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What app converts photos to coloring pages?

Coloring books are a classic activity that many children and even adults enjoy. In the digital age, apps provide a convenient way to convert photos into coloring pages that can be printed out or colored digitally on a tablet or other device. There are several apps available that offer this photo to coloring page conversion capability. In this article, we will look at some of the top options and their key features.

Benefits of Converting Photos to Coloring Pages

There are several benefits to using an app to convert photos to coloring pages:

  • Make personalized coloring books – Turn photos of your kids, pets, favorite places, etc. into one-of-a-kind coloring books.
  • Save money – Creating custom coloring books from photos is much cheaper than ordering pre-made books.
  • Control over design – Apps allow you to customize the converted images with filters, effects, etc.
  • Digital or print format – Color the converted pages digitally or print them out to color by hand.
  • Develop motor skills – Coloring, even digitally, helps develop fine motor skills in children.
  • Relieve stress – Coloring books are a proven stress-reliever for both adults and children.
  • Creativity – Turning photos into coloring pages fosters creativity as you figure out how to work within the conversion limitations.

Top Apps for Converting Photos to Coloring Pages

There are many apps available that provide photo to coloring page conversion capabilities. Here are some of the top options:

Pigment – Adult Coloring Book

Pigment app icon

Pigment is one of the most robust coloring book apps available. Key features include:

  • Photo import from camera roll or social media
  • Auto-trace converts photos to coloring pages
  • Drawing tools to enhance converted images
  • Color palettes and both crayon and pencil effects
  • Share completed pages through app or social media
  • In-app purchases for more drawing tools and effects

Colorfly – Color by Number & Paint by Number

Colorfly app icon

Colorfly is a photo coloring app with both color by number and free-form painting options. Features include:

  • Import your own photos to convert to coloring pages
  • Color by number with an auto-generated palette
  • Free-form painting without numbers
  • Different brush types and effects
  • Canvas can be resized, rotated, and moved
  • Share completed artwork through the app

Paintly – Color by Number & Photo Coloring Book

Paintly app icon

Paintly is focused primarily on photo to coloring page conversions. Key features:

  • Import photos from your camera roll
  • Auto-convert photos into coloring pages
  • Magnifying glass to zoom in on details
  • Color palettes automatically generated
  • Share finished artwork through the app
  • Coloring experience tailored for kids

How Apps Convert Photos to Coloring Pages

So how exactly do these apps turn photos into coloring pages? The specific conversion process can vary by app, but generally they utilize similar techniques:

  • Pixel analysis – The photo is analyzed pixel-by-pixel to determine areas of contrast and similarity.
  • Segmentation – The photo is divided into segments based on the pixel analysis so each section can be assigned a color.
  • Edge detection – Algorithms identify the edges and boundaries between sections.
  • Color palette generation – A limited color palette is automatically created for the user to choose from.
  • Some manual touch-up – Many apps allow the user to manually tweak the converted images with drawing tools.

The end result aims to maintain the structure and details of the original photo while optimizing it for the coloring experience.

Criteria for Choosing a Photo Coloring App

When selecting a photo to coloring page converter app, here are some key criteria to consider:

  • Quality of converted images – Ensure conversions maintain good detail from original photo.
  • Coloring tools – Look for variety of brushes, palettes, effects, etc. to enhance the coloring experience.
  • Sharing capabilities – Ability to share completed pages via app, social media, etc.
  • User experience – Interface should be intuitive and tailored to intended audience (kids vs. adults).
  • Cost – Be aware of any in-app purchases or subscription fees.
  • Availability – Check app store availability for your device type.
  • Ratings and reviews – Read user feedback before downloading an app.

Prioritizing these factors will help select the right app for your photo coloring needs.


Converting photos into coloring pages is easy and fun with the many apps now available to assist with the process. Top options like Pigment, Colorfly, and Paintly allow you to quickly turn your own photos into custom coloring books. Look for apps that auto-trace well but also provide tools to enhance the converted images. With the coloring page apps covered in this article, you’ll be ready to tap into your creativity and make personalized coloring books from your favorite photos.