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How to decorate a 15 year old bedroom?

How to decorate a 15 year old bedroom?

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom can be an exciting yet challenging task. As kids grow into young adults, their tastes and preferences change drastically. The bedroom decor needs to evolve with them and reflect their changing personality and interests. At 15, teens want more freedom and independence in expressing themselves. Hence, it’s ideal to take their inputs and preferences into account while redecorating their personal space. Here are some tips and ideas to decorate a cool, comfortable, and stylish bedroom for your 15-year-old.

Get Their Input

The first step is to have a discussion with your teen and get their opinion on how they want their bedroom to look. Find out their likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions and favorite colors. This will give you a good starting point for the room’s design. While they may not have concrete decorating ideas, getting a sense of their personality and what inspires them will help narrow things down. You can look at decor magazines together and note down elements your teen is drawn to. Highlight pieces they love and elements you can incorporate into the design.

Color Scheme

Most 15-year olds have a favorite color or know the hues they enjoy. Using their preferred colors as the base, you can come up with an appropriate color scheme for the bedroom. Cool tones like blues, greens and grays are popular among teenagers. Colors like yellow, orange and red also work well. Ensure the colors coordinate well and create a cohesive look. Accent walls in bold shades add drama while neutral walls keep things sophisticated. Painting one wall black is trendy and gives character to the space. Let your teen take the lead in picking the colors.

Wall Decor

After painting, focus on wall accents and decor elements. Gallery walls with framed photos, posters and art prints are great for personalization. Ask your teen to pick out prints and images that inspire them. Framed photos of family and friends also give the room a warm, welcoming vibe. Floating shelves, wall hooks and bulletin boards allow displaying mementos in a creative way. Paint or washi tape can be used to decorate shelves and boards. Wall decals like geometric shapes, nature motifs or inspirational quotes also spice up blank walls. Make a collage wall with their achievement certificates or collectibles.


Update the furniture to suit a teenage aesthetic. Pick flexible pieces that save space and have multiple functions. A loft bed with a workstation or desk underneath is both practical and fun. You can also add shelves or cubbies for storage. A comfy couch makes a nice lounging and study spot. Beanbag chairs are casual and trendy seating options. Use a mix of both open and closed storage like a clothes rack, bench with hidden drawers and storage ottomans. Add lighting like string lights, table lamps or floor lamps. Multifunctional furniture adapts well as they grow older.


Pick bedding that reflects your teen’s personality. Opt for solid colored duvet covers or printed designs based on their interests. Neutral sheets paired with patterned pillows creates an eclectic look. Add plenty of comfy pillows in different shapes and textures for extra coziness. Use coordinating throw blankets at the foot of the bed. You can also hang string lights to create an ambient setting. A headboard makes the bed a focal point. Choose from upholstered, tufted, wooden or padded headboard styles.


Accessories and decorative items give a personalized touch. Display favorite books, trophies and collectibles on floating shelves or bookcases. Use baskets and storage bins for an organized look. Add desk accessories like trays, containers, notepads and pen holders. Frame meaningful quotes, lyrics or images and place them on the desk or shelf. Painted mason jars or printed pencil cups hold supplies in a cute way. Notice boards allow pinning up reminders and mementos. Incorporate indoor plants like succulents or an herb garden. White boards are helpful for scribbling notes and reminders.

Multifunctional Spaces

Maximize every corner by creating multifunctional zones. Turn an empty nook into a reading corner with a cozy chair and floor lamp. Set up a hobby station for art projects or music practice. Use room dividers or curtains to define each area.Floating shelves double up as display space and room separators. Add a mini cafe table and stools to make a breakfast nook or study area. Opt for furniture that serves more than one purpose like storage ottomans or sofa beds for guests.

Storage Solutions

Lack of storage is a common issue in small bedrooms. Add standing closets, under bed storage and chests of drawers to stash clothes, shoes and other items neatly. Baskets help corral items like bath towels, stationery, toys etc. Install wall mounted cabinets over the desk to store files and supplies. Shelves let you display books and decorative items as well display space. Back of door organizers are great for small items. Boxes and fabric bins tucked under beds or benches maximize storage discreetly.

Finishing Touches

Once the major elements are in place, add finishing touches to pull the look together. Incorporate your teen’s style into smaller decor pieces like lamps, rugs, bedding and accessories. Display meaningful memorabilia and recent achievements to give a personalized element. Add greenery with potted plants or small herb garden. Use washi tape, photo clips and whiteboards for creativity and productivity. Maximize vertical space with wall shelves, hanging organizers and tall cabinets. Final touches like fun throws, twinkle lights and framed art give the perfect finishing touch.

Budget Friendly Tips

– Repurpose existing furniture with a fresh coat of paint
– Sew new cushion covers for chairs, headboards etc.
– Frame posters, photos and mementos using DIY frames
– Buy second-hand furniture and give a makeover
– Use removable wallpaper or contact paper to transform shelves, desks
– Stitch fabric buntings and garlands for accent walls
– Upcycle glass jars, tins and baskets for storage
– Create gallery wall using ribbons, fairy lights and mementos
– Buy bedding and cushions from discount or online stores

Things to Avoid

While decorating your 15-year-old’s bedroom, there are a few things you should avoid –

– Overcrowding the room with too much furniture
– Choosing overly juvenile or kiddish themes
– Not providing enough storage
– Ignoring their preferences and style choices
– Using too many patterns or colors that don’t coordinate
– Positioning the bed or desk poorly
– Underestimating the need for both privacy and family time
– Not having enough charging points for gadgets
– Skimping on lighting – overhead, task and ambient

In Conclusion

Decorating a bedroom suited for a 15-year old is an exciting endeavor. The key is striking the right balance between fun and functionality. Opt for a sophisticated look with cool colors, smart storage solutions and multi-purpose furniture. Incorporate personalized elements like photos, art, accessories and color schemes based on their taste. Create defined spaces for study, lounging, hobby zone etc. Add stylish and practical touches to make the room cool yet comfortable. With ample storage, lighting and access to technology your teen will love their new grown-up bedroom!