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What are the true colors for Green Bay Packers?

What are the true colors for Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most storied franchises in the National Football League. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, they have won 13 league championships, the most in NFL history. The Packers have become synonymous with the color green due to their nickname, team colors, and connection to the Green Bay area. But what are the true, official team colors of the Packers?

Team History and Origins

The Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919 by Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun. Lambeau, a former Green Bay prep star and Notre Dame football player, sought to put together a team that could compete with clubs from Wisconsin’s bigger cities. Calhoun was an editorial writer who helped fund the team and promoted them in his newspaper, the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

The inspiration for the team’s name is believed to have come from the Indian Packing Company, a Green Bay meatpacking company that provided financial backing to Curly Lambeau in the team’s early days. The Indian Packing Company paid for team jerseys and allowed the players to use its athletic field for practices.

In the team’s early years, Green Bay played in blue jerseys with gold stripes and white pants. However, by the 1950s they had adopted the green and gold color scheme that they’re now famous for.

Green and Gold Team Colors

The Green Bay Packers’ official team colors are Dark Green, Athletic Gold, and White.

Dark Green serves as the primary color for home and away jerseys. Athletic Gold is used as an accent color for elements like striping, numbering, logos, and socks. White appears in away uniforms and is also used for numbering and lettering.

According to the team’s graphic standards guide, the official Pantone colors are:

Dark Green: PMS 355C
Athletic Gold: PMS 1235C
White: PMS WhiteC

These precise Pantone colors help maintain consistency across all Packers merchandise and assets.

Meaning Behind the Colors

Green and gold were chosen as the Packers’ colors to represent the thriving Green Bay community and statewide support for the team in the 1950s.

The green represents the green grass of Lambeau Field, green jerseys and helmets of the Packers, and the trees and vegetation of Green Bay. It nods to the team’s Green Bay identity.

The gold represents the prosperity of Green Bay’s paper industry, which helped ensure the Packers’ financial stability. It also signifies the support of fans from across Wisconsin.

Together, green and gold evoke images of the lush green playing field lined with golden-clad players and fans, regardless of whether the Packers play at home or on the road. For the team and its fans, green and gold have become synonymous with Packers pride.

Green Bay’s “Green and Gold” Nickname

Thanks to their team colors, Green Bay is commonly referred to as the “Green and Gold” and Packers fans are known as the “Green and Gold faithful.”

The “Green and Gold” epithet dates back to at least 1961 when a newspaper article in the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern referred to the “boisterous throng of Green and Gold fans” at Lambeau Field.

By the mid-1960s, the nickname had solidified as evidenced by the title of the Packers’ 1966 NFL Championship highlight film narrated by Ray Scott – “The Green and Gold in Super ’66.”

While the Packers represent the smallest market in American professional sports, their huge statewide fan following means they have one of the NFL’s largest home territories. The “Green and Gold” nickname reinforces that broad fan identity.

How the Colors Showcase in the Packers’ Uniforms

The Green Bay Packers have two sets of uniforms – home and away. Their official home uniform features green jerseys with gold numbering and stripes paired with yellow pants.

The away uniforms are white with green numbering and stripes along with green pants. Both uniforms incorporate the famous “G” Packers logo on the helmet and jersey front.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Packers’ colors are displayed across their uniform kits:

Home Uniform Away Uniform
  • Dark green jersey
  • Athletic gold stripes on sleeves
  • Athletic gold numbers outlined in white
  • Dark green pants
  • Athletic gold socks
  • White jersey
  • Dark green stripes on sleeves
  • Dark green numbers outlined in athletic gold
  • Dark green pants
  • White socks

As you can see, both the home and away uniforms feature a classic, clean design that proudly displays the Packers’ green and gold colors. The contrasting white jerseys make the green and gold pop when the team plays on the road.

Green Bay Packers’ Helmet Design

The Green Bay Packers are one of a handful of NFL teams that have avoided radical helmet redesigns and stuck with essentially the same look throughout their history.

The Packers’ iconic football-shaped helmets are dark green with an athletic gold stripe down the center and feature trademark “G” logo on each side. This polished green helmet paired with the green and gold uniforms is a timeless look.

While the base colors and stripe pattern have stayed consistent, the helmets transitioned from a dull matte finish to a metallic flake-painted shell in 2017 to give them a bit more vibrancy.

Green Bay Packers Logo and Wordmarks

In addition to the colors, the Green Bay Packers logo and wordmark help identify the team.

The primary Packers logo is the oval “G” insignia worn on the team’s helmets and jersey fronts. It’s featured in athletic gold with a dark green outline. The classic logo dates back 1961.

The Packers wordmark uses a customized tall, narrow font. The team name lettering is shown in all caps and appears in white or gold with green outlining depending on the application.

There are also variations like the “Packers” wordmark rendered in a three-dimensional block font that is used for signage and advertising.

How the Colors Appear in Packers’ Marketing

The Packers’ color palette is woven throughout all team marketing, promotions, and advertising.

Their official website ( features dark green and gold branding. Game programs, stadium signage, and gameday packaging utilize the colors and logos.

The Packers Pro Shop is filled with green and gold merchandise including player jerseys, hats, pennants, and more. Fans can find the team colors on everything from Packers auto accessories to bedding and home decor.

During televised games and in marketing campaigns, the green and gold hues are carefully balanced and saturated to make sure they pop on camera. Green Bay’s trademarks provide instant team recognition across the football landscape.

Green and Gold in Packers Fan Apparel

Packers fans are known for their gameday apparel saturated in team colors. At home games, Lambeau Field becomes a sea of green and gold worn by the Packers faithful.

Some popular ways fans showcase their Green Bay pride through green and gold gear:

  • Jerseys – Home and away Packers jerseys dominate the stadium on gameday. Fans sport jerseys of current stars like Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones along with legends like Brett Favre, Bart Starr, and Ray Nitschke.
  • Cheesehead Hats – These yellow foam cheese wedge hats are worn by Packers fans worldwide. They were first created in 1987 by Milwaukee native Ralph Bruno.
  • Face Paint – Packers fans young and old wear creative green and gold face paint designs.
  • Green and Gold Wigs – Wispy green and gold wigs and hairpieces provide festive flair.
  • Accessories – Packers gloves, scarves, and stocking caps come in handy for cold-weather games.

The sea of green and gold fan apparel shows Cheesehead pride and creates an unmistakable gameday atmosphere at Lambeau Field.

How Opponents Showcase Green and Gold

As the longest-tenured NFL franchise with the most championships, the Packers are one of football’s most storied franchises. Their green and gold colors are instantly recognizable across the league.

When the Packers come to town, opposing teams often use green and gold in their marketing and stadium branding to play off the Packers’ legacy.

Recent examples include:

  • The Minnesota Vikings handing out Gold towels for fans to wave during Packers games.
  • The Chicago Bears decorating Soldier Field with green and gold bunting when they host Green Bay.
  • Digital signs and Scoreboards flashing Green and Gold graphics.
  • PA announcers and fans chanting “Go Pack Go!” mockingly when the Packers have the ball.

No matter where they play, the Packers’ green and gold colors make their presence felt across the NFL landscape. Opposing teams acknowledge the green and gold as an iconic part of facing the Packers.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Exhibits

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame located in the Lambeau Field Atrium helps tell the story of the franchise through interactive exhibits, displays, and memorabilia.

Many of the exhibits showcase how the green and gold colors are ingrained in Packers history:

  • Jerseys worn by Famous Packers – See game-worn jerseys from championship teams and legendary players.
  • Super Bowl Exhibits – Relive green and gold Super Bowl victories behind displays with rings, trophies, and gear.
  • Locker Exhibit – Step inside replica green lockers filled with equipment and uniforms.
  • Stadium Section Exhibit – View original benches and railings from old City Stadium painted green and gold.

Surrounded by the green and gold artifacts, the Hall of Fame drives home that Packers legacy is directly intertwined with their classic team colors.

How Colleges Copy the Green and Gold Scheme

The Packers’ green and gold serves as inspiration for many college teams’ color schemes, particularly in Wisconsin.

Some examples include:

  • Marquette University Golden Eagles (Milwaukee, WI)
  • St. Norbert College Green Knights (De Pere, WI)
  • Wisconsin Lutheran College Warriors (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Lakeland College Muskies (Plymouth, WI)

These Wisconsin colleges aim to evoke Packers spirit and connection through adopting similar green and gold uniforms and branding. The colors help associate the schools with the statewide pride in the Packers.

Nationally, teams like the Oregon State Beavers, University of North Texas Mean Green, and the Iowa State Cyclones all share colors with the Packers as well. The Packers’ memorable green and gold palette remains popular across both college and pro sports.

How Green Bay Uses the Colors Culturally

Beyond sports, Green Bay has adopted the Packers’ green and gold as an official part of the city’s culture and identity.

Example ways Green Bay has integrated the colors include:

  • Green and gold city flags and logos
  • Street signs and garbage bins painted in green and gold
  • Green and gold holiday decorations like Christmas wreaths
  • Green and gold uniforms and branding for city departments

The ubiquitous green and gold displays civic pride and provides a unified colorful aesthetic across the “Titletown” cityscape. Green Bay celebrates its Packers by officially using the team’s signature colors as part of the community.

How Businesses Use Green and Gold

Green Bay businesses also jumped on board with using the Packers’ green and gold in their operations.

Examples include:

  • Hotels decorate lobbies and rooms in green and gold.
  • Restaurants serve green and gold colored menu items.
  • Bars mix Packers-themed cocktails like “Green 19” and “Gold slugger.”
  • Convenience stores sell green and gold colored Packers baked goods.
  • Car dealerships advertise with green and gold balloons, banners and sale signs.

For Green Bay businesses aiming to appeal to Packers fans, incorporating the team’s iconic green and gold colors is an easy way to show their cheesehead spirit.

How Green Bay Leverages Colors for Tourism

With professional football as the cornerstone of Green Bay’s identity, the city utilizes Packers branding and imagery to promote itself as a tourist destination.

The green and gold colors are front and center in this tourism messaging to capitalize on Packers fandom nationwide.

Examples include:

  • Websites like with green and gold layouts touting Packers-themed attractions.
  • Travel guides for Green Bay highlighting Packers landmarks like Lambeau Field and the Hall of Fame.
  • Green and gold city welcome signs greeting visitors arriving in Titletown.
  • Hotel room keycards featuring Packers logos and colors.
  • Concierge recommendations for gameday bars, restaurants, and face painting.

Green Bay’s tourism industry plays off the Packers mystique by prominently displaying green and gold wherever possible to capture visiting football fans.

How Green Bay Uses Colors in Civic Pride

More broadly, the prevalence of green and gold displays civic pride across Green Bay.

The colors unite the community in support of their beloved Packers during both championship seasons and rebuilding years.

Examples of civic pride green and gold displays include:

  • Team flags and banners hanging from businesses and homes
  • Yard inflatables like Packers helmets, footballs, and logos
  • Welcome signs for visitors entering Green Bay
  • Billboards with Packers advertising
  • Team murals and graffiti art around the city
  • Lambeau Field Atrium events like Packers pep rallies, concerts, and watch parties

The green and gold hues woven throughout Green Bay remind everyone that they represent more than a football team – they symbolize the spirit of Titletown.


In summary, green and gold are inextricably linked with the Packers franchise and culture. The green represents the grass of Lambeau Field, trees of Green Bay, and the Packers’ identity. The gold symbolizes prosperity, statewide fan support, and championships. Together they create an iconic branding palette instantly recognizable to football fans. The colors appear not just on uniforms and merchandise, but also throughout Green Bay’s cityscape, cultural displays, and business community. Green and gold will forever be the true colors associated with the Packers as well as the community that cheers them on.