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What color egg does Blue Cuckoo Maran lay?


The Blue Cuckoo Maran is a rare and unique chicken breed known for laying beautiful chocolate-colored eggs. This breeds originates from France and was first imported to the United Kingdom and North America in the early 1900s. The Blue Cuckoo Maran has since gained popularity among backyard chicken keepers and small farmers for its gorgeous plumage and egg color. But what exactly causes Marans to lay such dark, chocolate-colored eggs? And what color eggs specifically do Blue Cuckoo Marans lay?

Marans are Known for Laying Dark Brown Eggs

The Marans breed is well known for laying some of the darkest brown eggs of any chicken breed. Most Marans lay eggs that are a very deep chocolate brown color. The dark egg color is caused by a genetic factor that results in the chickens producing eggs with an especially high concentration of pigment. This gives the egg yolk and shell a rich, dark color.

While the exact color intensity may vary somewhat between individual hens, Marans are unique in their ability to produce such dark brown eggs consistently. Other chicken breeds that lay brown eggs typically produce a much lighter brown color. The exceptionally dark eggs are a hallmark trait of the Marans breed.

Factors that Influence Marans Egg Color

While all Marans lay dark brown eggs, there are some factors that can impact the specific color intensity:

– Genetics – Some Marans bloodlines tend to lay darker eggs than others. Breeding can intensify the depth of brown color.

– Diet – Access to green forage, like grass or vegetables, enhances pigment levels.

– Age of the hen – Younger Marans hens usually lay darker eggs, with color fading somewhat as they age.

Because of these factors, the exact shade of brown of a Marans egg can range from chocolate to copper to a darker tan. But they will consistently be far darker than eggs from other brown egg layer breeds.

Blue Cuckoo Marans Lay Dark Chocolate to Copper Eggs

The Blue Cuckoo Marans is one of several color variations of the Marans breed. The Blue Cuckoo Marans shares the same egg laying qualities as its counterparts.

The Blue Cuckoo Marans hen lays very dark chocolate to copper brown colored eggs. The shell color will appear quite dark, but when held up to light, a reddish-coppery tone may be visible. Each individual hen’s eggs can vary slightly in intensity. Some Blue Cuckoo Marans produce rich chocolate eggs, while others lay more of a chestnut brown. But all will be a noticeably dark shade compared to other breeds.

Here are some details on what to expect from Blue Cuckoo Marans egg color:

– Chocolate brown is most common
– Dark chestnut or copper brown also possible
– Color may fade slightly as hen ages
– Color intensity varies from hen to hen
– Shell appears darkest when not held up to light

So while there can be small variations, you can expect the Blue Cuckoo Marans to lay eggs that are a beautiful dark chocolate or copper shade.

How Blue Cuckoo Marans Egg Color Compares to Other Marans Varieties

While all Marans lay exceptionally dark eggs, some color varieties are known for laying eggs that are darker than others. Here is how the Blue Cuckoo Marans egg color tends to compare:

Marans Variety Typical Egg Color
Black Copper Marans Darkest brown
Golden Cuckoo Marans Dark chocolate brown
Blue Cuckoo Marans Dark chocolate to copper brown
Silver Cuckoo Marans Chocolate to lighter copper brown
Columbian Marans Medium to lighter brown

As you can see, the Black Copper Marans variety tends to lay the very darkest shade of brown eggs. But the Blue Cuckoo Marans also produces a deep, rich chocolate to copper brown color that is darker than most other Marans varieties.

How Blue Cuckoo Marans Egg Color Compares to Other Chicken Breeds

When comparing Blue Cuckoo Marans eggs to other common chicken breeds, you can really see how unusually dark they are:

Breed Typical Egg Color
Blue Cuckoo Marans Dark chocolate to copper brown
Australorp Light to medium brown
Barred Plymouth Rock Large light brown
Rhode Island Red Light to medium brown
Buff Orpington Large light brown
Ameraucana Blue or green

The Blue Cuckoo Marans egg color is noticeably darker and richer than typical brown egg layers. The chocolate to copper shades stand out compared to the lighter brown shells other breeds produce. This makes the vibrant Marans egg color so prized.

Benefits of the Blue Cuckoo Marans Egg Color

The Blue Cuckoo Marans’ gorgeous dark egg color has advantages beyond being beautiful to look at:

– **Easy egg identification** – The unique color makes it easy to spot Marans eggs among other breeds in mixed flocks

– **Natural indicator of freshness** – As the egg ages, the shell appears lighter. So color can show freshness.

– **May be more nutritious** – Some evidence shows darker eggs have higher levels of nutrients

– **No dye necessary for Easter eggs** – The natural shell color is perfect for Easter egg hunts!

So not only are the dark chocolate and copper brown shells lovely, but they offer some practical benefits as well.

Tips for Maximizing Dark Egg Color

You can take some steps to help your Blue Cuckoo Marans hens lay eggs as dark as their genetics allow:

– Provide a quality layer feed with at least 16% protein. This supports pigment development.

– Offer fresh greens, vegetables, and insects. Direct access to plants boosts egg color.

– Give free choice oyster shell calcium supplement. Calcium is essential for strong, dark shells.

– Reduce stress. Stress can lighten shell color, so keep their environment relaxing.

– Select the darkest eggs from your best hens for hatching each year. This breeds for darker eggs over generations.

With proper care, feeding, and breeding selection, you can maximize the chocolate brown tones of your Blue Cuckoo Marans flock.


The Blue Cuckoo Marans is a standout chicken breed known for laying beautiful dark chocolate to copper brown eggs. This rare French breed has gained popularity for producing eggs far richer in color than typical brown egg layers. While individual hens may vary slightly in egg color intensity, Blue Cuckoo Marans consistently lay eggs that are a noticeably dark chocolate or chestnut shade. When bred carefully and given proper diet and care, Blue Cuckoo Marans will continue producing their signature vibrant, dark eggs that are both nutritious and a treat for the eyes. So for a unique addition to any backyard flock that lays gorgeous colored eggs, the Blue Cuckoo Marans certainly fits the bill!