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What color purse goes with mustard yellow dress?


Mustard yellow is a vibrant and eye-catching color that looks great when accessorized correctly. Choosing the right purse to go with a mustard yellow dress can make the difference between an elegant, pulled-together look and a mismatched, haphazard outfit. The color of the purse you choose is especially important, as you want it to complement the bright yellow hue without clashing. So what is the best color purse to pair with a mustard yellow dress? There are a few great options to consider.

Go Monochromatic With Yellow

One foolproof way to accessorize a mustard yellow dress is to go monochromatic and choose a yellow purse. Selecting a purse in a shade that exactly matches the dress results in a streamlined look. Alternatively, you could go for a lighter or darker yellow than the dress for some contrast. Just be sure the yellows you choose are complementary hues that look pleasant together, rather than clashing.

A bright golden yellow or deep ochre purse would both coordinate beautifully with a mustard yellow dress. Stay away from pastel or neon yellow purses, as these will likely clash with the deeper mustard tone.

Going monochromatic with a yellow purse also has the benefit of making your look bold and eye-catching. The block of solid yellow is vibrant and energetic. It’s a great option for events where you want to stand out, like outdoor summer parties and daytime weddings.

Complement With Neutrals

Another way to effortlessly coordinate a purse with a mustard yellow dress is to choose a neutral color handbag. Neutrals like black, brown, tan, white, or gray make the ideal purse colors to pair with such a vivid yellow dress because they complement without competing. The neutral purse tones down the outfit slightly so that the bright yellow doesn’t overwhelm.

Specifically, black, brown, and tan purses work extremely well with a mustard dress. They are versatile neutrals that are easy to match. Black gives a more formal, elegant look while brown and tan are softer and more casual.

Whichever neutral you choose, make sure the shade is solid rather than patterned. You don’t want the purse to clash with the solid yellow dress. Go for glossy leather, suede, or fabric purses in one of the neutral colors for a foolproof combo.

Make It Pop With White

White is a great neutral shade for accessorizing any bright color. A crisp white purse pops beautifully against the vibrant yellow of a mustard dress. The high contrast combination really makes each piece stand out.

A white purse also lightens up the look of a mustard dress, which tends to be quite bold and attention-grabbing. The white bag balances the outfit and keeps it from becoming overwhelming.

Look for a structured white purse rather than a soft, slouchy one, which could come across as too casual. Options like a classic white leather shoulder bag, a small structured clutch, or a box-shaped crossbody purse are perfect pairings. White goes with any season, so this is a year-round accessorizing option.

Complement With Blues

Since yellow and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel, different shades of blue make excellent color pairings for mustard yellow. Soft powder blue, icy pastel blue, navy, or cobalt blue purses will all coordinate beautifully with a vibrant mustard dress.

The contrast between the warm yellow tones and cool blue ones really makes both the dress and purse pop. Match the shade of blue to the formality of the event – lighter blues for daytime, darker blues for evening. Royal blue is another great option that pairs well with mustard yellow.

Just stay away from neon or electric blues, as these will likely clash. Soft, muted, or mid-tone blues are ideal purse choices.

Tie It Together With Metallic

For an ultra glamorous look, choose a metallic purse in silver, gold, rose gold, bronze or gunmetal to match with your mustard dress. Metallic bags instantly dress up any outfit with a touch of shine and shimmer.

Opt for a structured metallic purse like a box clutch or shoulder bag. Soft metallic purses can sometimes look cheap, while structured ones look more expensive and elegant.

Make sure the metallic tone you choose complements the warm, golden tone of the mustard dress. Silver, gold and bronze work best. Stay away from metallic purses with a cool tone, like pewter, as they will clash with the dress’s warm hue.

Consider Colorblocking With Red

Colorblocking, or pairing solid blocks of contrasting colors, is a fun way to accessorize a mustard dress. And what better color to colorblock with yellow than red? Red purses come in endless shades, so choose a tone that complements the mustard dress.

Bright cherry red, orange-red, and crimson make beautiful color combinations with yellow. Just stay away from intensely deep reds with a lot of brown undertones, as these will end up clashing instead of matching.

Look for a red purse with a structured shape and matte finish to match the mustard dress’s casual vibe. A crossbody bag is a great colorblocking choice. When pairing bold colors like red and yellow, keep the rest of the look minimalist.

Add Interest With Patterns

While solid color purses are the easiest match for a solid yellow dress, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns too. Subtle and sophisticated prints like polka dots, gingham, plaid, or classic florals can complement a mustard dress when done right.

The key is to choose purse patterns featuring some of the aforementioned colors that work well with yellow. For example, a navy polka dot purse, red gingham bag, or tan and white floral print would all coordinate. Keep the patterns small and uncomplicated. Busy or flashy prints will compete too much.

You can also find purses that combine colors and patterns, like a navy bag with white polka dots. Have fun mixing and matching to create new color combinations.


Mustard yellow is one of those colors that looks amazing when styled appropriately but can go disastrously wrong with the wrong pairings. Keep these tips in mind when picking out the perfect purse to match your mustard dress. Stick to complementary shades like yellow, blue, white, black, brown, tan or red solid colors in classic structured shapes. Or experiment with subtle patterns featuring these same colors. With the right accessorizing, you’ll look positively golden in your mustard dress.

Questions and Answers

What color family does mustard yellow fall into?

Mustard yellow is a warm, golden yellow shade that falls in the yellow-orange color family. It gets its name from the condiment mustard, which has a bright golden yellow hue.

What colors should be avoided with mustard yellow dresses?

Some colors to avoid pairing with mustard yellow are:

– Neon, electric or extremely bright shades – these will clash instead of complement
– Muddy, earthy tones like olive and dark brown – too much contrast
– Light pastels like baby blue or pink – these will get drowned out
– Pure orange – too close in tone so it competes

Stick to soft warm tones, neutrals, blues and metals for the most flattering pairings.

What kind of material and shape works best for purses with mustard dresses?

For purse material, stick to leather, suede, canvas, linen or vegan leather rather than bold patterns or loud textures. For shape, structured and sleek bags work best, like classic top handle satchels, shoulder bags or rectangular clutch bags. Avoid overly soft, slouchy shapes or tiny bags like wristlets. Medium size purses are most versatile.

What metals complement mustard yellow best?

The most flattering metals to pair with mustard yellow are:

– Gold – enhances the yellow tones
– Rose gold – warm tone complements the golden hue
– Bronze – has both warm and cool tones that work well
– Silver – creates high contrast and a retro vibe

Avoid coppery metallics as these can compete too much. Nickel and pewter also generally don’t complement mustard yellow dresses.

Is black or brown better for purses with mustard dresses?

Brown and black can both work extremely well with mustard yellow dresses. Black gives off a more elegant, formal vibe, while brown feels softer and more casual. Brown also feels seasonally appropriate for fall and winter. But classic black suits any time of year. Let your personal style and the occasion guide which neutral you choose.

What kind of red purse works best with mustard yellow?

Blue-based reds like crimson, cherry and orange-red work best with mustard dresses. Avoid super deep wines or burgundies with a lot of brown undertones, as these can clash. Bright, clear reds in matte smooth leathers complement mustard yellow perfectly.

Should my purse exactly match my mustard dress?

It’s not necessary for the purse to exactly match the mustard dress. Having some contrast between the shades can actually create a more visually appealing look. Choose a yellow in a lighter or darker shade, or go for analogous colors like yellow-orange or yellow-green for a nuanced color pairing. Just avoid completely clashing tones.

What purse styles best complement a casual mustard sundress?

For a casual mustard sundress, go for these purse styles:

– Crossbody bags
– Canvas tote bags
– Straw bags
– Colorful clutches
– Vintage inspired styles

Avoid anything too structured, ornate, or intricate. Simple casual shapes, muted colors, and natural textures all complement the laidback vibe of a mustard sundress.

What purse is best for a formal evening mustard dress?

To accessorize an elegant evening mustard dress, go for these more formal purse styles:

– Structured satin clutch
– Beaded handbag
– Metallic leather shoulder bag
– Crystal embellished minaudiere
– Yellow or gold sequin bag

Look for hard structured shapes rather than soft, delicate evening bags. The sleekness creates balance with the mustard dress.

Selecting the Perfect Purse for Your Mustard Dress

Now that you know the top colors and styles that work beautifully with a mustard dress, here are some specific purse recommendations:

Daytime Purses for Casual Mustard Dresses

Purse Description
Tan leather crossbody bag Neutral tan leather is both stylish and practical for day. The crossbody style keeps hands free.
Classic canvas tote A casual and carefree classic canvas tote bag is perfect for shopping or farmers markets.
Colorful beaded clutch For brunch or garden parties, try a fun colorful beaded clutch to complement the dress.

Evening Purses for Formal Mustard Dresses

Purse Description
Gold metallic minaudiere Sleek and glamorous, this gold minaudiere adds old Hollywood elegance.
Silver rhinestone embellished clutch This dazzling rhinestone clutch offers just the right amount of added sparkle.
Yellow satin shoulder bag A mustard yellow satin shoulder bag matches perfectly while still providing contrast.

Seasonally Appropriate Mustard Purse Choices

Season Best Purse Colors
Spring Pastels, metallics, pale yellow
Summer Whites, brights, straw
Fall Reds, browns, dark neutrals
Winter Black, metallics, jewel tones

In Summary

When accessorizing a mustard yellow dress, choose a purse in a color that complements but doesn’t necessarily match exactly. Solid yellow, soft blues, neutrals like black and tan, metallics, and red are all great choices. Make sure the purse has a sleek, structured shape. And pick a style appropriate for the dress and occasion. With these tips in mind, you’ll be rocking your mustard dress in style in no time!