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Does a green shirt and blue pants match?

Pairing a green shirt with blue pants can be a stylish look when done correctly. However, the shades of green and blue need to complement each other. There are no definitive rules, so use your best judgement when putting together a green and blue outfit. Consider the tone and intensity of each color and aim for a balanced combination. With some thoughtfulness, you can pull off mixing these cool tones in an eye-catching way.

What to Consider When Matching a Green Shirt and Blue Pants

Here are some tips for wearing a green shirt with blue pants:

  • Choose green and blue shades that are close in brightness and intensity. For example, pair a forest green shirt with navy pants. Going too light or dark between the top and bottom halves can look mismatched.
  • Stick to cooler tones like emerald, mint, teal, and aqua for green. Warmer greens like olive and lime green may clash with most shades of blue.
  • For blue pants, medium to darker blues like navy, cobalt, or royal blue tend to complement greens best.
  • Monochromatic shades of green and blue that are the same hue but different saturations can make for an elegant combination.
  • Alternatively, go for contrasting shades like bright kelly green with muted blue-gray pants. The more separates the tones, the more eye-catching.

Beyond the specific colors, also consider the styles and fits of the green top and blue bottom. An oversized relaxed-fit shirt with tailored slim pants balances proportions. Go for top and bottom silhouettes that flatter your body type as well.

Green Shirt Colors that Pair Well with Blue Pants

Here are some flattering shades of green to pair with blue pants:

  • Emerald Green: A jewel-toned emerald shirt has a sophisticated look with navy or royal blue pants. The darker green is bold yet easy to match.
  • Forest Green: As an earthy neutral, forest green works with almost all shades of blue from light to dark. It’s versatile and less overwhelming than very bright greens.
  • Seafoam Green: With its natural blue undertones, seafoam green goes well with light to medium blues like powder blue or cadet blue pants.
  • Sage Green: With subtle grayish undertones, sage green pairs nicely with lighter blues like periwinkle, baby blue, or even denim jeans.
  • Mint Green: Crisp and clean mint green adds spring vibes when matched with pale blue or pastel blue on the bottom. The lighter shades keep the look fresh.

Darker, muted, and bright jewel-tone greens tend to be the most complementary with different blue pants. Olive and lime green are harder to match but can work with the right shades.

Blue Pants Colors that Complement Green Shirts

Here are some flattering shades of blue pants to wear with a green top:

  • Navy: A true neutral, navy blue pants match everything from light sage to deep forest green shirts. The darker blue grounds the look.
  • Royal Blue: Similarly, royal blue offers a rich pop of color that pairs well with emerald, teal, and other jewel-tone green tops.
  • Cobalt Blue: Slightly brighter than navy, cobalt blue pants work with dark green shirts or lighter shades like mint and pistachio green.
  • Light Blue: Soft powder blue or sky blue pants offset an earthy hunter green or olive shirt nicely. The lighter blue keeps the look clean and casual.
  • Steel Blue: Grayish steel blue pants complement sage green, khaki green, or muted teal tops for an elegant utilitarian vibe.

Medium to darker blues tend to be the easiest to pair with greens for a polished, put-together look. Light blues can also work well for contrast against darker olive greens.

Creating a Cohesive Outfit with a Green Shirt and Blue Pants

When building a full outfit with a green shirt and blue pants, consider these tips:

  • Anchor the colors with neutrals on top and bottom like a tan jacket and brown shoes.
  • Layer on accessories in metallic tones like gold or silver jewelry to tie the look together.
  • Add pops of white or black for contrast in details like pocket squares or belts.
  • Go monochromatic with shades of green and blue throughout for an eye-catching colorblocked look.
  • Mix patterns and textures like a checkered green shirt with solid blue chinos to add visual interest.

The key is to find balance between the green and blue pieces. Use neutrals and accessory colors to frame the combination in a harmonious way. With the right supporting items, the two colors can work in stylish sync.

Green and Blue Color Combinations to Try

Here are some stylish green and blue color pairings to try for men’s outfits:

Green Shirt Color Blue Pants Color
Forest green Navy
Mint green Light blue
Emerald green Royal blue
Sage green Steel blue
Seafoam green Periwinkle

These color pairings complement each other well while offering enough contrast to be eye-catching. Use the combinations as inspiration when putting together your own green and blue outfits.


Matching green and blue may seem tricky, but with some consideration of shade, tone, and style, the colors can pair beautifully. Stick to cooler green and blue hues at similar intensities. Anchor them with neutrals and add pops of contrast with accessories. For a foolproof combination, choose a dark jewel-tone emerald or forest green shirt with navy, royal blue, or cobalt blue pants. With the right shades and balanced styling, green and blue can come together for a fashionable, put-together look.