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Is it OK to give flowers on a first date?

Is it OK to give flowers on a first date?

Quick Answer

Giving flowers on a first date can be a nice gesture to show interest and appreciation. However, some key things to consider are the person’s preferences, avoiding overwhelming gifts early on, and picking flowers that align with the setting and your relationship so far. Overall, flowers on a first date are usually fine as long as they are given thoughtfully.

Should You Give Flowers on a First Date?

Flowers can add a sweet, romantic touch to a first date, signaling that you’re interested in romance and like the person enough to bring a gift. Flowers also show you put thought and effort into the date. However, flowers may come across as too intense or create uncomfortable pressure early on for some people. Consider these pros and cons:


– Flowers show romantic interest and appreciation for the person.

– They demonstrate you want to make a good impression.

– They can brighten the date and make the person feel special.

– Flowers are a classic romantic gesture that many appreciate.


– Some may feel flowers are too much for a first date if they prefer to take things slowly.

– Flowers could add pressure or implication of further commitment.

– Some may see flowers as old-fashioned or not their taste.

– For casual first dates, flowers may seem out of place.

Overall, gauge the person’s style and preferences first to decide if flowers will be viewed positively. Keep the flowers simple and casual for a low-pressure first date.

Good Flower Options for a First Date

When choosing flowers for a first date, opt for types and arrangements that are light and casual rather than ornate bouquets with overt romantic messaging. Here are some good options:

– Wildflowers or a small mixed bouquet with daisies, tulips, lilies, etc.

– A few stems of a brightly colored flower like gerbera daisies or sunflowers.

– Flowering plants like orchids, miniature roses, or carnations that can be enjoyed longer term.

– For dining dates, a small table centerpiece bouquet.

– Single stems that complement the person’s outfit or accessories.

Avoid large bouquets of red roses, which tend to send a strong romantic signal for a first date. Keeping the flowers simple, bright, and cheerful creates a thoughtful gesture without overdoing it early on.

When to Give Flowers on a First Date

When and how you present the flowers also affects the gesture’s tone. Here are some tips on timing:

– Have them delivered to the person’s home or workplace right before the date if you want to surprise them.

– Bring them along and give them when you meet the person or once you are settled at the date location.

– For a dinner date, have a small bouquet at the table when the person arrives.

– Wait until the end of the date to give a single flower as a sweet goodbye gesture.

Avoid giving flowers right away, which can feel awkward carrying during the date. And don’t make a big show of an elaborate bouquet upon meeting. Keeping the timing low-key fits a first date best.

Alternatives to Flowers

If you are unsure about flowers, consider these other small gift ideas for a first date:

– Chocolates, baked goods, or another treat you know they like.

– A book, album, or movie related to their interests.

– A bottle of nice coffee beans or tea leaves.

– A fun novelty item like a desk toy, game, or journal.

– A gift card for coffee or ice cream to enjoy together.

These can make thoughtful alternatives to flowers that may suit the person and situation better. The key is picking something personal and light.

Asking First

If you don’t know the person well, it can be wise to ask if they would appreciate receiving flowers before gifting them. You could simply say:

“I’m looking forward to our dinner on Friday. Would you like if I bring along some flowers, or would you prefer something else?”

This gives the person a chance to indicate their taste, and shows extra care and consideration on your part. If they seem unsure or decline, have a backup gift ready.

Making Sure Flowers are Appropriate

Aside from the type and timing of giving flowers, a few other factors help determine if flowers will be viewed as appropriate:

  • Gauge the level of romantic interest and attraction so far – is the other person giving clear signals they like you and want romantic gestures?
  • Consider the date setting – flowers tend to suit dinner dates more than casual coffee dates.
  • Make sure flowers align with the person’s style – do they tend to enjoy traditional romance or prefer low-key dates?
  • Avoid going overboard with multiple gifts including flowers – keep the overall gesture reasonable.

Weighing these points will help ensure flowers come across as a pleasant expression of interest rather than an awkward or aggressive display.

Flowers as Part of a Romantic Gesture

Sometimes going over-the-top with flowers can be romantic when you know the person well and have already established clear mutual interest. Ideas include:

– Filling their office with flower bouquets and notes.

– Covering their living room in petals and candles for when they get home.

– Having a singer or musician arrive with flowers to serenade them.

– Decorating their car with flowers before picking them up.

These dramatic floral gestures can thrill someone once a relationship progresses. But they are best suited only for established love, not early dates.


Flowers on a first date are generally a kind and thoughtful gesture when given with care and consideration. Keep the flowers simple rather than ornate, present them in a low-pressure way, and make sure they align with the person’s taste. Most importantly, avoid overdoing it – a few flowers will have a much better chance of delighting them than dozens of roses. With the right approach, flowers can add a special touch of romance to what’s hopefully the first date of many.