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What color matches teal and purple?

What color matches teal and purple?

Finding the right color palette can be challenging when decorating or creating a cohesive look. Teal and purple are both striking colors that complement each other beautifully. Knowing what colors pair well with teal and purple allows you to pull together a stylish and refined color scheme.

Complementary Colors for Teal and Purple

Teal and purple are considered complementary colors on the color wheel, meaning they are directly across from each other. This contrasting combination creates a vibrant look. When searching for additional colors that go with teal and purple, stay within the cool, jewel tone family for a cohesive feel.

Colors That Go With Teal

Teal is a bluish-green aquatic hue. When looking for complementary colors, focus on shades that will accent the cool blue undertones:

  • Purple
  • Royal blue
  • Navy
  • Sea green
  • Turquoise
  • Emerald
  • Steel gray
  • Eggshell white
  • Coral

These colors highlight the blue-green essence of teal in stylish ways. Soft grays and whites provide contrast while still keeping a cool color story. Pops of brighter jewel tones like purple, emerald and coral add energy.

Colors That Go With Purple

Purple is a regal shade that ranges from pale lilac to deep wine hues. Complementary colors will emphasize the purple base while creating interest:

  • Teal
  • Navy
  • Royal blue
  • Lavender
  • Eggplant
  • Periwinkle
  • Seafoam green
  • Rose
  • Gold
  • Ivory

Cool tones like teal, blue and seafoam green magnify the violet undertone of purple. Soft contrast is provided through ivory and gold. Touches of rose and lavender maintain femininity. Different shades of purple can also be combined for extra depth.

Best Color Combinations with Teal and Purple

Now that complementary shades have been determined, here are some popular color schemes using teal and purple as base hues:

Color Scheme Color Combination
Analogous Teal, sea green, turquoise
Purple, lavender, lilac
Triadic Teal, fuchsia, marigold
Purple, chartreuse, scarlet
Split Complementary Teal, yellow-orange, blue-violet
Purple, sea green, orange
Tetradic Teal, purple, red, yellow
Square Teal, purple, red, chartreuse

Analogous schemes use adjacent colors on the color wheel, creating harmonious combinations like teal with sea green and turquoise or purple with lavender and lilac. Triadic and tetradic patterns form color triangles and rectangles for bolder, more dynamic effects. Split complementary contrasts the base color with the two colors on either side of its complement. The options are endless!

Home Decor Color Schemes with Teal and Purple

Integrating teal and purple into home decor results in an elegant, contemporary look. Here are some stylish ways to incorporate them throughout the rooms in your home:

Living Room

Paint one accent wall in a rich teal or deep purple hue. Add pillows, throws and decor items in coordinating colors like seafoam green, turquoise and lavender. Upholster a statement chair or sofa in purple or teal velvet. Use an area rug with blue, green and violet tones to tie the scheme together.


Paint an accent wall in a soothing teal like sea glass. Use a purple duvet cover and lavender sheets for a soft, relaxing vibe. Decorate with teal and purple throw pillows, area rugs, curtains and artwork. Paint or stain the nightstands a warm gray or driftwood tone for contrast.


Install teal subway tiles inside the shower and use purple towels and bathmats. Paint the walls a light gray or soft white to keep the space tranquil. Incorporate teal and purple into artwork, candles, soap dispensers and other accent pieces for pops of color.


Paint the lower cabinets a rich teal and the upper cabinets white for contrast. Add purple bar stools, teal kitchen utensils and a vase of purple flowers on the countertop. Use a table runner or placemats in a pattern that incorporates both hues to bring the scheme together.

Fashion Color Pairings with Teal and Purple

Teal and purple are striking hues that pair beautifully in fashion as well. Here are some chic ways to wear them:

Teal and Purple Outfit Ideas

  • A teal blouse with a purple skirt or trousers
  • A purple blouse with a teal pencil skirt
  • A sleeveless teal dress with purple heels or sandals
  • Teal jeans with a purple sweater or blazer on top
  • A teal coat with purple gloves, scarf and hat

Mixing teal and purple pieces creates a bold, complementary look. Add metallics like gold or silver jewelry to make the colors pop even more.

Teal Accessories with a Purple Outfit

  • Teal shoes with a purple dress
  • A teal handbag with a purple blouse and trousers
  • Teal earrings with a purple cocktail dress
  • A teal headband with a purple sweater

Purple clothing provides the perfect backdrop for teal accessories. The pop of color draws attention to the accessory while looking purposefully styled.

Purple Accessories with a Teal Outfit

  • Purple heels with a teal wrap dress
  • A purple clutch with a teal jumpsuit
  • Purple earrings with a teal blazer and trousers
  • A purple scarf with a teal coat

Similarly, teal clothing lets vivid purple accessories stand out. Match metallics in jewelry for extra polish.


Teal and purple complement each other beautifully, creating chic, refined color combinations. Analogous shades like turquoise, lavender and navy keep the palette cohesive. Bold pops of color like fuchsia, chartreuse and coral add striking contrast. Incorporating teal and purple into home decor, fashion and more results in sophisticated style.