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What color pants to wear with a black shirt for girls?

What color pants to wear with a black shirt for girls?

Black shirts are versatile staples that can be dressed up or down for many occasions. When trying to determine what color pants to pair with a black shirt, there are a few key factors to consider as a girl: the formality of the event, your personal style and comfort level, and general color theory principles. Taking the time to think through these elements can help ensure your black shirt and colored pants outfit looks pulled together.

Consider the Formality

One of the first things to think about when deciding on pants is how formal or casual the setting will be when wearing your black shirt. For more formal events like job interviews, black tie affairs, or evening dinners, you’ll want to stick with more refined, dark-colored pants. Black, gray, and navy blue pants are foolproof options that will always look polished with a black top. Dark wash denim can also work for semi-formal daytime events.

For casual daytime activities like running errands, lighter colored pants have more flexibility. Tan, khaki, olive green, light blue, and white pants can allow your black shirt to stand out while still looking neat and put-together. Distressed denim in lighter washes can also pair well with a black shirt in informal settings.

Ultimately, the formality of the event should guide your pants choice. The dressier the affair, the darker your pants should be. Casual activities open up lighter pants as an option.

Consider Your Personal Style

Beyond the formality of the occasion, your own personal style preferences deserve consideration when picking pants to wear with a black shirt. Think about the colors, cuts, and styles you feel most comfortable and confident in. If you tend to gravitate towards edgier looks, black jeans and olive utility pants may be ideal. If you have a bohemian aesthetic, wide-legged printed pants could complement your black top.

You’ll also want to think about colors that flatter your complexion and bring out your best features. Cool-toned girls may favor lighter blues, grays, and pastels, while warm complexions can shine with creams, tans, and rich reds. There are no set rules, so have fun experimenting with different shades of pants that speak to your individual style.

Apply General Color Theory Principles

When unsure about what pant colors pair best with black, it helps to brush up on some basic color theory tips:

– Monochromatic looks: Matching black pants with a black shirt is a foolproof monochromatic choice. Going tone-on-tone with various shades like charcoal, gray, and navy can also look sharp.

– Complementary colors: Black’s color complement is white, so crisp white pants are an eye-catching contrast option.

– Analogous colors: Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, creating harmonious combinations. For black shirts, analogous options include navy, purple, gray, and emerald.

– Neutral colors: Black is versatile enough to be paired with most neutrals. Beige, taupe, gray, and brown pants all work well.

– Bright colors: Vibrant red, yellow, or pink pants make for fun pairings with black’s neutrality. Just be mindful of making the outfit look balanced overall.

Consider Body Type

When selecting the style and fit of pants to match a black shirt, consider your individual body shape as well. Here are some tips:

– Pear shape: Balance your bottom half with straight leg, bootcut, and lightly flared pants. Avoid extreme skinny cuts or tapered silhouettes.

– Apple shape: Create balance with wide-legged pants, trouser cuts, and high-waisted options to cinch the waist. Darker solid colors can be slimming.

– Hourglass: Show off your shape with fitted pants in materials like ponte knit or leggings. Pants that skim your curves can accentuate your silhouette.

– Athletic build: Relaxed joggers, cargo pants, and loose styles allow freedom of movement while adding comfort. Avoid overly bulky fits up top.

The most flattering pants allow you to show off your best assets and create an aligned shape. Make sure your pants suit your body type.

Top Color Pairings to Try

Here is a summary of some of the best pants colors to try pairing with a black shirt for different occasions:

Pant Color Casual Setting Professional Setting
Black Y Y
Gray Y Y
Navy Y Y
Dark Wash Denim Y Y
White Y N
Cream Y N
Khaki Y N
Olive Green Y N
Pastels Y N
Bright Colors Y N

Darker neutrals work across formalities, while lighter and brighter colors are best suited to casual settings. Use your judgment based on the event.

Sample Outfit Ideas

Here are a few complete outfit ideas to give you inspiration on ways to style black shirts with colored pants:

Professional Look

– Black sleeveless shirt
– Gray wide-leg trousers
– Black blazer
– Black heels or loafers
– Silver jewelry

Daytime Casual Look

– Black button-down top
– Blue skinny jeans
– Brown booties
– Tan crossbody bag
– Gold hoops

Night Out Look

– Black off-the-shoulder top
– Red high-waisted pants
– Black strappy heels
– Red clutch
– Bold lipstick

Weekend Casual Look

– Black cami
– Ripped light denim jeans
– White sneakers
– Jean jacket
– Small pendant necklace

Mix and match elements like shoes, jewelry, outerwear, and hairstyles to create looks suitable for any occasion.


Finding the right pants to pair with a black shirt can seem tricky. However, considering the formality of the event, your personal style, body type, and color theory makes the process much easier. Sticking to dark neutrals for formal affairs and branching out to lighter tones for casual settings is a good rule of thumb. Be creative and have fun mixing and matching shades and silhouettes to come up with chic black shirt outfits. Trust your instincts to find pants colors and styles you feel amazing wearing.