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Is blue a good color for a laundry room?

Is blue a good color for a laundry room?

When designing or renovating a laundry room, one of the key decisions is choosing a color for the walls. The color can impact the overall feel and functionality of the space. Blue is a popular choice for laundry rooms, but is it a good option? Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding if blue is the right color for your laundry room.

The Pros of a Blue Laundry Room

1. Blue evokes feelings of cleanliness

One of the main reasons people choose blue for laundry rooms is that it evokes feelings of cleanliness. Blue makes us think of the sky and water, which feel open, airy and clean. Since laundry rooms are spaces where we wash dirty clothes and linens, blue seems like an appropriate color choice to promote a clean environment. The color blue can make the laundry room feel crisp and refreshed.

2. Blue is a calming color

In addition to seeming clean, blue is also a calming and serene color. The laundry room tends to be a busy space where we multitask and hurry to get loads of laundry done. The peaceful quality of blue can help balance the busyness of laundry tasks. Surrounding yourself with tranquil blue as you move from washer to dryer can promote relaxation. The calming nature of blue makes it a good choice for high-activity spaces like laundry rooms.

3. Blue can make a small laundry room feel larger

Many laundry rooms, especially in apartments or older homes, tend to be on the smaller side. The cool tones of blue can actually give the illusion of more space. Blue recedes, making walls appear farther away. It can add depth and openness to a small laundry room, making it feel more spacious and less cramped. So for tiny laundry rooms, blue paint can be an asset.

The Cons of a Blue Laundry Room

1. Blue can feel cold or depressing

While blue does evoke feelings of cleanliness and relaxation, sometimes it can come across as too cold. Without warm accents, a completely blue room may feel sterile or icy. Additionally, darker blues can come across as depressing if they seem drab or dreary. The coolness of blue is ideal in hot, humid climates but less fitting for laundry rooms in cooler northern regions.

2. Blue doesn’t conceal stains well

Laundry rooms tend to get grimy. From mud on the floor to stains on the folding table, messes happen frequently. While blue may seem like it evokes cleanliness, it doesn’t actually conceal stains and marks very well. White or beige paint does a better job hiding laundry room grime. So the clean ideal of blue can be undermined by its inability to mask real-world laundry mess.

3. Blue can clash with warm laundry room elements

Many people add warm touches to their laundry rooms to make the spaces more inviting. Things like wood folding tables, wicker baskets and yellow lighting are common. The warm accents people add for visual appeal and comfort can often clash with cool blue walls. It can be tricky balancing cool blue paint with warm laundry room décor. The discrepancy in temperature can make the laundry room feel disjointed.

Tips for Using Blue in Your Laundry Room

If you do opt to paint your laundry room blue, there are some tips that can help you use the color successfully:

Choose the right blue tone

The shade of blue you select will impact the vibe of the room. Light sky blues feel breezy and airy. Navy or royal blues seem bold and stimulating. Dusty blues are tranquil. Choose a blue hue that aligns with the mood you want.

Use color theory when selecting accents

Use warm accent colors like yellow or red rather than cool ones like greens or violets. The contrast of a warm and cool color is more pleasing than two cool colors. Wood furniture also introduces needed warmth.

Add mirrors and metallics

Mirrors and metallics add light and brightness to a blue room. They keep things from feeling too somber or cold. Stainless steel appliances also pair nicely with blue.

Let in natural light

Sunlight lessens the potentially depressing effect of dark blues. If possible, add windows and skylights to brighten the room.

Use multiple blues

Vary shades of blue throughout the room for visual interest. Try a pale blue on the upper walls and a navy below. Or paint the wall blue and use a blue-gray on the floor.

What Colors Go Well with Blue in a Laundry Room?

Certain colors pair beautifully with blue laundry room walls. Here are some of the top options:

Color Why it Works
White Crisp, clean, brightens the space
Yellow Warm, energizing, contrasts nicely
Green Relaxing nature colors, feels fresh and rejuvenating
Beige Warm neutral offsets the cool blue
Gray Matches well as a sophisticated neutral palette

Avoid pairing blue with other cool colors like purple and pink. Stick with warm accents for the most pleasing complementary color scheme.

Blue Paint Colors for Laundry Rooms

With so many shades of blue paint to pick from, it can be tricky to narrow it down. Here are some of the most popular and pleasing blue paint colors for laundry rooms:

Paint Color Description
Air Superiority by Behr Pale robin’s egg blue with a gray undertone
Coastal Plain by Sherwin Williams Crisp, bright sky blue
Rainwater by Behr Light and whitened blue-gray
Indigo Batik by Behr Vibrant, energizing blue
Blue Danube by Behr Cool, deep blue with purple undertones

These paint shades evoke feelings of cleanliness and relaxation. Browse blue paint swatches at your local hardware store to pick the perfect laundry room hue.

Should You Choose Blue for Your Laundry Room: Conclusion

So should you choose blue when painting your laundry room? Here are some final tips:

– Blue is great for creating an open, airy feeling in small laundry rooms. It can make cramped spaces appear larger.

– If you want a relaxing oasis from household busyness, blue is a good choice to create a calm laundry room.

– Cool blues work best in warm climates. Don’t use blue if your laundry room lacks natural light and feels chilly.

– Balance blue walls with warm woods, yellows and natural light. Avoid pairing it with other cool accent colors.

– Select a blue with gray undertones rather than purple or green undertones for the most versatile shade.

While blue has many benefits for laundry rooms, it also has some downsides to consider. Weight the pros and cons carefully before selecting your color. And remember you can always paint over it if you don’t like it! The right blue shade can promote order and tranquility, but the wrong blue can leave your laundry room feeling cold.