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What color goes with light green shorts for men?


Deciding what color goes best with light green shorts can be tricky for men. Light green is a vibrant, summery color that looks great with many different colors. The key is choosing colors that will complement the light green rather than clash with it. When picking a color to pair with light green shorts, it’s important to consider the shade of light green, as well as colors that will flatter your skin tone. With some thoughtful coordination, you can create stylish and fashionable looks perfect for the warmer months.

Quick Answers

  • White, tan, light blue, navy, gray, yellow, pink, red, orange, brown
  • Aim for colors close to light green on the color wheel for a coordinated look
  • Neutral colors like white, tan, gray are easy to pair with light green
  • Bolder colors like pink, red, orange can make a statement
  • Focus on colors that flatter your skin tone

Shades of Light Green

Not all light greens are created equal. The exact shade of your shorts should inform what colors you choose to wear with them. Here are some common shades of light green and recommendations for coordinating colors:

Lime Green

Lime green has a bright, almost neon vibe. For shorts this shade, opt for similarly bold, vibrant colors:

  • Red – a classic complimentary color combination
  • Orange – radiates warmth and energy
  • Hot pink – fun pop of color
  • Yellow – accentuates the green hue
  • Royal blue – sophisticated contrast

Mint Green

Mint green is a pale, cool-toned pastel shade. Pair it with other light, breezy colors like:

  • Light blue – refreshing springtime vibe
  • Lavender – pretty, delicate pairing
  • Light pink – sweet, feminine combo
  • White – clean, summery look
  • Tan – earthy contrast

Kelly Green

Kelly green has a deeper, jewel tone than other light greens. For this vibrant shade, try:

  • Navy – nautical vibe
  • Gray – sophisticated neutral
  • Maroon – rich, dimensional color
  • Purple – royal flair
  • Coral – spicy, energetic pairing

Color Wheel Pairings

An easy way to identify colors that will complement light green is to look at a color wheel. The color wheel shows colors that sit together harmoniously.

Some great matches next to light green on the wheel include:

  • Yellow – bright, cheerful color
  • Blue green – calm, natural pairing
  • Blue – cool, relaxed vibe
  • Violet – sophisticated blend

Colors directly across from light green on the color wheel also make striking combinations. These include:

  • Red – bold, vivid contrast
  • Orange – warm, energetic vibe


Neutral colors like white, gray, tan, and black are easy to match with pretty much anything. They’re versatile hues that act as a blank canvas, letting the light green shorts take center stage while keeping your look grounded.

Specifically for light green shorts, great neutral shades include:

  • White – clean, summery pairing
  • Gray – refined contrast
  • Tan – earthy, laidback vibe
  • Black – dramatic, edgy look

Neutrals work well in accessories too – think a crisp white tee, sleek black belt, or tan leather sandals.

Consider Skin Tone

When coordinating outfits, it’s important to keep your skin tone in mind. Colors near your face should enhance your complexion, not compete with it.

Those with warm undertones look great in yellow, peach, coral, orange and brown. If you have warm skin, lean towards shades like:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Coral
  • Brown

Cooler skin tones shine in blues, purples, magenta and true reds. Flattering pairings include:

  • Blue
  • Lavender
  • Navy
  • True red

Olive and neutral skin can work with most colors, but look best in emerald green, plum, coral and peach.

Tops to Pair With Light Green Shorts

Now that we’ve covered color options, here are some stylish tops that will look fantastic with your light green shorts:

Polo Shirt

A polo shirt in white, gray, tan or navy is a versatile option. It has a clean, preppy look that works for casual and smart casual occasions.

Button Down

A button down shirt in light blue, lavender or pink makes a great pairing. Roll the sleeves for a relaxed vibe.


A classic white teealways looks crisp. Or go for something bolder like a red, yellow or orange tee.


A colorful tank in a shade like coral, royal blue, or yellow pops against the shorts.


A long sleeved henley provides a laidback look. Opt for neutral white, black, gray or striped.

Breton Stripes

Nautical navy and white stripes tie the look together.


A chambray button down in light wash denim or blue has a casual, beachy feel.

Shoes, Belts & Accessories for Light Green Shorts

Shoes, belts and accessories provide the finishing touch. Consider:


  • White sneakers or canvas shoes
  • Tan suede loafers
  • Brown leather boat shoes
  • Gray plimsolls


  • Brown leather
  • Braided
  • Woven
  • Contrasting color like red, orange, or yellow


  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Baseball cap
  • Woven bracelet
  • Leather watch

Sample Outfit Combinations

Here are a few complete outfit examples to showcase stylish color pairings with light green shorts:

– Light green shorts
– White polo shirt
– Tan leather belt
– Boat shoes

– Light green shorts
– Gray t-shirt
– Distressed brown leather belt
– White canvas sneakers

– Light green shorts
– Coral pink tank top
– Braided belt
– Black high top sneakers

Smart Casual
– Light green shorts
– Lavender button up shirt
– Woven brown belt
– Tan suede loafers


Light green shorts are a versatile addition to any man’s summer wardrobe. The key is choosing colors like white, tan, light blue, navy and neutrals that will complement the vibrant hue. Bolder colors like pink, coral and yellow can also make a stylish statement. Focus on shades that flatter your skin tone. With some thoughtful coordination, light green shorts can anchor a variety of fashionable looks perfect for the warmer weather.