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What color underwear to wear with see through clothes?

Wearing see-through or sheer clothing can be stylish, but it also requires some thought regarding undergarments. The color and style of underwear you choose to wear under see-through pieces can impact the overall look. Here are some tips on choosing the right color underwear to wear with see-through clothing:

Match Skin Tone

A seamless look under sheer clothing is often best achieved by matching your underwear color to your natural skin tone. For light skin tones, nude, beige or pale pink underwear will blend most seamlessly. For medium skin tones, try a light tan or brown. Darker skin tones can aim for a rich mocha or brown underwear color.

Go Bold

Want your underwear to stand out peeking through sheer fabric? Opt for bright, saturated colors and bold prints. Red, electric blue, neon green and bright white will all show through loud and clear. Lace, fishnet textures and leopard prints also grab the eye under sheer clothing.

Complement the Outfit

Match your underwear color to a color in the see-through garment to complement the overall look. For example, pair a sheer black blouse with black underwear. Wear blush pink undergarments under a sheer pink skirt. Matching the tones will look cohesive.

Contrast strategically

Sometimes contrasting your underwear and outerwear colors can look equally stylish. Pair a white bralette under a sheer black top for visual interest. Try red underwear peeking through a sheer white skirt. Just be sure the color combo works together and colors don’t clash.

Consider opacity

Sheer fabrics come in varying levels of opacity. A very lightly sheer fabric in a dark color like black may not reveal undergarments much. But a flimsy white fabric will likely show anything underneath. Take into account how see-through the item is when choosing underwear hues.

Look at lighting

Lighting impacts what shows through clothing. Bright direct light will illuminate undergarments more than dim, indirect lighting. Dressing rooms with bright lights are a good place to test how see-through an item is and if your underwear shows.


Choosing underwear colors and styles to wear under see-through clothing requires both fashion sense and practical considerations. Aim to pick shades and tones that seamlessly blend or strategically stand out. Consider opacity levels, lighting conditions and colors of the sheer garment. With the right undergarments, you can fashionably rock see-through styles with confidence.