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What are the benefits of wearing turquoise?

What are the benefits of wearing turquoise?

Turquoise is a semi-precious gemstone that has been prized for its striking blue-green color since ancient times. This opaque mineral has been used extensively in jewelry, art, and decor around the world. Many cultures even attribute mystical powers to turquoise. But is there any truth to the claimed health and healing benefits of wearing this azure stone? Let’s take a closer look at some of the purported advantages of adorning yourself with turquoise.

Stress Relief

One of the most commonly touted benefits of turquoise is its ability to provide stress relief and promote relaxation. The soothing color of sea-blue turquoise is said to have a calming effect on the mind. The stone is also thought to absorb negative energy and neutralize it. So wearing turquoise jewelry or placing turquoise stones around your home may help you de-stress.

Some proponents claim that simply gazing at turquoise can trigger the body’s relaxation response. The vibrations from the stone purportedly resonate with the fifth chakra, the energy center associated with communication and creativity. This helps calm an overactive mind. Whether this concept of energy fields has any validity, the placebo effect itself may lead some people to feel more relaxed around turquoise.

Protection from Harm

Historically, turquoise was seen as a protective amulet across many cultures. Ancient Persians believed the gem warded off unnatural death. Similarly, some Native Americans thought turquoise could protect against accidents or injury. This belief stemmed from the stone’s reputed healing powers.

Today, many still view turquoise as a talisman against evil, ill health, accidents, and misfortune. While a turquoise amulet cannot literally shield you from harm, it may provide a psychological sense of safety. Simply believing you are protected can reduce anxiety, boost confidence, and lead to healthier choices. So for some, wearing turquoise may offer peace of mind.

Spiritual Aid

Turquoise holds spiritual significance in multiple faiths and esoteric traditions. It’s seen as a holy stone that promotes spiritual understanding. In the Hindu faith, turquoise adornments are believed to protect against unseen forces. Buddhist teachings also describe turquoise as a wise stone that brings good fortune.

Meanwhile, ancient Greeks wore turquoise for its psychic powers. Some believed turquoise would change color to warn of impending danger. And many mediums and psychics today use turquoise crystals during readings. They claim it opens the mind to receive messages from the universe. Whether it truly has mystical energy is up for debate. But for the spiritually inclined, wearing turquoise may provide a sense of otherworldly guidance.

Healing Properties

Turquoise is perhaps most renowned for its purported healing properties. It’s been used holistically for thousands of years by various cultures. Chinese medicine practitioners prescribed powdered turquoise to treat ailments of the respiratory and immune systems. The Aztecs used turquoise to alleviate fevers and heal sore throats. In the Middle East, the stone was applied to the body to combat poisoning.

Even today, alternative healers believe turquoise has therapeutic effects:

– Alleviates inflammation and detoxifies the body
– Strengthens the immune system
– Aids in tissue regeneration
– Promotes proper metabolism
– Regulates the endocrine system
– Purifies blood and bodily fluids
– Reduces fevers
– Stabilizes mood swings

There is no scientific evidence that turquoise can cure disease. However, if wearing turquoise convinces someone it will improve their health, the placebo effect may actually relieve minor symptoms. But turquoise should not replace professional medical treatment.

Luck & Success

For centuries, turquoise has been touted as a good luck charm. Persians decorated their daggers with the stone to bring victory in battle. And turquoise jewelry given as a gift is said to bestow good fortune upon the recipient.

Some engagements once featured turquoise betrothal rings rather than diamonds. The azure stones were believed to offer protection, happiness, and prosperity to the couple. Turquoise is also a December birthstone, associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius. So for many, it represents success and achievement.

Again, turquoise itself does not literally generate good fortune. But possessing a positive attitude and strong self-belief often improves performance and decision-making. So if wearing turquoise boosts optimism, it may indirectly enhance success. The allure of turquoise can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Beauty Enhancement

With its striking coloration, turquoise jewelry is undoubtedly fashionable and attractive. But historical cultures also believed the gemstone actually enhanced the beauty of the wearer. It was thought to draw attention away from perceived physical flaws.

Some associated turquoise with eternal youth and health. The vibrant blue tone was said to boost color and radiance in the skin. While these enhancing effects are not objectively real, looking and feeling your best does bolster self-confidence. The perceived glamour and allure of turquoise adornments can translate to an improved self-image. So for some, wearing turquoise may give beauty and allure a subjective boost.

Friendship & Love

Turquoise has long served as a token of friendship and affection. Ancient Egyptian brides wore turquoise headdresses as a symbol of marital happiness. Some Native American tribes exchanged turquoise stones to seal a bond. And turquoise jewelry is still given today to symbolize friendship.

In fact, many still believe turquoise can strengthen bonds between friends, families, and romantic partners. It purportedly promotes open communication and empathy. The stone is also said to absorb discord and negativity. So turquoise adornments are sometimes prescribed by holistic healers to reconcile rifts between people.

There is likely some validity to turquoise being able to enhance social bonds. The act of gifting a personally meaningful gemstone demonstrates caring. And the perceived goodwill attributed to turquoise can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, helping relationships improve. Simply believing in the friendship powers of turquoise can be enough to make it so.

Creativity Boost

Turquoise is often associated with awakening creativity and enhancing artistic ability. Historically, turquoise amulets were used by artists, poets, and writers for inspiration. The vibrant pigments made from ground turquoise lent themselves to creative works. And turquoise jewelry remains popular among free-spirited bohemian types.

This purported creativity-boosting power of turquoise likely stems from its calming spiritual energy. The stone supposedly allows one’s imagination to flow freely andthink more intuitively. Reduced anxiety often does enable more creative thinking. And belief in the artistic magic of turquoise can translate to actual creative self-empowerment. So wearing turquoise may help unlock innovation for some people.


On a related note, turquoise is believed by many to aid free-flowing self-expression. The gem is seen as having a liberating energy that reveals one’s true nature. By wearing turquoise, people may feel more able to openly convey their spirit to the world.

In this way, turquoise can serve as a personal symbol of courage and confidence. The striking blue shade projects a bold statement. So adorning yourself in turquoise accessories allows you to reveal your individuality. The custom of wearing turquoise for self-expression dates back over 6000 years. The alluring color makes the gem uniquely suited for personal adornment.

Vitality Boost

Some proponents claim that close contact with turquoise increases vitality and energy. The stone’s invigorating color is thought to balance and regulate the body’s systems. Wearing turquoise jewelry or fashioning it into a tonic is believed to provide an energizing lift.

So if you feel drained or fatigued, turquoise may provide a perceived boost. The placebo effect can potentially give you a more upbeat, lively attitude. Of course, true medical conditions causing exhaustion should be properly addressed. But the myth of turquoise’s revitalizing power could offer a mental and emotional lift.

Depression Relief

Turquoise is also believed to combat feelings of depression and sadness. It is seen as a mood-lifting stone that promotes positive thinking. Many prescribe turquoise to dispel melancholy, loneliness, and self-doubt.

Simply gazing at the vibrant blue color is thought to release serotonin and relieve negativity. While turquoise cannot medically treat clinical depression, wearing it could possibly ease mild low moods. The alluring hue and perceived uplifting energy may lift spirits. But depression should always receive proper professional treatment.

Physical Healing

Certain physical disorders are also believed to improve through contact with turquoise. Here are some of the most commonly purported therapeutic effects:

Respiratory problems – The calming blue color supposedly aids oxygen flow and alleviates breathing issues like asthma. Ancient people actually ingested turquoise powder for respiratory relief.

Muscle cramps & joint pain – Turquoise is purported to have anti-inflammatory effects that help ease aches and pains. Laying turquoise stones over sore body parts may provide localized relief by prompting relaxation.

Headaches & migraines – Turquoise is reputed to have a soothing influence on mind-based complaints like headaches. New Age healers often prescribe turquoise crystals for migraines caused by stress or blocked energy.

Skin conditions – The detoxifying properties of turquoise supposedly calm eczema, acne, and other complexion issues.Turquoise powders and pastes have historically been applied to skin eruptions.

Nausea & digestion – Turquoise elixirs were used by ancient South American cultures to treat stomach and digestive problems. The stone’s relaxing vibration may help ease nausea and discomfort when worn.

Circulation & blood flow – Turquoise purportedly aids circulation and oxygenates the blood. Historical texts describe using pulverized turquoise to cure blueness in the face caused by poor blood flow.

Immunity & toxicity – Turquoise is described as a natural immune booster and cleanser. Toxins in the body are believed to be absorbed and neutralized by its positive energies.

Of course, turquoise should never replace medical care from a licensed professional. But some people do report subjective symptom relief from wearing the azure stones. The placebo effect, coupled with turquoise’s potential to aid relaxation and positivity, may account for some perceived healing benefits.

Wealth Attraction

Due to its earthy gold, green, and azure tones, turquoise has been associated with attracting wealth since antiquity. The ancient Chinese carved turquoise into dragon figurines, thought to draw prosperity. Turquoise stones were buried in planting fields to ensure abundant harvests.

For many, turquoise still symbolizes money and abundance. Keeping turquoise jewelry or decorative objects in your home is believed to invite fortune. Some say it has a magnetic aura that literally pulls wealth your way. So if you’re looking to get rich, wearing turquoise accessories may surround you with more prosperous energy. And at the very least, the positive affirmations can boost financial optimism.


While the metaphysical properties of turquoise are not scientifically verified, many people still find meaning and enrichment by adorning themselves with the azure gem. More than just decorative, turquoise can hold personal significance as a symbol of hoped for self-improvement. The perceived benefits range from reduced stress to spiritual aid, healing powers, good fortune, and enhanced creativity.

By empowering the mind and boosting optimism, wearing turquoise may help you achieve desired changes. With its mix of boldness and tranquility, turquoise remains a beloved jewelry choice worldwide. Allowing yourself to appreciate the lore and legend around turquoise gives it even greater value. And if looking at turquoise makes you feel uplifted and strengthened, then its true worth is fulfilled.

So if you are drawn to the captivating color of blue-green turquoise, don’t be afraid to embrace this ancient mineral. Adorning yourself with turquoise jewelry, amulets, or other objects can be a powerful act of self-affirmation. Your favorite turquoise pieces may come to embody the qualities you aspire to. Let turquoise inspire and delight you with its beauty and mythology.