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How old is lynda carter?

Lynda Carter is an iconic American actress, singer, songwriter and beauty pageant titleholder who is best known for starring as Wonder Woman in the 1970s television series. Carter’s portrayal of the DC Comics superhero has made her a pop culture legend. But even though she seems eternally youthful, Carter has been gracing our screens for over 50 years. So how old is the ageless Lynda Carter now?

Early Life and Beauty Pageants

Lynda Carter was born on July 24, 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona, making her currently 71 years old. She was born to a Mexican-American mother and an English-Irish father. Carter expressed an early interest in music and acting, and took numerous acting classes throughout high school. She was also an accomplished musician, learning to play various musical instruments including the piano, harp, and accordion.

In 1972, at the age of 21, Carter won a local Arizona beauty pageant and was crowned Miss World USA. She then went on to compete in the Miss World pageant in London, where she reached the semifinals. Although she did not win the Miss World title, Carter’s beauty pageant appearances attracted wider attention and launched her nascent acting career.

Wonder Woman Fame

In 1975, at the age of 24, Carter attained international fame when she was cast in the television series Wonder Woman, based on the DC Comics character. She portrayed Princess Diana, an Amazonian warrior princess who fights crime as Wonder Woman. The show ran for 3 seasons from 1975-1979 and co-starred Lyle Waggoner.

Carter’s commanding screen presence and trademark spinning transformation captivated audiences. Her positive portrayal of the female superhero was groundbreaking at the time and inspired generations of girls. Carter did her own stunts on the show, even though she had no prior experience with stunt work.

Wonder Woman Seasons Original Air Dates
Season 1 1975-1976
Season 2 1976-1977
Season 3 1977-1979

Though Wonder Woman ended after 3 seasons, it remains one of the most beloved superhero shows of all time. Carter’s portrayal of the title character cemented her status as a feminist icon and pop culture legend.

Later Acting Career

After Wonder Woman ended, Carter continued an active career in film, television, and on stage. Some highlights include:

  • Appearing in multiple television shows and movies throughout the 1980s and 1990s including Hawkwind and Partners in Crime
  • Starring in her own musical variety series on CBS, The Lynda Carter Special (1980)
  • Appearing on Broadway in the musical comedy Chicago as Billy Flynn in 2005
  • Guest starring on hit shows like Law & Order and Smallville in the 2000s
  • Playing President Olivia Marsdin on Supergirl from 2016-2019

Now in her 70s, Carter continues to work steadily in the entertainment industry. Recent roles include appearances on Two and a Half Men, Super Troopers 2, and the CW’s Supergirl series. She also performs musical concerts across the country.

Personal Life

In 1984, at the age of 33, Carter married talent agent Ron Samuels. Their daughter, Jessica Carter Altman, was born in 1988. After the couple divorced in 1993, Carter remarried in 1997 to attorney Robert Altman. They have been married over 25 years now.

An advocate for various causes and charities, Carter takes an active role supporting nonprofit organizations. She has been involved with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association, and legal justice programs.

Carter practices vegetarianism and is involved in animal rights campaigns, including PETA’s anti-fur campaign. She maintains a healthy, active lifestyle that contributes to her youthful appearance.

Lynda Carter’s Personal Life
Born July 24, 1951 (age 71)
Birthplace Phoenix, Arizona
Daughter Jessica Carter Altman (born 1988)
  • Ron Samuels (m. 1984–1993)
  • Robert Altman (m. 1984-present)

Later Life and Legacy

Now in her early 70s, Lynda Carter continues to entertain audiences through acting, musical performances, and fan conventions. She remains best known for her barrier-breaking role as the iconic Wonder Woman, which inspired generations of fans.

In 2018, Carter made a cameo in the Wonder Woman sequel film starring Gal Gadot. The following year, she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019 in recognition of her impact on popular culture.

Lynda Carter’s longevity and sustained fame across over 50 years in the spotlight is remarkable. Her enduring popularity and youthful energy defies her age. As she enters her eighth decade, Carter remains an active, working actress appearing in current films and television programs.

The woman who brought Wonder Woman to life in the 1970s continues to inspire fans worldwide. Carter’s lasting fame and legacy as a groundbreaking female superhero is assured for generations to come.