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How do I know if my nook color is charging?

The Nook Color is a popular e-reader and tablet device made by Barnes & Noble. It allows you to read ebooks, browse the web, play games, watch videos, and more. Knowing when your Nook Color is charging and how to monitor the battery level is important to keep it powered up and working properly. Here are some tips on how to tell if your Nook Color is charging and ways to check the battery level.

Check the Charging Indicator Light

The easiest way to know if your Nook Color is charging is to look for the charging indicator light. When you connect your Nook to a power source using the charging cable, a yellow/amber colored LED light will appear on the bottom edge near the Home button. This light indicates that the battery is charging. The light will turn green once the battery is fully charged.

Here’s a quick guide to what the charging indicator light on your Nook Color means:

Light Color Meaning
Yellow/Amber Battery is charging
Green Battery is fully charged
Blinking Yellow Battery charge is critically low
No light Nook is powered off or not connected to power

So whenever the amber or yellow light is visible, you can be sure your Nook battery is getting topped up.

Check the Battery Icon

Another way to check if your Nook Color is charging is by looking at the battery icon on the device. This icon is located in the top right corner of the Nook’s status bar.

When the Nook is plugged into a power source, the battery icon will show a lightning bolt or plug icon inside it to indicate charging status. If you see the lightning bolt/plug, you’ll know power is getting to the battery.

Nook Color charging icon

The battery icon will also visually show the charge level – when the battery is low, the icon will be nearly empty. As it charges up, the green battery bar inside the icon will increase. When fully charged, the battery icon will display a solid green battery graphic.

Check Battery Percentage

You can check the exact battery percentage of your Nook Color in a couple ways:

View Battery Percentage in Quick Settings

1. Drag down from the top of the screen to access your Quick Settings shade.

2. Look for the battery percentage shown next to the battery icon. This will display how charged the battery is in a XX% format.

3. If the Nook is plugged in and charging, you’ll see the lightning bolt next to the battery percentage to confirm charging status.

View Battery Percentage in Settings Menu

1. Go to your Settings menu.

2. Select “Device Info” or “About device”.

3. Look for the “Battery level” or “Battery” line which shows the percentage charged.

4. You’ll also see “Charging on AC” or similar text if it’s plugged into a power source.

Checking the exact battery percentage is useful to see how fast the battery charges up or drains down.

Monitor Charging Time

If your Nook Color seems to take a long time to charge from a low battery, you can monitor the charging progress to get an estimate of how long it takes.

Here are some tips for monitoring and measuring charging time:

– Check the battery percentage before starting to charge your Nook from a depleted battery. Make a note of the time and starting battery percentage.

– Let your Nook charge undisturbed for at least an hour. The battery charges faster when the device is in sleep mode.

– After 1 hour, wake your Nook and check the battery percentage again. Calculate how much it increased within the hour.

– For example, if it started at 10% and increased to 28% within an hour of charging, that means it gained around 18% charge.

– At that rate, you can estimate it will take about 5-6 hours to go from a depleted battery to 100% charged.

– You can periodically keep checking the battery percentage as it charges to get a better idea of the time needed. The charge rate may slow down above 80%.

– Using a wall adapter instead of a computer USB port will make charging faster.

Keeping track of the charging time will give you an idea of the health of your battery and whether a replacement battery may be needed.

Check Charging via USB Cable Connection

You can charge your Nook Color by connecting it to your computer using the micro-USB cable that came with your device.

Here are some tips for charging via USB:

– When first plugging your Nook into a computer USB port, pull down the Quick Settings shade and check for the lightning bolt icon to confirm charging status.

– You may need to wake your Nook from sleep mode to see the charging indicator.

– Some USB ports on certain computers may not provide enough power to charge the Nook. Try different USB ports if it doesn’t seem to be charging.

– USB 2.0 ports will charge faster than older USB 1.0 ports.

– Close any running programs on your computer to direct more power to the USB charging port.

– Your Nook may charge very slowly if you are transferring files or performing a backup over USB while charging.

– Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to reset the connection if needed.

So check for the charging status indicators after connecting your Nook to a computer USB port to ensure it is actually charging properly.

Check Charging with a Wall Adapter

Using a wall adapter is the fastest way to charge your Nook Color battery. Barnes & Noble recommends using their official Nook AC adapter.

Here are some tips on charging with a wall adapter:

– When first plugging into an outlet, check the Nook for the charging indicator light or battery icon to confirm power is going to the battery.

– Using the official Nook AC adapter should provide a full charge in about 3-4 hours max, compared to 6-8 hours via USB.

– Only use the adapter that came with your Nook or replacements from Barnes & Noble. Incompatible adapters can damage the battery.

– Do not use adapters designed for other tablets or e-readers as the voltage may not be correct for the Nook Color.

– Avoid using third party or generic adapters which may be missing safety features that could overcharge the battery.

– Plug your Nook directly into the wall outlet using the adapter. Avoid plugging the adapter into a computer USB port.

– Make sure to fully insert the micro USB plug into the port on your Nook so it fits tightly.

Using the proper AC power adapter will provide the fastest and safest charging experience for your Nook Color. Check that charging indicators illuminate after connecting.

Check Charging in Case or Cover

If you have a case or cover for your Nook that you don’t want to remove each time you charge, here are some tips for charging with a case:

– Carefully line up the charging port cut-out on the case with the micro USB port on your Nook before plugging in.

– Some cases fit very tightly, so you need to press the cable firmly into place for a solid connection.

– Double check that the charging status light illuminates through the case opening after connecting the cable.

– If the case is too tight, the charger may not fully insert. Loosen the case or charge without it.

– Non-magnetic cases allow you to see the charging light through the material, unlike metal cases.

– With magnetic cases, you’ll need to open the cover to view charging indicators on the Nook screen.

– If your Nook gets very warm in the case while charging, remove the case which may block air flow.

Charging with a form-fitting Nook case is fine as long as you can maintain a complete connection. Check the charging light and notifications regularly.

Why is my Nook Not Charging?

If your Nook Color isn’t charging when you plug it in, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Dirty Charging Port

– Carefully inspect the micro USB port for dirt, lint or debris that may be obstructing the charger from plugging in fully.

– Use a toothpick or thin tool to gently remove any material from the port.

– Compressed air can help blow out any particulates in the charging port.

– Avoid using metal tools or objects which could damage the port.

Bad Cable Connection

– Try unplugging and reinserting the charging cable fully into the Nook port for a solid connection.

– Inspect the cable and charger for damage like frayed wires or broken connectors.

– Test the cable and charger with a different device like a mobile phone to check if the accessories work. Replace if needed.

– Try connecting your Nook to a different USB port on your computer or to a different wall outlet.

Software Glitch

– A software or app issue may prevent charging. Reboot your Nook by holding the power button for 10 seconds.

– Perform a manual reset by going to Settings > Device Info > Reset to Factory Defaults to see if this fixes any software issues. You’ll have to set up the Nook again.

– Update to the latest software release for your Nook model as older versions may have charging bugs.

Bad Outlet Connection

– With wall charging, make sure the outlet is not damaged, worn out, or covered in paint. Test the outlet with another device first.

– Avoid using loose wall outlets where the plug doesn’t fit snugly. This can cause intermittent charging failures.

– For charging via USB, try different USB ports on your computer which may have varying power output.

Defective Charging Chip

– If your Nook isn’t charging properly with multiple cables, ports or outlets, the internal charging chip inside the device itself may be faulty.

– Contact Barnes & Noble Support to troubleshoot the issue and arrange for repair or replacement if needed. Do not try to repair the internal charging system yourself.

So check for obstruction in the port, cable issues, software glitches, wall outlet problems or potential device defects if your Nook is failing to charge.

Signs Your Nook Battery is Worn Out

Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced after hundreds of charge cycles. Here are signs the battery in your Nook Color may be worn out and incapable of holding a full charge:

– Nook battery percentage drains very rapidly even when not in heavy use

– Need to frequently recharge within the same day

– Charging takes much longer than usual, but doesn’t last as long

– Nook turns itself off even at 30-40% charge

– Battery level gets stuck and doesn’t change even when charging

– Nook feels warm while charging and in general use

– Less than full charge capacity – only able to charge to 70-80%

– Battery level drops suddenly from 40% to 20%

– Error messages related to charging or the battery

– Bulging or swelling battery case

If your Nook is exhibiting one or more of these battery failure symptoms, it’s time to replace the battery. Contact Barnes & Noble for an official Nook Color replacement battery. Expect to pay $50 or more depending on your model. Properly disposing of lithium-ion batteries is important for safety.

Extend Your Nook Battery Life

To maximize your time between charges and prevent your Nook’s battery from wearing out quickly, follow these usage and charging tips:

– Avoid leaving your Nook constantly plugged in at 100% charge, which can degrade battery capacity over time.

– Let the battery fully drain periodically before recharging to calibrate the battery meter.

– Turn down screen brightness and disable WiFi/Bluetooth when not needed.

– Close any apps you are not actively using to conserve power.

– Disable auto-syncing of content which can drain the battery.

– Avoid exposing your Nook to high temperatures which accelerate battery deterioration.

– Only use the official Nook wall adapter and cable for optimal charging performance and safety.

– When storing your Nook for an extended period, discharge battery below 50% and power off.

Properly maintaining your Nook Color battery will prolong its lifespan. But eventually every lithium battery will need to be replaced, so watch for signs yours is failing. Checking that your Nook is actually charging properly is important to keep it powered on and operational.


Knowing how to monitor the charging status of your Nook Color e-reader is simple once you know where to look. Start by checking for the indicator light when plugged in, and looking for the charging icon and battery percentage on screen. Observe the rate of charge over time to estimate how long it takes to fully recharge from empty. Be aware of signs of a worn out battery which no longer holds much of a charge. With a good battery and working charger, you’ll be able to enjoy your Nook for reading and more without running out of power.