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What color rose means thinking of you?

What color rose means thinking of you?

What color rose means thinking of you?

Roses have long been a symbol of love, friendship, and affection. Their color, number, and presentation style can convey different romantic meanings. If you want to send someone a rose that signifies you’re thinking of them in a warm, close way, the rose colors that best convey this meaning are orange, lavender, pink, peach, and yellow.

The Meaning Behind Rose Colors

Roses have been cultivated and revered for thousands of years. They originated in Asia but soon spread to Europe and other parts of the world along trade routes. Victorians became especially interested in the symbolism behind different rose colors and assigned meanings to them based on their shade. These associations helped lovers express their feelings in a time when direct emotional expressions were discouraged.

While red roses symbolize romantic love and passion, other rose hues convey different types of affection. The rose colors that best communicate the sentiment “thinking of you” are:

Orange Roses

Orange roses signify enthusiasm, attraction, and excitement. Gifting this fiery hue conveys that you can’t stop thinking about someone and are captivated by them in a bold, fun way. The warm orange shade also symbolizes energy, pride, and appreciation.

Lavender Roses

These soft purple roses connote enchantment and mystical charm. Lavender roses express being thoroughly charmed by someone and not being able to get them out of your mind. The color lavender also represents nurturing feelings and deep admiration.

Pink Roses

Pink roses convey gentle affection, grace, and happiness. A bouquet of pink roses can signify being constantly thinking of someone in a sweet, romantic way. Light pink roses also mean sympathy, while dark pink conveys gratitude and appreciation.

Peach Roses

Peach roses communicate sincere appreciation, gratitude, and admiration. This warm, nurturing color signifies that you are constantly keeping someone in your thoughts in a caring, heartfelt way. It’s a great way to show you’re thinking of a dear friend or loved one.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses represent joy, delight, and platonic affection. Sending yellow roses lets someone know they are always on your mind in a cheerful, friendly way. The warm sunny color conveys optimism and is perfect for putting a smile on someone’s face when you’re thinking of them.

Number of Roses And Arrangements

In addition to rose color, the number of roses and way they are arranged impacts their meaning. Here are some of the common numbers and arrangements that nicely convey the sentiment “thinking of you”:

Single Rose

Gifting a single rose communicates deep devotion and significance. A solo orange, pink, lavender or yellow rose elegantly says “I’m thinking of you” in a simple, profound way.

3 Roses

Three roses arranged together symbolize celebration and show you are thinking of someone in a joyful way. The arrangement expresses feelings of admiration, appreciation and positive thoughts.

6 Roses

Six roses convey affection, nurturing feelings, and a desire to care for someone. Six roses beautifully demonstrate you are holding someone dear in your thoughts and wishing them wellbeing.

12 Roses

A full dozen roses arranged in a vase overflowing with blossoms is a stunning way to say “I’m thinking of you.” Twelve roses expresses deep gratitude, appreciation and affection for someone special occupying your thoughts.

Rose Bouquet

A mixed bouquet of orange, pink, lavender and yellow roses is an exquisite display. The assortment of colors beautifully conveys that someone is always in your thoughts in a variety of warm, positive ways. The bouquet sends wishes of joy, calmness, optimism and cheer.

Presenting The Roses

How you choose to give the roses also enhances the “thinking of you” meaning:

Gift Wrapped

Having the rose bouquet elegantly gift wrapped and presented says “this is just for you.” It makes the gift more special and conveys treasuring someone in your thoughts.

Hand Written Note

Including a heartfelt handwritten note with the roses adds a personal touch. Expressing your sentiments in your own words reinforces the meaning that you are thinking fondly of someone.

Have Them Delivered

Having roses delivered to someone’s home or work is a wonderful surprise. The unexpected delivery expresses that they are frequently in your thoughts, even when you’re not physically together.

Occasions To Gift Roses

Roses that signify thinking of someone make meaningful gifts for many occasions:


Surprise a birthday boy or girl with roses to start their day feeling special and cared about.


Lavender and pink roses make a beautiful gift showing your spouse or partner they’re always in your thoughts.

Get Well Soon

Send someone recovering orange roses to lift their spirits and convey you’re thinking of their wellbeing.


Yellow roses bring warmth and optimism when gifting them as condolences and thinking of someone grieving.


Gift a friend pink roses on Friendship Day to say your great memories together are always on your mind.

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, give your mom peach roses to express always keeping her close in your thoughts with gratitude.

Valentine’s Day

For a partner, mix pink and orange roses to say “my Valentine, I’m constantly thinking of you with affection and excitement.”


Roses are a versatile and meaningful flower gift to show someone they’re truly special and frequently in your thoughts. Selecting orange, pink, lavender, peach or yellow roses in a thoughtful number and arrangement beautifully conveys, “I’m thinking of you” in a heartfelt way. Adding a personal touch with handwritten notes, surprise deliveries, and well-timed gifting for occasions makes the roses even more memorable. With their countless warm hues and presentation options, roses speak volumes without needing any words at all.