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What color goes with mauve bedding?

What color goes with mauve bedding?

Mauve is a pale purple shade that can provide a soft, elegant accent to any bedroom. When decorating with mave bedding, it’s important to choose complementary colors that will enhance the muted purple tones without clashing. Here are some of the best color combinations to use with mauve bedding:

Soft Neutrals

Pairing mauve with neutral shades is a foolproof way to create a soothing, relaxed bedroom retreat. Try layering mauve bedding with linens and decor in cream, beige, gray, and taupe. These muted neutrals will let the pale purple bedding take center stage while providing a calming backdrop.

Cream or off-white bedding and furnishings will blend seamlessly with mauve to evoke a vintage romantic aesthetic. For a more modern look, charcoal gray and oatmeal bedding have an edgy but still soothing contrast with mauve. Natural wood accents also complement the soft purple shades beautifully.


Surrounding mauve bedding with other pale pastel shades creates a sweet, dreamed bedroom oasis. Try combining it with lilac, powder blue, blush pink, and mint green for a spring-inspired palette. Using all soft pastels together produces a gently faded, ethereal look.

Mint green and mauve have a particularly pretty retro combination. Or pair mauve with both pink and blue pastels for a whimsical rainbow effect. Pastel art prints and accessories will reinforce the dreamy aesthetic.

Earth Tones

For a natural, cozy bedroom ambience, bring in earth tones like sand, mocha, olive green, and terracotta with the mauve bedding. These grounded neutral shades add warmth and a sense of harmony. Terracotta and olive green bedding or accents contrast attractively with mauve while remaining soothingly neutral.

Rich wood furniture and decor also blends seamlessly with the earthy color palette. Try using mauve bedding with a deep espresso wood headboard and olive green curtains for an organic yet elegant bedroom.

Cream Beige Gray Taupe
Lilac Powder Blue Blush Pink Mint Green
Sand Mocha Olive Green Terracotta

Deep Jewel Tones

For a bold, dramatic look, pair mauve bedding with rich jewel tones like emerald, ruby red, sapphire blue, and gold. These darker shades create an elegant, luxurious ambience when combined with the light purple bedding. But use them sparingly to avoid overwhelming the soft mauve.

Try accessorizing with one key jewel tone shade, like a ruby red blanket at the end of the bed or emerald green curtains. This sophisticated color pairing is ideal for a glamorous master suite or guest bedroom. Just keep the walls and other furnishings neutral to let the colors really pop.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are another way to instantly dress up a mauve color scheme. Try incorporating shimmering gold, silver, bronze and pewter touches throughout the bedroom. Metallic bedding like a silvery duvet cover or bronze throw pillows will make the mauve pop.

A chrome or gold bed frame and metallic side tables also complement mauve bedding beautifully. Abstract metallic art prints, lamps, vases and rugs add glamorous shine. Just stick to one key metallic shade as too many will overpower the soft mauve palette.