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What color goes good with Kelly green?

What color goes good with Kelly green?

Kelly green is a bright, medium green color that got its name from the fact that it was used on the uniforms of the Philadelphia Kelly’s, an Irish American baseball team in the early 1900s. It’s a vivid, energetic shade that can instantly perk up any outfit or decor. But what colors pair well with this bold green? Here’s a quick overview of some of the top color combinations that work beautifully with Kelly green.

Neutral Colors

Pairing Kelly green with neutral shades is an easy way to let the vibrant green pop while still keeping the overall look grounded. Here are some neutral options that complement Kelly green nicely:

White A clean, fresh white balances out the intensity of Kelly green. The contrast creates a crisp, eye-catching combo.
Beige Earthy beige tones down Kelly green’s brightness for a more subtle, natural look.
Gray Cool grays create an elegant vibe with Kelly green. Go for a light gray to keep the look light or charcoal gray for more contrast.
Black Sleek black pairs strikingly with vivid Kelly green for a bold, dramatic aesthetic.

Pastel Colors

Soft pastels also complement the boldness of Kelly green beautifully. Try pairing Kelly green with these dreamy pastel shades:

Mint green Pairing Kelly green with a more muted mint green is a foolproof combo. The two greens are harmonious yet provide enough contrast.
Lavender Pretty lavender balances out Kelly green’s vibrant intensity with its soft, delicate nature.
Baby blue The calmness of baby blue helps soften Kelly green for a soothing, Easter-inspired color scheme.
Blush pink Vivid Kelly green pops against the sweetness of barely-there blush pink.

Bright Accent Colors

Since Kelly green is already such an intense shade, pairing it with other bright colors can really make a bold impact. Some accent colors that look fabulous with Kelly green include:

Yellow Sunny yellow paired with Kelly green is cheerful and fun. It’s a lively color duo that’s perfect for summer.
Royal blue The stylish combination of Kelly green and rich royal blue is eye-catching and sophisticated.
Coral Vibrant coral adds a tropical vibe when combined with vibrant Kelly green.
Magenta Magenta energizes the look of Kelly green with its hot pink undertones. This colorful pairing really pops.

Metallic Accents

For a touch of glam and shine, metallic accents also complement Kelly green beautifully. Consider pairing Kelly green with:

Rose gold The warmth of rose gold balances out cool-toned Kelly green for a luxurious look.
Gold Lively metallic gold enhances the bright cheerfulness of Kelly green.
Silver Sleek and modern silver makes Kelly green feel extra sophisticated and stylish.
Bronze Rich, earthy bronze grounds the vibrant hue of Kelly green.

Nature-Inspired Color Combos

Since Kelly green has a very natural, organic vibe, earth-toned color palettes complement it beautifully. Try these nature-inspired Kelly green color combinations:

Moss green, brown, tan Layering Kelly green with mossy greens, mushrooms browns, and beigey taupes creates an earthy, woodland-inspired look.
Sage green, peach, terra cotta Mixing Kelly green with softer sage greens, peachy pinks, and rustic terra cottas gives off a sunny, Tuscan countryside feel.
Olive green, mustard yellow, sand Pairing Kelly green with olive greens, mustard yellows, and warm sands evokes a beachy, tropical palette.
Hunter green, burgundy, stone Combining Kelly green with darker hunter greens, deep burgundies, and stony grays creates an elegant English garden-style effect.

More Green Color Combinations

Since green is the color that most closely complements Kelly green, exploring all the various green shades and combinations can provide endless options. Here are just a few more ways to pair different greens with Kelly green:

Seafoam and lime green Pairing vibrant Kelly green with soft seafoam green and zesty lime green creates a tropical ocean vibe.
Sage green and olive green Mixing Kelly green with earthy sage and olive greens evokes a natural, organic look.
Emerald and jade green Combining regal Kelly green with jewel-toned emerald and jade greens produces an elegant, upscale color scheme.
Forest and oregano green Layering Kelly green with deep forest greens and fragrant oregano greens results in an earthy, woodsy aesthetic.

Monochromatic Green Color Scheme

A monochromatic green color scheme sticks to only green hues and shades. This allows you to showcase all the beautiful nuances of green. Here’s one way to do a monochromatic Kelly green color palette:

Kelly green Use as main color
Hunter green Darker shade for contrast
Mint green Lighter green for accent
Olive green Neutral green as secondary color
Lime green Vibrant green for pops of color

Color Theory Principles

Here are some key color theory principles to keep in mind when combining colors with Kelly green:

Complementary colors Red is the complementary color of green on the color wheel, so shades like crimsons, berries, and burgundies all complement Kelly green nicely.
Analogous colors Analogous colors are adjacent colors on the wheel, so pairing Kelly green with blues and yellow-greens creates harmonious combinations.
Triadic colors Triadic color schemes use colors equally spaced around the wheel, so Kelly green paired with violet and red-orange is a vibrant triad.
Monochromatic Sticking to all greens allows you to explore the many gorgeous green shades and tones, from mint to olive.

Tips for Decorating with Kelly Green

Here are some quick decorating tips for seamlessly incorporating the vibrant hue of Kelly green throughout your home:

– Use Kelly green in small doses. A little of this intense color goes a long way, so opt for accent pieces like throw pillows, rugs, or artwork in Kelly green.

– Layer neutral walls, furniture, and flooring with pops of Kelly green in accessories. This prevents the look from becoming overpowering.

– Balance out cool-toned Kelly green with warm metallic accents like golds or coppers.

– Pair Kelly green with pastels like pink or blue for a playful, preppy aesthetic.

– Mix in earth tones like beige, brown, tan, and terracotta to ground Kelly green’s brightness.

– Add texture with nubby linens, woven textures, and natural wood accents to soften Kelly green’s boldness.

Fashion and Clothing Color Pairings

Kelly green is a fun, eye-catching color for apparel and fashion. Here are some stylish ways to incorporate this vibrant shade into your wardrobe:

With black Kelly green pops against classic black for a bold, mod look.
With white Crisp white balances the intensity of Kelly green in color-blocked outfits.
With denim Kelly green shirts or accessories complement casual blue denim.
With pastels Soft pastel pinks, blues and lavenders temper the vibrancy of Kelly green.
With metallics Edgy rose gold, silver or bronze make Kelly green feel glamorous.


Vibrant Kelly green looks stunning paired with a wide array of colors that complement its bold, lively essence. Neutrals like white, black and gray create crisp contrast, while pastels and earth tones soften its bright nature beautifully. Combining Kelly green with analogous cool greens or complementary berry reds adheres to color theory for harmonious palettes. Metallic accents add modern elegance. However you choose to incorporate it, Kelly green is sure to inject any design or outfit with its signature cheerfulness and verve.