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How rare is Andrew Tate’s Bugatti?


Andrew Tate, the controversial internet personality and former kickboxer, owns a Bugatti Chiron which he frequently shows off on social media. The Chiron is one of the most exclusive and expensive supercars in the world, with a price tag over $3 million. This has led many to wonder – just how rare is Tate’s Bugatti?

The Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron is the successor to the legendary Bugatti Veyron. First unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016, the Chiron takes Bugatti’s obsession with performance and luxury to new heights. Powered by an 8.0L quad-turbocharged W16 engine producing 1500hp, the Chiron can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed limited to 261 mph.

Key specs and features of the Bugatti Chiron include:

Engine 8.0L quad-turbo W16
Power 1500hp
0-60 mph Under 2.5 seconds
Top Speed Limited to 261 mph
Transmission 7-speed dual clutch
Weight 4,400 lbs

With its carbon fiber body, active aerodynamics, and intricate details like 3D-printed titanium exhaust tips, the Chiron pushes the boundaries of automotive engineering. It’s also extremely customizable, with nearly endless options for colors, materials, and trim.

Bugatti Chiron Production

One of the key factors that makes the Chiron so rare is Bugatti’s extremely limited production. When first announced, Bugatti said it would limit Chiron production to just 500 units in total.

In 2019, Bugatti ended Chiron production early after making exactly 500 cars. However, in 2020 the company announced it would produce an additional 40 Chiron-based “Les Légendes du Ciel” special editions, bringing the total production to 540 cars.

To put Bugatti’s exclusivity in perspective, mainstream sports car makers like Ferrari produce over 10,000 cars per year. That makes the total Chiron production run less than 6% of Ferrari’s annual output.

Andrew Tate’s Chiron

Andrew Tate took delivery of his custom Bugatti Chiron in late 2021. His car features a two-tone blue exterior with orange accents on the underside – a unique color scheme likely only found on his specific car.

As one of just 540 Chirons in existence, Tate’s car is already extremely rare. But when you consider that the Chiron has been purchased by wealthy collectors all over the world, his may be one of only a handful in his home country of Romania.

If Tate still owns the car in 20-30 years, it could potentially be the only Chiron in all of Romania by that point as others get exported away to other collections. That would make his Chiron not just rare, but truly one of a kind.

Chiron Rarity Compared to Other Hypercars

To fully appreciate the exclusivity of Tate’s Chiron, it helps to compare it to some other hypercars:

Car Total Production
Bugatti Chiron 540 units
Koenigsegg Agera RS 25 units
Pagani Huayra 100 units
Ferrari LaFerrari 499 units
Porsche 918 Spyder 918 units

This comparison shows just how limited Chiron production is. The rarest hypercars like the Koenigsegg Agera RS have production runs of 25 or fewer units. While the Chiron’s total is higher at 540 cars, it’s still extremely small compared to limited edition models from Porsche and Ferrari.

Who Else Owns a Chiron?

Being able to afford a $3 million hypercar puts Tate in very exclusive company. Some other notable owners of the Bugatti Chiron include:

– Cristiano Ronaldo – Footballer
– Floyd Mayweather – Boxer
– Post Malone – Rapper
– Manny Khoshbin – Entrepreneur
– Jay Leno – TV host and comedian

With its astronomical price and minuscule production, the Chiron remains largely out of reach even for many multi-millionaire and billionaire car collectors. While thousands may dream of owning a Chiron one day, only a few hundred will ever turn that dream into reality.

How Andrew Tate Acquired His Chiron

Andrew Tate hasn’t publicly shared exactly how he afforded his Chiron. However, some quick math provides a rough estimate:

– Base Price: ~$3.5 million
– Custom Options: ~$250,000+
– Total Price: ~$3.75 million

It’s speculated that Tate funded the purchase through his various business activities which include internet monetization, real estate investments, and his “Hustler’s University” coaching program.

His controversial statements have brought him notoriety online, and Tate leverages that fame for financial gain. Love him or hate him, his social media empire appears lucrative enough that dropping $3.75 million on a Chiron was feasible.

For context, the median net worth in Tate’s home country of Romania is around $5,000. So the cost of his car is equivalent to the entire life savings of about 750 average Romanian citizens.

Why the Chiron Retains Value

One reason the Chiron holds its value so well (and even appreciates in many cases) is because Bugatti strictly controls who can buy the cars new. There’s no way to just walk into a dealership and order one – every single Chiron is presold before it leaves the factory.

This demand outstripping supply ensures strong residual values for those lucky few who own a Chiron, including Andrew Tate. It’s likely his car has even appreciated in value since he took delivery based on how desirable these cars remain.

Of course, cars like the Chiron are also rolling works of art. With extremely limited production and each car requiring immense hand craftsmanship, these are true automotive masterpieces. For serious car collectors, the Chiron represents both a rare driving machine and a precious sculpture.

Cost of Ownership

The multi-million dollar purchase price is just the beginning when it comes to owing a Bugatti hypercar. Maintenance and running costs for the Chiron are eye-watering:

– Oil Change: $21,000
– Tires: $38,000 to replace the set
– Insurance: Easily $100,000+ per year

Repairs and major service are also quoted in the hundreds of thousands if anything breaks. It’s safe to say Andrew Tate is shelling out six-figures annually just to keep his Chiron on the road.

Of course, when the car costs as much as a private jet, maintenance bills probably aren’t too concerning for owners like Tate. The wealthy buyers in the hypercar market are more worried about securing one of these exclusive machines than budgeting the ongoing costs.

Chiron vs Other Bugattis

The Chiron sits at the top of Bugatti’s current model range. For a sense of how it compares to Bugatti’s other offerings:

Model Power Units Built Top Speed
Chiron Super Sport 300+ 1578 hp 30 273 mph (record)
Chiron Super Sport 1578 hp 60 273 mph
Chiron Pur Sport 1500 hp 60 236 mph
Chiron 1500 hp 500 261 mph
Divo 1479 hp 40 236 mph

While the Chiron falls in the middle of Bugatti’s range performance-wise, it remains the brand’s most iconic and important model from an exclusivity standpoint. The Chiron Super Sport 300+ and other variants may push performance slightly higher, but they build off the Chiron’s formula rather than redefining it.


In the world of automotive hypercars, Andrew Tate’s Bugatti Chiron stands at the very pinnacle. With only 500 Chirons produced for worldwide sale, his example is truly one of the rarest supercars on the planet.

The Chiron represents the bleeding edge of technology, luxury, and exclusivity. For Tate to own one puts him in very rare company indeed, as the car remains largely out of reach even to the world’s wealthiest elite. While Tate’s online persona may be controversial, his Chiron undeniably cements his status as a member of the ultra-exclusive hypercar club.