shrink significantly in width and length
  • Tall customers may want to size up for better arm/body length


You can’t go wrong with Comfort Colors sweats. Fit notes:

  • Run large in the waistband but fitted in hips and thighs
  • Pockets may sit lower in front for women
  • Inseams run on the shorter side
  • Size down for fitted look or true to size for casual relaxed fit

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Comfort Colors Size

Finding your ideal fit with Comfort Colors requires knowing how to balance their oversized, baggy look with getting the right room in the shoulders, chest, and hips.

Here are some tips to get the perfect size for both men and women:

  • Look at size charts and measure a well-fitting shirt
  • For true to size fit, order your normal t-shirt size
  • Size down 1 for a more fitted, less boxy look
  • Size up 1 if between sizes or concerned about shrinkage
  • Order tall sizes like L-Tall if you need the extra length
  • CURVY style has more hip/bust room if you need it

The garment washed fabric does have some natural stretch over time. So if slightly tight in chest or hips at first, the shirt will relax and soften up after a few washes.

Just avoid sizing down more than one full size to prevent excessive shrinkage. And size up if you plan to machine dry to account for shrinkage.


In the debate between whether Comfort Colors run big or small, the answer is… it depends! Their relaxed and boxy fits run oversized, especially in bigger sizes. But smaller sizes and women’s fits have less extra fabric and room.

To recap key sizing tips:

  • Size down for a fitted look or true to size for a roomy, casual fit
  • Watch out for shrinkage – it can be significant
  • Larger sizes like XL and XXL run very generously big
  • Women’s sizes under L have a more tapered hip and chest

Experiment with different sizes to see what drape and roominess you prefer. Just be prepared to allow for shrinkage. With the right fit, Comfort Colors’ lived-in softness can’t be beat!