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What color roses are appropriate for a funeral?

What color roses are appropriate for a funeral?

Choosing the right color roses for a funeral can be a difficult decision. The color of the roses carries symbolic meaning and can represent different sentiments for the grieving family. When selecting funeral roses, it’s important to consider the meaning behind each color and what message you want to convey.

Red Roses

Red roses are one of the most classic and popular choices for funeral flowers. Red symbolizes love, respect, courage, and admiration for the deceased. Sending red roses demonstrates your deep affection for the person who has passed away. Red roses remind family members of the passionate love and strength of character of their loved one.

So if you want your funeral roses to emphasize love and honor, red roses are likely the best option. They will remind everyone of the compassion and vibrancy with which the deceased lived their life. The red roses will be a meaningful way to say goodbye to someone you really loved and cared for deeply.

White Roses

White roses are also frequently chosen for funerals because of their symbolic meaning of purity, innocence, and reverence. Their white color represents the light and goodness of the soul. They convey that the deceased was a good person who led a wholesome life.

White roses are a respectful way to honor the memory of the individual who passed away and can bring a sense of peace to the bereaved. Their quiet beauty makes them appropriate for solemn occasions. If you want to communicate honor and respect for the departed, white roses are a tasteful choice.

Pink Roses

Pink roses express gentleness, grace, and sweetness. They can be used at funerals to convey heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the deceased. Their soft pink hue evokes femininity and kindness.

Send pink roses when you want to commemorate the warm, tender side of the person who died. Pink roses say that the individual had a gentle spirit and spread beauty through their personality. Because pink also symbolizes friendship, pink roses can signify the meaningful connection you had with the deceased and the fond memories you will deeply cherish.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses symbolize joy, warmth, and welcome. As a bright, cheerful color, they celebrate life and happiness. Yellow funeral roses express gratitude for the good times you shared with the deceased.

While yellow is not a traditional funeral color, yellow roses can be appropriate for representing the deceased’s sunny personality and uplifting spirit. Send yellow roses to assure the grieving family that the individual led a joyful life and spread light to all those around them.

Orange Roses

Orange roses combine the energy of red roses with the joy of yellow roses. They signify enthusiasm, desire, excitement, and vibrancy.

Orange funeral roses celebrate the adventurous, energetic side of the deceased’s personality. They remind family and friends to cherish fond memories of the enjoyable times spent with their loved one. Orange roses will reassure everyone that the individual truly lived life to the fullest with passion and zeal.

Lavender Roses

Lavender roses convey enchantment and mystical charm. Their unusual purple-grey hue adds a unique, magical quality to funeral flower arrangements.

Send lavender roses when you want to express your fascination and appreciation for the special quirks and qualities of the deceased. Lavender roses recognize the distinctive personality and rare beauty of spirit of the individual who passed away.

Blue Roses

Blue roses are rare and therefore symbolize the impossible, unattainable, and mysterious. Their intriguing color captures a sense of imagination and impossibility.

As funeral flowers, blue roses acknowledge the sadness and grief of losing someone dear to your heart. Their impossible hue admits that saying a permanent goodbye seems unreal and unbelievable. Blue roses help us express that the death of a loved one feels like a strange dream from which we cannot wake.

Combination Roses

You can also select a combination of rose colors for a funeral arrangement. Mixing different shades provides more variety and meaning to your memorial flowers.

For example, pair red and white roses to combine love with innocence. Or match pink and yellow roses to unite gentleness and light. You can include several colors of roses in a large wreath, spray, or casket arrangement to fully represent the complex personality of the person who died.

The number of rose colors you include is up to you – the combinations are endless. Just be mindful of how each color’s symbolic message adds to the overall sentiment you want to convey.

Types of Funeral Rose Arrangements

In addition to selecting rose color, you will also need to decide on the type of rose funeral arrangement. Common arrangements include:

  • Rose wreaths – circular floral arrangements that can decorate a casket, urn, or memorial plaque. Wreaths symbolize eternity.
  • Rose sprays – cascading bouquets that accompany casket arrangements or stand alone near the memorial.
  • Rose baskets – pretty wicker or ceramic containers filled with roses to set beside the casket or display at the memorial service.
  • Rose vase arrangements – elegant cut roses artfully arranged in a glass vase for display at the funeral or committal service.
  • Rose casket arrangements – roses decorating the top of the closed casket, often made into a blanket or cross shape.

The style you select can complement your color choice and further represent the personality of the deceased. For example, a vibrant rainbow wreath of multicolored roses symbolizes a lively spirit, while a delicate spray of pale pink and cream roses conveys gentleness and grace.

Roses for Funeral Flowers

Here is a quick guide for which color roses to choose for common funeral flower sentiments:

Sentiment Recommended Rose Colors
Love, courage, honor Red
Purity, innocence, reverence White
Grace, sweetness, gentleness Pink
Joy, happiness, gratitude Yellow
Energy, enthusiasm, vibrancy Orange
Mystical, unique personality Lavender
Impossible goodbye, grief Blue
Combination of meanings Mixed colors

Roses provide a meaningful way to pay tribute to someone who has passed away. Their beauty conveys love and appreciation for the deceased. When selecting roses for funeral flowers, carefully consider the sentiment you wish to share. The color and style of roses can offer special personalized symbolism from your heart to the grieving family.


In summary, red, white, and pink roses are the most traditional choices for funeral flowers, as they convey respect, love, innocence, and gentleness. Yellow, orange, lavender, and blue roses provide bolder options that celebrate the unique spirit and personality of the deceased. Mixed color arrangements allow you to create more nuanced and complex memorial sentiments. Whatever your rose color choice, these blooms add beauty and symbolism to funeral tributes.