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How to make a smiley face?


Making a simple smiley face is a fun and easy way to express happiness and positivity. With just a few basic drawing skills, you can make cute smiley faces in no time!

In this step-by-step guide, we will cover everything you need to know about making different kinds of smiley faces. We will go over the supplies you need, the basic techniques for drawing smiley faces, and some fun variations you can try.

Whether you want to add a smiley face to a drawing, card, or letter, or just doodle smileys for fun, this guide has you covered. So grab a pen and paper and get ready to make some smileys!

Supplies Needed

Making smiley faces only requires a few simple supplies:

Pen or Pencil Any writing utensil will work. Pens allow you to make bolder lines, while pencils can create softer, lighter lines.
Paper Plain white paper, drawing paper, or colored construction paper all work well.
Markers or Crayons (optional) Adding color with markers, colored pencils, or crayons can make your smiley faces even more vibrant.

That’s it! With just those basic supplies, you are ready to start making smileys. Let’s go over the techniques.

Techniques for Drawing a Smiley Face

Here are the simple steps to draw a basic smiley face:

1. Draw a circle. Use a pencil or pen to lightly sketch a circle on your paper. This will be the face.

2. Add the eyes. Draw two dots or small circles in the upper half of the face circle for the eyes. Leave some space between the eyes.

3. Draw the smile. Add a smiling mouth by drawing a wide arc across the lower half of the face circle.

4. Outline and color. Go over the eyes and mouth with a pen or marker to bolden them. You can also color in the face with a yellow highlighter or crayon.

5. Add finishing details. Use pens, markers, or crayons to add fun details like eyebrows, lashes, rosy cheeks, hair, accessories, etc. Let your creativity shine!

And that’s it – you have a simple smiley face! The basic face only takes a few seconds to draw. By adding personalized details, you can make each smiley unique.

Here are some tips for drawing great smileys:

– Keep the facial features large and simple. This makes the face look cute and animated.

– Place the eyes and mouth high on the face circle, leaving more space on the bottom half.

– Draw the eyes about halfway between the top and center of the circle. Having them higher makes the smiley look happier.

– Use curved lines for the smile rather than straight lines. Curved smiles convey more cheer and warmth.

– Color the face yellow, pink, or other bright hues. Vibrant colors enhance the smiley’s cheerful vibe.

– Add accessories, hair, hats, glasses, etc. to customize your smileys. Let your imagination run wild!

Now that you know the basics, let’s go over some different smiley styles and techniques…

Happy Smiley

The happy smiley is the classic smiley face. To draw one:

– Draw a large circle with a smooth even line

– Add slightly oval eyes in the top half of the circle

– Draw a big wide arc for a smile in the bottom half of the circle

– Color the face yellow and use black to outline the eyes and mouth

– Add rosy cheeks, eyelashes, or hair for extra cheer!

This traditional smiley face conveys pure joy and delights everyone. It’s perfect for cards, letters, arts and crafts, and any project where you want to share a little happiness.

Winky Smiley

To give your smiley a playful, flirty wink:

– Draw one eye as usual, leaving space for the second eye

– Instead of a second eye, draw a small curved line that overlaps the face circle

– Finish drawing the rest of the face as normal

The wink adds a touch of silliness, making your smiley more charming and animated. It’s great for notes to close friends or when you want to show your playful side.

Laughing Smiley

To make a laughing smiley:

– Draw the circle face and eyes as normal

– For the mouth, draw a wide open arc with a wavy line along the bottom

– Add a small vertical line down from one corner of the mouth to indicate laughter

– Color the face yellow and outline the eyes and mouth in your chosen color

The open laughing mouth gives this smiley an amused, entertained appearance. It’s perfect for conveying humor and good vibes.

Smirk Smiley

To give a smiley a sly smirk:

– Draw one normal eye and leave space for the second eye

– Draw the second eye slightly lower and smaller than the first

– Draw a half arc mouth tilted up more on one side

– Outline in your chosen color and fill in the eyes

The uneven eyes and tilted smirk give this smiley face a clever, mischievous look. It’s great when you want to show confidence or a hint of sarcasm.

Surprised Smiley

To make a surprised smiley:

– Draw the circle face and eyes as normal

– For the mouth, draw a small oval shape or short line

– Above the mouth, add thicker curved lines for raised eyebrows

– Color the face yellow and fill in the details

The gasping mouth and raised eyebrows make this smiley perfect for conveying shock, surprise, or awe. It’s fun for birthday cards, party invitations, or any exciting news.

Sad Smiley

To create a frowning sad smiley:

– Draw the circle face and eyes

– Draw a small downward arc as a frown for the mouth

– Use curved lines to add downturned eyebrows

– Color the face yellow and fill in the eyes and frown

This sad smiley shows disappointment or melancholy. But it’s still cute! Use this when you want to politely convey regret or sympathy.

Other Fun Smiley Styles to Try

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, try drawing smileys with different features:

– Big square or rectangular smiles
– Heart-shaped eyes or mouths
– Wild spiky hair
– Sunglasses
– Tongues sticking out
– Missing teeth
– Bandages or band-aids
– Emoji-inspired details

Get creative and see what other fun expressions you can design! The possibilities are endless for personalizing your smileys.

Use Smileys to Brighten Someone’s Day!

Next time you’re writing a note, email, or card for someone, consider adding a hand-drawn smiley. Your cute personalized smiley is sure to make them grin and brighten their day!

With the techniques in this guide, you can make smiley faces to share joy on:

– Greeting cards
– Letters and postcards
– Sticky notes
– Birthday invitations
– Office memos
– Arts and crafts
– Notebooks and scrapbooks
– Calendars and planners
– Origami
– And so much more!

Smileys are a simple way to spread happiness wherever you go. So grab your favorite pen and start doodling these cheerful faces today. Turn that frown upside down with the magic of smileys!


Making fun and lively smiley faces is easy with just basic drawing supplies and a few simple techniques. In this guide, we went over how to draw basic smileys as well as different smiley styles like happy, winking, laughing, smirking, surprised, and sad.

With the circle face as your starting point, you can then customize your smileys with different eyes, mouths, eyebrows, accessories and details to convey any emotion or mood you want. Smileys are a classic way to share joy and positivity wherever you go.

So next time you’re sending a card, note, or email, take an extra moment to hand draw a smiley face. This small gesture can really make someone’s day and bring happiness to their lives. So grab some pens and paper and start spreading smiles!