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What are the shades of greenish yellow called?

What are the shades of greenish yellow called?

Greenish yellow is a color that lies between green and yellow on the color spectrum. It is a tertiary color, meaning it is created by mixing primary and secondary colors. Specifically, greenish yellow comes from mixing green and yellow. This color has various shades depending on the ratio of green to yellow used in the mix.

The shades of greenish yellow have different names that help identify them. Understanding these color names can be useful for artists, designers, or anyone looking to precisely communicate a specific shade of greenish yellow. This article will examine the different shades of greenish yellow and provide their exact color names and specifications.

Primary Greenish Yellow Shades

Here are some of the main shades of greenish yellow:

Color Name Hex Code
Chartreuse #7FFF00
Lime #BFFF00
Spring Bud #A7FC00
Citron #9FA91F
Apple #9DE093


Chartreuse is a bright greenish yellow color halfway between green and yellow. It was named after the green color of one of the French liqueurs called green chartreuse. Chartreuse has a hex code of #7FFF00. It is a highly saturate color that really pops visually. Chartreuse is used in web design and logos to grab attention.


Lime is a shade of greenish yellow that is biased towards the green side. It is brighter and slightly more saturated than the average lime fruit. Lime gets its name from the citrus fruit. It has a hex code of #BFFF00. Lime pops well against darker backgrounds. It conveys a fresh and energetic mood.

Spring Bud

Spring bud is a soft muted greenish yellow, leaning slightly towards the yellow side. It gets its name from the new growth on plants in springtime. Spring bud has a hex code of #A7FC00. It has a very subtle softness while still maintaining the vibrancy of green and yellow. This color works well to represent new beginnings.


Citron is a yellowish lime color influenced by the citrus fruit of the same name. It is a combination of lime green and lemon yellow. Citron has a hex code of #9FA91F. It is a bright saturated color that pops well in designs. Citron conveys freshness and vibrancy. It is often used for citrus-themed brands and designs.


Apple is a greenish yellow with slightly more green than yellow. It is named after the color of apple fruit skins. Apple has a hex code of #9DE093. It is a bright color that sits between chartreuse and spring bud on the spectrum. Apple works well in designs related to fruit or nature.

Secondary Greenish Yellow Shades

Some less common shades of greenish yellow include:

Color Name Hex Code
Pear #D1E231
Green Lizard #A7F432
Zucchini #C5E17A
Phthalo Green #123524
Yellow Green #9ACD32


Pear is a soft muted greenish yellow, based on the pear fruit. It is slightly more yellow than green. Pear has a hex code of #D1E231. It is a pale color that can work well in backgrounds. Pear conveys a soft, organic feel.

Green Lizard

Green lizard is vibrant greenish yellow, leaning slightly more towards the green side. It is named after the color of lizards. Green lizard has a hex code of #A7F432. It pops well against neutral backgrounds. This shade conveys a bright, energetic mood.


Zucchini is a moderate greenish yellow, taking its name from the squash veggie. It has slightly more yellow than green. Zucchini has a hex code of #C5E17A. It is a natural earthy color that can work well for agricultural or gardening themes.

Phthalo Green

Phthalo green is a dark yellowish green, biased towards the green side. It is a deep saturated color. Phthalo green has a hex code of #123524. It commonly appears in oil and acrylic paints. This shade works well for darker, earthy greenish yellow themes.

Yellow Green

Yellow green is a light greenish yellow closer to yellow than green. It sits between lime and pear on the spectrum. Yellow green has a hex code of #9ACD32. It is a bright fresh color associated with renewal and nature. Yellow green can be versatile in springtime themes.

Greenish Yellow Color Combinations

Greenish yellow pops well against contrasting colors. Here are some examples of effective color combinations:

Color Combo Example
Greenish yellow + Blue Lime green + Navy blue
Greenish yellow + Purple Chartreuse + Lavender
Greenish yellow + Red Greenish yellow + Maroon
Greenish yellow + Pink Phthalo green + Pale pink
Greenish yellow + Neutrals Spring bud + White, beige

The high vibrancy of greenish yellows contrast well with darker or more muted colors. For example, a bright lime green will stand out against navy blue. Greenish yellows also complement light neutrals like white or beige, creating a soft natural color scheme.

Red is another good contrasting color for greenish yellows. Maroon and phthalo green is an elegant color combination. Pink can also pair nicely with some shades of greenish yellow. Overall, look for colors on the opposite side of the color wheel from greenish yellows.

Uses of Greenish Yellow Colors

Different shades of greenish yellow are useful for:

  • Conveying growth, renewal, and energy
  • Highlighting important elements in designs
  • Grabbing viewer attention
  • Communicating growth, health, organic themes
  • Adding brightness and positivity
  • Making other colors pop by contrast

The vibrant nature of greenish yellows means they inherently convey energy and renewal. They work well in themes related to nature, growth, and vitality. Brighter shades grab attention, while softer ones can communicate subtle organic moods.

In web design and branding, greenish yellows make good highlight colors to draw attention to buttons, text, or graphics against more neutral interfaces. Different shades can also be extracted from nature-based photography to form a cohesive color palette.

Overall, the many shades of greenish yellow offer lots of versatility depending on the exact tone and how they are used with other colors. Understanding the unique color names helps designers carefully pick the perfect shade.

Psychological Effects of Greenish Yellows

Greenish yellow colors have the following psychological effects:

  • Uplifting, cheerful
  • Invigorating, energizing
  • Fresh, vibrant
  • Youthful, growth
  • Organic, natural
  • Soothing, when muted
  • Stimulating to the senses
  • Optimistic, positive

The mix of green and yellow creates an inherently uplifting vibe. More saturated greenish yellows feel invigorating and energetic. They convey freshness and new beginnings.

Softer muted shades create a more soothing natural feel. But overall, greenish yellows skew towards optimism and positivity. They stimulate sight and conjure feelings of springtime.

Lighter tints work well in spaces meant for concentration and focus. However, very bright neon greenish yellows can be overstimulating if overused. Finding the right balance of shade and saturation is key for desired effects.


Greenish yellow is a diverse color range spanning many shades. Understanding the exact names of different greenish yellows allows for precise color communication. Whether it’s chartreuse, lime, pear, or phthalo green, each shade has a unique temperament.

Greenish yellows convey energy, renewal, and organic nature themes. They naturally uplift moods and stimulate the senses. Different tints and saturation levels offer versatility for attention-grabbing highlights or subtle natural accents. With the right balance, greenish yellows can inject positivity and vibrancy into designs and spaces.