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What color to wear on Easter?

What color to wear on Easter?

Easter is a joyful holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time to gather with family and friends for worship, feasting, and fun. Many people like to wear new outfits and color coordinate when attending Easter church services, brunches, egg hunts, and other festivities. But with so many pretty pastel options to choose from, how do you decide what color to wear? Read on for tips, recommendations, and ideas for picking the perfect Easter colors and outfits.

Significance of Colors on Easter

Certain colors hold special meaning and symbolism related to Easter and springtime. Here are some of the most popular hues associated with the holiday and what they represent:

White – White represents purity, virtue, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It reminds us of the white linen burial cloths left in Christ’s tomb when he rose again. White is a popular color for Easter outfits, especially for children and those being baptized.

Yellow – Yellow signifies hope, new beginnings, and sunshine. The bright, cheerful hue reminds us of spring daffodils blooming. Yellow is a joyful color perfect for Easter celebrations.

Green – Green represents nature, fertility, and rebirth. The fresh new grass and budding trees in springtime correlate to the spiritual rebirth celebrated on Easter. Green is an apt color choice for the holiday.

Pink – Soft pink symbolizes femininity, spring blossoms, and new life. It is a popular pastel shade for Easter dresses and flowers.

Blue – Blue represents calm, tranquility, and heaven. It is sometimes worn on Easter to denote faith and trust. Light blue can also evoke spring skies.

Purple – Purple is the color of royalty and Easter faith. It also represents penance and moderation. Deep purple vestments are sometimes worn by clergy during Lent.

Recommended Colors by Age and Gender

Here are some suggested Easter color choices based on your age, gender, and style preferences:

For women:

– Pastel pink, blue, yellow, or green dress
– White eyelet or lace dress
– Floral print dress in spring colors
– Mint green skirt and pastel top
– Lavender or lilac colored blouse with white pants

For men:

– Khaki pants with light blue or pink dress shirt
– White or pastel colored button-down shirt with tie
– Sky blue or yellow dress shirt with navy slacks
– Light gray suit with lavender or yellow tie

For teen girls:

– Baby blue, blush pink or buttercup yellow sundress
– Floral print skirt with white eyelet blouse
– Pastel cardigan with jean skirt and flats

For teen boys:

– Button-down in pink, yellow, lavender, or light blue
– Polo shirt in mint, peach, sky blue or grass green
– Khaki shorts and colorful polo shirt

For little girls:

– Frilly pastel Easter dress in any color
– Sparkly jelly sandals or ballet flats
– Flower crown or hair ribbons

For little boys:

– Mini dress shirt and vest with clip-on tie
– Light colored polo shirt and khakis
– sweater vest over button-down shirt

For babies:

– Pastel onesies or rompers in yellow, lavender, pink, blue, green
– White outfits accented with an Easter color
– Baby’s first Easter bodysuit

Popular Color Combinations

If you want to coordinate an Easter outfit with more than one color, here are some stylish color combo ideas:

– Pink and green – Soft pink and fresh green evoke spring flowers and renewal

– Yellow and gray – Cheerful yellow paired with elegant gray create a lovely contrast

– Purple and blue – Deep purple and sky blue are a regal color duo

– Green, yellow and pink – All three pastels together give off a pretty springtime vibe

– Pink and orange – Vibrant coral-orange complements blush pink beautifully

– Lavender and mint green – Soothing light purple and crisp mint are an elegant combo

– Navy blue and yellow – Nautical navy with bright yellow is preppy and fun

– White and sky blue – Crisp white and pale blue evoke clouds in a spring sky

Tips for Coordinating Outfits

Here are some top tips for coordinating stylish Easter outfits with the right colors:

– Pick 1-3 colors to focus on for your outfit
– Make sure the colors complement your skin tone and hair color
– Add pops of color with belts, jewelry, shoes, and bags
– Include neutrals like white, tan, gray, black, or nude to anchor brighter colors
– Choose a color scheme that fits the occasion – bolder for casual, softer for formal
– Accessorize with a hat, flowers, or other accessories in coordinating Easter colors
– Don’t be afraid to add some whimsy with fun prints or patterns featuring Easter colors


Easter is the perfect occasion to wear pretty pastels, bright spring hues, and colorful outfits. Whether you choose traditional white, symbolic purple, cheerful yellow, soft pink or mix colors together, keep the meaning of Easter in mind as you dress. Select colors that reflect the joy, hope, renewal and faith this holiday represents. Coordinate your Easter colors with the rest of your family for extra fun. Most importantly, wear the colors you love to celebrate in style!

Easter Color Meaning
White Purity, virtue, resurrection
Yellow Hope, new beginnings, sunshine
Green Nature, rebirth, fertility
Pink Femininity, spring blossoms, new life
Blue Calm, heaven, tranquility
Purple Royalty, faith, penance