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Can you put red and grey together?

Can you put red and grey together?

Red and grey are both neutral colors that can work well together in interior design. However, combining them takes some thought and planning to pull off successfully. The main considerations when putting red and grey together are the tones, textures, and proportions of each color. With careful selection and styling, red and grey can make for an elegant, sophisticated, and visually interesting color scheme.

Complementary Tones

When working with red and grey, pay close attention to the undertones of each color. Warm reds with orange or yellow undertones pair best with light, cool greys that have blue, green or purple undertones. Cool red tones with more blue or purple pair better with warm, beige-based greys. Matching the undertones prevents the colors from clashing.

Here are some examples of complementary red and grey tones:

– Brick red with pale grey
– Burgundy red with dove grey
– Cherry red with ash grey
– Crimson red with silver grey
– Marsala red with taupe grey

Aim for enough contrast between the tones so they remain vibrant rather than muddy when placed together.

Balancing Texture

Varying textures add visual interest and dimension when combining red and grey. Use sleek, smooth textures with red to contrast the softer, nubby textures of grey.

For example:

– Red leather with grey linen
– Red silk with grey wool
– Red lacquer with grey concrete
– Polished red wood with brushed grey metal

Play around with matte and glossy finishes as well. A glossy red surface makes an elegant pairing with a nearby matte grey fabric.

Proportion Tips

Getting the right balance of red to grey visual weight is key. Too much of one color compared to the other creates an uneven, jarring look.

Some ideas for balanced red-grey proportions:

– Larger grey furniture pieces and walls with red accents in pillows, throws, art
– Small red decor items like vases or candles against a backdrop of grey walls and flooring
– Equal amounts of red and grey in an area, like a grey sofa flanked by matching red chairs

As a general rule, if you want red to stand out, use it sparingly against more abundant grey backgrounds. For a more even pairing, make red and grey equal players in the space.

Example Room Stylings

Here are some ways to stylishly blend red and grey throughout the rooms of a home:

Living Room

– Grey linen sofa and armchairs
– Red pillows and throws
– Grey washed oak coffee table
– Red lacquer tray on coffee table
– Grey shag area rug
– Red modern abstract wall art
– Grey concrete fireplace surround
– Red vase on mantel


– Grey kitchen cabinets
– Red bar stools at kitchen island
– Stainless steel appliances
– Red ceramic fruit bowl on countertop
– Grey marble-look quartz countertops
– Subway tile grey backsplash with red grout lines
– Red pendant lights over island


– Upholstered grey headboard
– Red bedding and decorative pillows
– Nightstands painted light grey
– Red table lamps on nightstands
– Grey area rug
– Red chair in corner
– Grey curtains
– Grey walls with red art


– Grey cabinets and vanity
– Red towels and bath mat
– White quartz countertop
– Red vessel sink
– Grey tiled walls and floor
– Red candles on vanity
– Frameless glass shower with red bar towel

Room Grey Elements Red Elements
Living Room Sofa, chairs, coffee table, rug, fireplace Pillows, throws, tray, art, vase
Kitchen Cabinets, countertops, backsplash Barstools, pendant lights, fruit bowl
Bedroom Headboard, nightstands, rug, curtains, walls Bedding, pillows, lamps, chair, art
Bathroom Cabinets, vanity, walls, floor Towels, mat, sink, candles

Finishing Touches

To make red and grey schemes feel complete, incorporate neutral tones like white, black, beige and wood tones. These bridge the two colors in subtle ways. For example, white trim molding ties red walls and grey flooring together.

Plants and greenery also do wonders to soften red and grey color combos. The natural green tones complement both colors equally.

Finally, don’t forget lighting. Strategic accent lighting brings out the richness of red and highlights the cool elegance of grey. Use mounted lights, table lamps, sconces and under-cabinet lighting to show off these hues.


Red and grey can pair beautifully when thoughtfully combined. Keep their tones, textures and proportions complementary. Use neutrals and plants to tie the palette together. And don’t forget lighting to make the colors pop. With the right approach, this bold yet grounded color scheme creates stylish, welcoming interiors. Play around with different shades and ratios of red to grey to find a look you love.