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How does winky lux flower balm work?

Winky Lux’s flower balm has become a cult favorite lip product known for its unique jelly texture and sheer, buildable color. But how exactly does this balm work to hydrate lips while providing a pop of color? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and technology behind this popular balm.

Key Ingredients

The flower balm contains several key ingredients that provide its hydration and color benefits:

  • Castor seed oil – A natural plant oil that helps condition and soften lips.
  • Beeswax – Helps protect and seal in moisture.
  • Vitamin E – An antioxidant that nourishes lips.
  • Flower extracts – Provide a sheer tint of color. Extracts vary by shade and include hibiscus, chamomile, and passionflower.

Jelly Texture

What gives the flower balm its uniquely bouncy, jelly-like texture? The combination of castor seed oil and beeswax. The oils give the balm a conditioned, slippery feel while the beeswax thickens the formula to create that jelly bounce.

This innovative texture makes the balm ultra spreadable and comfortable on the lips. Unlike waxy balms that can drag across lips, the flower balm glides on smoothly without tugging at delicate lip skin.

Sheer, Buildable Color

The flower extracts infused in each shade provide a sheer wash of color that can be built up. With just one swipe, the balm adds a soft tint to lips. But the formula is buildable, meaning you can apply layers to increase the color payoff.

This versatility makes it easy to customize your look. Keep it subtle for daytime or intensify it for night by adding more layers of the balm.

How to Apply

Using the flower balm is simple:

  1. Apply to clean, dry lips.
  2. Dot the balm across your lips and use your finger to blend in and spread the product.
  3. For more color, reapply as needed letting each layer dry in between.
  4. Reapply as needed for continued hydration and color.

Shade Range

The flower balm is available in a rainbow of sheer shades to suit any mood or look:

Shade Name Description
Cherry Blossom Soft pink
Lavender Cloud Light lilac
Hibiscus Kiss Warm coral
Strawberry Bliss Juicy red
Rosebud Classic rosy pink
Melonade Peachy melon
Mint To Be Cool mint green
Oolong Tea Nude brown


Here are some of the key benefits of the flower balm formula:

  • Hydration – Nourishing oils soften and condition lips.
  • Protection – Beeswax forms a protective layer to seal in moisture.
  • Color – Flower extracts provide sheer, buildable color.
  • Smooth texture – Glides onto lips without tugging or pulling.
  • Versatile – Wear sheer for day and intensify for night.
  • Cruelty-free – Not tested on animals.


The flower balm has earned glowing reviews for its innovative formula. Here are some examples:

Reviewer Comments
Elle Magazine “It glides onto lips with the slickness of a lip oil and imparts the most beautiful wash of color.”
Rank and Style “Glides on clear and develops into a personalized shade once applied.”
Bustle “The colors are beautiful and wear well throughout the day without drying out your lips.”

How to Store

To keep your flower balm performing at its best:

  • Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent melting.
  • Keep balm closed when not in use.
  • Do not store in damp or humid environments.
  • Use within 12 months and discard if you notice any changes in texture, scent or performance.


Is the flower balm scented?

The flower balm has a light, floral scent from the extracts used to tint each shade. The fragrance is subtle and designed not to overpower or irritate lips.

Does it contain plumping ingredients?

No, the flower balm does not contain any plumping ingredients like menthol or cinnamon. It hydrates lips without causing irritation or tingling sensations.

Can it be worn overnight as a treatment?

Yes, the nourishing oils and waxes make the flower balm an excellent overnight treatment. Apply a layer before bedtime and let it hydrate lips while you sleep.

Does the balm have any shimmer or glitter particles?

The original flower balm formulas do not contain any shimmer or glitter particles. However, limited edition shades have been released that feature a subtle pearlescent shimmer within the jelly texture.


Winky Lux’s flower balm stands out for its unique jelly texture and buildable, sheer color. Key ingredients like castor seed oil, beeswax and vitamin E condition lips while flower extracts provide a wash of customizable color. The balm glides on smoothly, hydrates lips, and can be layered for versatile looks. With its cruelty-free formula and range of flattering shades, it’s no wonder the flower balm has become a fast beauty cult favorite.