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Did Tom Hiddleston grow his hair?


Tom Hiddleston is a popular English actor best known for playing the role of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the years, Hiddleston’s hairstyle has gone through various changes. Fans have noticed his longer locks in recent films and events, leading many to wonder – did Tom Hiddleston grow his hair out?

Tom Hiddleston’s hair evolution

When Hiddleston first started taking on big roles like Loki in Thor (2011), he kept his hair in a shorter style. His hair was trimmed on the sides and back, with some length left on top. This clean cut look matched Loki’s slick and proper appearance in the first Thor film.

However, by the time The Avengers was released in 2012, eagle-eyed fans noticed Hiddleston’s hair was a bit longer. His wavy locks had more body and length, especially when slicked back. This still wasn’t an extremely long style, but it marked the start of Hiddleston growing out his hair.

In Thor: The Dark World (2013), Hiddleston’s hair was decidedly longer. As Loki spent more time imprisoned, his hair grew out into longer curls and waves. Fans loved this shaggy, casual look on the actor.

By the time Thor: Ragnarok was filmed in 2017, Hiddleston was sporting a mane of curly locks. His hair extended well past his ears, showing off his natural texture and curl pattern. This remains one of Hiddleston’s longest hairstyles on record.

In recent years, Hiddleston has cycled between longer and shorter cuts. Sometimes he keeps the length on top with trimmed sides, and other times goes for a cropped look. But it’s clear the actor isn’t afraid to grow out those luscious locks!

Evidence Tom Hiddleston grew his hair

There are a few key pieces of evidence that indicate Tom Hiddleston purposefully grew his hair out over the years:

Length for movie roles

The most obvious reason for Hiddleston’s longer hair is needing it for certain acting roles. As mentioned, his hair gradually grew longer to portray Loki’s changing appearance and circumstances in Thor films.

Allowing his natural curl to come through also suited Loki’s casual, relaxed appearances in the later films. So in these cases, Hiddleston intentionally grew his hair to suit the character.

Hair growth between projects

When you follow Hiddleston over the years, his hair also seems to grow out between big projects. Then it is cut into a specific style again when filming begins. This pattern suggests he embraces growing his hair during his own personal time.

Comfort with long styles

Hiddleston seems comfortable modeling longer hairstyles on red carpets, photo shoots, and in everyday life. If he hated having longer hair, he probably would cut it short in between film projects. But his willingness to grow it out points to personal preference.

Lack of extreme length changes

If Hiddleston was solely wearing wigs or hair extensions for roles, we would see more extreme length changes. The gradual growth over years suggests it’s his real, natural hair on display.

Evidence against Tom Hiddleston growing his hair

There are also a few counterpoints to consider on whether Tom Hiddleston purposely grew his hair long:

Hairpieces for some roles

While it seems Hiddleston does grow his own hair, it’s possible he uses extensions or wigs to exaggerate the length for certain films. Hair and makeup professionals can blend these seamlessly with natural hair to achieve extra volume.

Keeping natural texture

As an Englishman, Hiddleston may have simply embraced his natural wavy and curly hair texture over time. Rather than fight it with product and straightening, he allows his hair’s natural form to show through.

Personal preference for length

Like many men, Hiddleston may just enjoy changing up his hairstyle from time to time. Growing it out and then cutting it gives him variety. So changes in length may not be intentional growth, just personal experimentation.

The verdict

After looking at the evidence, it seems clear that Tom Hiddleston intentionally grew his hair out to a longer length at several points over the past decade. Key roles required a longer hairstyle, so he grew it out gradually over time. And between films, he seems comfortable maintaining the longer length rather than cropping it short. This suggests personal preference for longer hair, along with the demands of movie roles.

While wigs and other hair extensions may exaggerate the length, the bulk of evidence indicates it’s Hiddleston’s real hair on display. F