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Does Robert Pattinson have a family?

Robert Pattinson is one of the most popular actors of his generation, rocketing to global fame for his starring role as Edward Cullen in the massively successful Twilight film franchise. Though he’s perhaps best known for playing a vampire who falls in love with a human girl, Pattinson’s personal life off-screen remains intriguing for many fans. Specifically, people are often curious to learn more about Pattinson’s own family and background before he made it big in Hollywood.

While much of his family life remains private, some basic facts are known about Pattinson’s parents, siblings, and other relatives. Keep reading to learn more about where Robert Pattinson came from and whether the renowned actor has a family of his own today.

Pattinson’s Parents and Siblings

Robert Pattinson was born in London on May 13, 1986. His father, Richard Pattinson, imported vintage cars from the United States. His mother, Clare Pattinson, worked at a modeling agency. Pattinson has two older sisters: Lizzy Pattinson, a musician, and Victoria Pattinson, who has worked in advertising. He has described his family as very reserved and joked that his sisters would not admit they were related to him even before he was famous.

Pattinson attended Tower House School as a child, where he took part in many amateur theater productions. After he was expelled at age 12 for shoplifting, his father sent him to The Harrodian School. Pattinson has said he was an awkward teen who did not fit in with the private school crowd.

Early Acting Experiences

Pattinson first became interested in acting through his participation in amateur theater while attending Harrodian. His first professional roles after graduating included a small part in the movie Vanity Fair in 2004 and a leading role in an amateur theater production of Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

In 2005, he landed a supporting role in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which sparked his decision to pursue acting professionally. He moved to Los Angeles at age 19 and began actively auditioning for film and television roles.

Rise to Stardom

Pattinson rose to worldwide fame in 2008 when he was cast as vampire Edward Cullen in the first Twilight movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel. The low-budget romantic fantasy became an unexpected blockbuster hit and quickly launched Pattinson’s career.

He reprised the role of Edward in the next four Twilight installments, released annually from 2009-2012. While the Twilight saga propelled Pattinson to A-list status, he tried to maintain a modest lifestyle despite his newfound level of celebrity. The Los Angeles apartment he lived in during his Twilight years was valued at only $1.3 million.

Life and Family Today

As one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood, Pattinson continues headlining major films across an eclectic range of genres. His notable credits since Twilight include Cosmopolis, The Lost City of Z, Good Time, The King, and The Batman.

In terms of his personal life, Pattinson prefers to keep details private. He previously dated his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart from 2009 to 2013. He is now engaged to model and musician Suki Waterhouse after dating since 2018. The couple has not announced any wedding plans yet.

Pattinson also does not have any children. In a 2017 interview, he stated he was “too selfish” for fatherhood at that stage in his life as he is 100% focused on his career. While he adores his nieces and nephews, Pattinson said he “doesn’t know if he can handle the responsibility” of having kids of his own.

His Parents’ Reaction to Fame

In interviews over the years, Pattinson has shared entertaining anecdotes about how his low-key parents reacted to his abrupt transformation into a world-renowned movie star.

Pattinson said his dad was baffled when pre-teen girls started loitering outside their London home once Twilight made him a household name. His mom apparently could not understand why strangers wanted her son’s autograph and would ask “Why are you writing your name for them?” whenever someone approached Pattinson in public.

Neither of his parents have seemed interested in joining the limelight. They have attended a few of his premieres over the years but prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Overall, they seem happy for his success but still treat him the same way they did before the fame.

Relationship with Sisters

Pattinson’s two older sisters both enjoyed getting to attend glamorous events and premieres with their now-celebrity sibling during the height of the Twilight frenzy. However, he described his relationship with them as more distant since breaking into Hollywood.

His music composer sister Lizzy has occasionally given interviews about her famous younger brother. She described him as very sensitive and music-loving while growing up. In a 2009 interview, she added she would probably never see him again except on-screen after he moved to the U.S. to seriously pursue acting.

Indeed, Pattinson seems to maintain little contact with his family in adulthood. He has commented on losing touch with friends back home over the years as well. Pattinson said it is difficult to relate to old acquaintances from his pre-fame days since their lives took such different trajectories.

Supporting His Parents Financially

Although he does not seem close to his family these days, one significant way Pattinson supports his parents is by covering their expenses. In a 2020 interview on how he handles money, Pattinson said he prioritizes helping out his family financially:

“I pay for my parents’ stuff. I don’t really want to get into what they do, but yeah, I pay for a lot of stuff for them. That gives me…I don’t know, peace of mind.”

Considering his parents’ very normal, middle-class jobs before his career took off, it makes sense Pattinson would want to make sure they are comfortable and secure now that he is a wealthy mega-star. But he retains his humble roots and pragmatic spending habits.

Summary of Pattinson’s Family Relationships

To recap the key facts on Robert Pattinson’s family background:

– He was born in London to Robert and Clare Pattinson. His father imported vintage cars while his mother worked for a modeling agency.

– Pattinson has two older sisters named Lizzy and Victoria who are both now in their 30s.

– He began amateur theater as a child which sparked his interest in acting. However, his family was quite reserved and did not expect his eventual stardom.

– Pattinson remains low-key about his personal life but is currently engaged to Suki Waterhouse. He does not have any children yet.

– While he financially provides for his parents, he does not seem to have much contact with his family back in England anymore.


In summary, while Robert Pattinson came from a relatively ordinary family and upbringing in London, he took the entertainment world by storm with his magnetic portrayal of vampire Edward Cullen in 2008’s Twilight. Now one of the most famous actors of his generation, Pattinson leads a private life and remains selective about which family members are still involved in his inner circle today. However, he makes sure to financially support his parents, reflecting his continued modest nature despite his A-list status. For an actor who seems larger than life on-screen, Pattinson’s quiet family life off-screen may surprise some fans. Yet he seems satisfied keeping his familial relationships grounded even amidst extraordinary fame.