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How do you change reticle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?


Changing the reticle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can help improve your aim and customize your experience. The reticle is the targeting symbol or crosshairs that appears in the center of your screen when aiming down sights. Modern Warfare gives players a variety of reticle options to choose from. You can select different reticle styles, colors, and more. Follow the steps below to learn how to change your reticle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Why Change the Reticle?

Here are some key reasons why you may want to change the reticle in Modern Warfare:

  • Improve aiming precision – Different reticle styles can help you better line up shots.
  • Enhance visibility – Changing the color and shape can make the reticle stand out against backgrounds.
  • Reduce visual clutter – Simpler reticles can declutter the screen when aiming down sights.
  • Customize experience – Selecting your reticle allows you to personalize your aiming style.

The default reticles may not be ideal for every player. Tweaking your reticle can give you an edge in multiplayer matches and allow you to tailor the experience to your preferences.

How to Change Reticle

Changing the reticle in Modern Warfare is easy to do through the reticle selection menu. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Weapons section from the Multiplayer menu.
  2. Select a weapon you want to customize the reticle for.
  3. Tab over to the Reticle option.
  4. Click on the Reticle selection box to see all available options.
  5. Browse through the different reticle categories and select the one you want.
  6. Equip the chosen reticle and back out to save changes.

Once equipped, the new reticle will be active whenever you aim down sights with that weapon. You can customize the reticle for each weapon individually.

Reticle Categories

Modern Warfare includes a wide selection of reticle options split across these categories:

Standard Reticles

The Standard options include the basic dot, cross, circle, and arrow styles. These no-frills reticles provide a clean point of aim. The various sizes and thicknesses allow for some customization.

Precision Reticles

Precision reticles incorporate smaller dots, crosshairs, and shapes for enhanced aiming accuracy at longer ranges. The finer details improve target acquisition.

Reflex Reticles

Reflex options use taller posts with a central dot. This style helps center your focus while firing from the hip. The vertical posts quickly orient you to the middle of the screen.

Cronen LP945 Reticles

The Cronen selections include partially transparent reticles with illuminated central dots. These holographic-style reticles combine precision with visibility.

Corp Combat Holo Sight Reticles

These reticles mimic holographic sights. The thin outer frame highlights the transparent crosshair in the middle. The clean designs are fast and accurate.

APX5 Holographic Reticles

Similar to the Corp Combat options, these circular holographic reticles are framed by a holographic ring. The central dot or crosshair gives you superb aiming potential.

Scout Combat Optic Reticles

These hybrid reticles combine various styles into advanced multi-component designs. They incorporate outer rings, segmented circles, posts, dots, and chevrons in unique combinations.

Variable Zoom Scope Reticles

Designed for long range optics, these complex reticles feature range-finding holds and other tools for refined aiming over long distances.

Monocle Reflex Sight Reticles

The Monocle options provide unique triangle-shaped reticles of various sizes. The triangular aiming point offers fast target acquisition.

Thermal Hybrid Reticles

Perfect for thermal optics, these reticles overlay bright outlines onto targets. They help aim through environmental concealment.

Custom Reticles

For even more personalization, you can design fully custom reticles using the Gunsmith system. Get creative with custom shapes, text, and any color.

Ideal Reticles for Different Play Styles

Certain reticle styles pair better with particular play styles and game modes:

Precision Reticles

The fine Precision reticles enhance long range accuracy for slower, methodical play in larger maps. They allow you to precisely eliminate distant opponents.

Reflex Reticles

These bold, uncluttered reticles improve close quarters reaction time. The Reflex style shines in smaller, frantic maps where you must aim quickly.

Holographic Reticles

With minimal housing and maximum precision, holographic reticles like the Corp Combat work well across all ranges. They’re great for versatile run-and-gun loadouts.

Variable Zoom Scopes

For larger maps and objective modes, these complex reticles support long shots when zoomed in. You can easily transition to close engagements when zoomed out.

Monocle Reticle

The distinct triangle shape stands out when quickly acquiring targets at close to medium range. It allows aggressive rushing with shotguns and SMGs.

Adjusting Reticle Color

Beyond style, you can also change the reticle color to improve visibility against varied backgrounds:

  • Red: High contrast on most maps
  • Green: Easy to see against natural environments
  • Blue: Subtle visibility that won’t overwhelm
  • White: Classic color blends well everywhere
  • Yellow: Vibrant tone stands out from surroundings
  • Black: Harsher but clear on light backdrops

Consider the color scheme of each map and mode when selecting a shade. Customize per weapon so your reticle contrasts well in every activity.

Unlocking More Reticles

You can unlock additional reticles beyond the defaults through these methods:

  • Weapon leveling – Level up guns to open their unique reticles
  • Officer challenges – Complete seasonal challenges to earn new options
  • Battle pass – Purchase premium pass to get exclusive reticles
  • Store bundles – Acquire bundles containing cool reticle skins

More exotic designs like glowing dots, animated shapes, and enemy-highlighting reticles can be obtained by pursuing these unlocks. Expand your collection over time.


Customizing your reticle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers many gameplay and aesthetic benefits. Swapping reticles allows you to pinpoint targets more accurately, react faster in close quarters, and personalize your experience. Certain reticle types excel for particular ranges and play styles. Adjusting color also helps your reticle stand out. With so many options to choose from, you can really fine-tune your aim through the reticle selection menu. Mix and match across all your weapon loadouts to become a better-rounded player.

Reticle Category Characteristics Ideal Play Style
Precision Enhanced aiming accuracy Long range, slow play
Reflex Fast target acquisition Close quarters, rushed play
Holographic Versatile precision Mixed ranges, run-and-gun
Variable Zoom Scope Long range to CQB Large maps, objectives
Monocle Distinct shape, fast aim Close-medium range, rushing