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What are the names of the color reveal Barbie?

Color reveal Barbies are a special line of Barbies that come in a container filled with a mysterious water that can change color when interacted with. These Barbies allow kids to have a fun and exciting reveal of the doll’s hair and outfit colors. The color reveal feature has made these Barbies quite popular.

History of Color Reveal Barbie

The color reveal Barbie doll line was first introduced by Mattel in 2019. The initial launch included four different dolls:

  • Mermaid Color Reveal Barbie
  • Unicorn Color Reveal Barbie
  • Magic Mixie Color Reveal Barbie
  • Rainbow Sparkle Color Reveal Barbie

The color reveal feature was an instant hit among kids. The dolls sold extremely well, and Mattel has continued releasing new color reveal Barbies every year since then.

How Color Reveal Barbies Work

The color reveal feature for these Barbies works through a simple chemical reaction. Here is an explanation of the science behind it:

  • The doll comes inside a container filled with water that contains a pH indicator chemical.
  • The pH indicator chemical starts out yellowish-orange in color.
  • A packet with a basic chemical (sodium carbonate) is also included in the container.
  • When the packet is opened and the basic sodium carbonate is added to the water, the pH increases.
  • In response to the pH change, the color indicator in the water changes to a pink or purple tone.
  • The color-change water then reveals the bright hair and outfit colors of the doll hidden inside.

This chemical reaction provides an exciting surprise for kids as they tear open the packet and see the doll’s colors magically revealed. It’s an innovative play pattern that keeps driving interest and sales.

List of Color Reveal Barbie Names

Mattel has produced a wide range of color reveal Barbie dolls since the line debuted. Here is a comprehensive list of the color reveal Barbie names that have been released so far:

Year Doll Name
2019 Mermaid Color Reveal Barbie
2019 Unicorn Color Reveal Barbie
2019 Magic Mixie Color Reveal Barbie
2019 Rainbow Sparkle Color Reveal Barbie
2020 Winter Princess Color Reveal Barbie
2020 Ballerina Color Reveal Barbie
2020 Mermaid Sparkle Color Reveal Barbie
2021 Tropical Mermaid Color Reveal Barbie
2021 Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn Color Reveal Barbie
2021 Glitter Fairy Color Reveal Barbie
2022 Crystal Mermaid Color Reveal Barbie
2022 Rainbow Sparkle Ballerina Color Reveal Barbie
2022 Cosmic Cutie Color Reveal Barbie
2023 Stargazer Mermaid Color Reveal Barbie
2023 Neon Pop Star Color Reveal Barbie

As you can see, Mattel has stuck to bright, kid-friendly themes like mermaids, unicorns, and rainbows. Each year they introduce new variations of these popular concepts to keep the doll line feeling fresh and exciting for children.

Most Popular Color Reveal Barbies

While all the color reveal Barbies have sold well, some stand out as particularly popular among children:

  • Mermaid Color Reveal Barbie – The original mermaid Barbie from 2019 remains beloved. Her long colorful hair and shimmery mermaid tail never go out of style.
  • Unicorn Color Reveal Barbie – Kids can’t seem to get enough of the sparkly, rainbow-haired unicorns. This 2019 doll remains one of the most popular.
  • Rainbow Sparkle Color Reveal Barbie – Another 2019 debut, the Rainbow Sparkle Barbie resonates with children’s love of bright vibrant rainbow colors.
  • Crystal Mermaid Color Reveal Barbie – The 2022 Crystal Mermaid strikes a chord with an extra-shimmery silver tail and crystalline hair.
  • Cosmic Cutie Color Reveal Barbie – 2022’s Cosmic Cutie capitalizes on the popularity of outer space themes and cool galaxy colors.

These aren’t the only popular dolls, but they stand out as the ones that seem to capture kids’ imagination the most and fly off store shelves. Mattel is sure to keep producing new variations of these winning designs for years to come.

The Appeal of Color Reveal Barbies

So why have color reveal Barbies become so incredibly popular? There are a few key reasons these dolls appeal so strongly to kids:

  • Surprise factor – Kids love surprises, and the coloring reveal allows for a fun surprise.
  • Interactive play – Children must actively trigger the color change, making it more engaging.
  • Vibrant colors – The bright pinks, purples, and rainbow hues appeal visually.
  • Collectibility – With so many different options, kids want to collect them all.
  • Mystery – Not knowing the hidden color scheme adds an air of mystery and curiosity.

The collectible toy market is quite saturated, but color reveal Barbies have succeeded by offering a unique play experience that kids can’t seem to resist. For this reason, the color reveal concept seems poised to be part of Barbie toy lines for years to come.


Color reveal Barbies use an innovative color-change feature to provide an exciting reveal for children as they unlock the doll’s hidden hair and outfit colors. Since the debut of the first color reveal Barbies in 2019, Mattel has steadily released new dolls each year featuring popular themes like mermaids, unicorns, and rainbows. By providing an engaging surprise, interactive play, and collectibility, the color reveal Barbies have become a major hit. Going forward, Mattel will undoubtedly keep tapping into this winning formula with fresh new takes on colorful mermaids, unicorns, fairies, and other concepts little girls love.