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What color hat looks the best?

Hats come in all different colors, from basic black to bright neon shades. The color of a hat can dramatically affect how it looks and the impression it gives. When choosing a hat, you want one that complements your skin tone, hair color, and personal style. In this article, we’ll explore the best hat colors for different complexions and styles.

Matching Your Hat to Your Skin Tone

One of the most important factors in choosing a hat color is your skin tone. The right hat color will flatter your complexion rather than clash with it. Here are some guidelines for picking hat colors based on skin tone:

Skin Tone Best Hat Colors
Fair or Pale Skin Soft neutral colors like tan, light pink, gray, and ivory
Light or Medium Skin Bolder neutrals like camel, blush, olive green, and navy
Medium to Deep Skin Vibrant shades like royal blue, cherry red, emerald, and plum
Dark or Deep Skin Jewel tones like sapphire, fuchsia, and gold

Those with fair or pale skin tend to look best in soft, muted colors that don’t overwhelm their complexion. People with medium to dark skin can pull off bolder, brighter colors thanks to the contrast. Stay away from shades that are too similar to your skin tone, as they can make you look washed out.

Complementing Your Hair Color

In addition to your skin tone, consider how the hat color looks against your hair color. You want a color that creates enough contrast from your hair so the two don’t blend together. But you also want the colors to complement each other. Here are some examples of hat colors that pair well with different hair shades:

Hair Color Best Hat Colors
Blonde Camel, rose pink, sky blue, sage green
Red Navy, emerald, plum, pink
Brunette Cream, burgundy, teal, mustard
Black Tan, light pink, royal blue, cherry red
Gray or White Navy, plum, charcoal, ivory

Blondes look great in soft, light colors like pinks, blues, tans, and sage greens. Redheads shine in rich jewel tones that complement their fiery locks. For brunettes, earthy neutrals like cream, teal, burgundy, and mustard yellow offer a nice contrast. Black-haired beauties look stunning in vivid brights like red and royal blue. And for those with gray or white hair, deeper shades work best against their luminous locks.

Choosing a Style

The style of hat you choose can also influence what color looks best. Here are some popular hat styles and the colors that tend to suit them:

Hat Style Best Colors
Baseball cap Primary colors – red, blue, green; neutrals like tan, gray, white
Beanie Dark neutrals like black, charcoal, navy; pops of color like pink, purple, teal
Fedora Light neutrals like tan, ivory, blush; black
Floppy hat White, black, neutrals like tan, blush, cream
Sun hat Bright colors like sky blue, turquoise, lime; white

Baseball caps look classic and casual in primary reds, blues, and greens, or neutral shades like gray and tan. Beanies tend to suit dark neutrals best, with fun pops of color like pink or teal for contrast. Fedoras convey a refined, vintage vibe in lighter neutrals and black. Floppy hats and sun hats look chic and feminine in white, black, and soft neutral tones. Bright colors like sky blue also give them a playful, summery look.

Matching Formal vs. Casual Styles

Hat color choices also depend on whether the hat has a formal or casual vibe. Here are tips for choosing hat colors for formal vs. casual wear:

Occasion Best Hat Colors
Formal Black, navy, charcoal, dark brown
Casual Light neutrals like tan, ivory, blush; bright colors like red, royal blue, pink

For formal occasions, stick with classy dark neutrals like black, navy, charcoal gray, and dark brown. These sophisticated colors project elegance and refinement. For casual everyday wear, lighter neutrals and bold brights add a fun pop. Soft tans, blush pinks, sky blues, and cherry reds give off a lively, approachable vibe.

Best Hat Colors for Women

For women’s hats, some of the most universally flattering and feminine colors include:

  • Ivory or blush – complements fair skin
  • Navy – looks chic on all complexions
  • Red – makes a bold statement
  • Nude – matches almost any skin tone
  • Black – slims and flatters
  • White – looks crisp and elegant

Ivory and blush pinks give women’s hats a soft, romantic vibe perfect for sundresses and garden parties. Navy blue adds sophisticated polish. Fiery reds like cherry or crimson convey confidence and glamor. Nude shades seamlessly match lighter skin tones. Classic black slims the silhouette and instantly lifts any outfit. Crisp white looks posh and elegant year-round.

Best Hat Colors for Men

For men’s hats, these hues offer timeless style and versatility:

  • Black – always in fashion
  • Gray – refined and dapper
  • Navy – nautical cool
  • Olive green – earthy and laidback
  • Burgundy – richness and depth
  • Brown – outdoorsy and rustic

Black and gray top hats give men a polished, sophisticated look perfect for formal occasions. Navy blue offers a preppy, nautical vibe fitting boaters and baseball caps. Earthy olive green and rustic browns like tan work for casual weekend wear. Burgundy adds sleek richness for a stylish statement. Combine different hat colors to mix up your style.

Choosing Hat Colors for Kids

When it comes to kids’ hats, bright, playful colors tend to work best. Some top picks include:

  • Red – vibrant and energetic
  • Royal blue – color of creativity
  • Lime green – fun and exciting
  • Pink – cheery and sweet
  • Orange – bold and bright
  • Purple – whimsical magic

Primary reds, blues, greens, and yellows allow kids to express their colorful personalities. Vibrant pinks, oranges, and purples ignite their playful spirit. Feel free to mix and match colors for an eclectic look. For accessories like gloves and scarves, choose colors that complement their hat. Stay away from blacks, grays, and dark shades, which tend to look dull and dreary on youthful children.


As you can see, the range of hat colors available means you can find the perfect shade to complement your personal style. Consider your skin tone, hair color, the hat style, and whether it’s for formal or casual wear. Some universally flattering colors include navy, black, tan, gray, and white. Don’t be afraid to have fun with bold brights and colorful combinations too. Trust your instincts, choose colors you’re drawn to, and rock your hat with confidence!