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How do I print bookmarks from Canva?

Printing bookmarks from Canva is a quick and easy way to create customized bookmarks for yourself or to give as gifts. Canva provides a wide selection of free bookmark templates that you can customize with your own photos, fonts, colors and more. In just a few simple steps, you can turn any Canva template into a printable bookmark perfect for marking your page.

What You Need

To print bookmarks from Canva, you will need:

  • A Canva account – Sign up for a free account at
  • The Canva desktop app – Install Canva’s free design app for your computer
  • A template – Browse Canva’s bookmark templates and select one to customize
  • A printer – Any home or office inkjet printer will work
  • Paper or cardstock – Heavier paper works best for bookmarks

Step 1: Find a Template

Canva provides dozens of customizable bookmark templates to choose from. Here are some ways to browse templates:

  • Search – Enter keywords like “bookmark” in Canva’s search bar
  • Categories – Check the Print category and filter by Bookmarks
  • Layouts – Browse bookmark layouts like Vertical, Horizontal, Photo, etc.

When you find a template you like, open it in the Canva editor to start customizing.

Step 2: Customize the Design

Personalize your bookmark template with your own text, photos, colors and more. Here are some design customization tips:

  • Photos – Upload your own snaps or choose from Canva’s image library
  • Text – Edit text elements to say whatever you want
  • Icons – Choose from thousands of icons to better visualize your bookmark’s theme
  • Colors – Change the template’s colors by clicking on any color in the design and selecting a new hue
  • Fonts – Browse Canva’s font library to change fonts

Edit and arrange design elements until you are happy with your bookmark. Zoom in close to refine details.

Step 3: Download the Design

When your design is complete, download it as a PDF by clicking the “Download” button and selecting “PDF Print.” Make sure to choose the following settings:

  • Page size: Match the size of your cardstock (e.g. 8.5″ x 11″)
  • Bleed: Check this box to extend the design to edges
  • Units: Select inches

Save the PDF file to your computer. Avoid printing directly from Canva, as quality may be lower.

Step 4: Print Your Bookmarks

With the PDF downloaded, you are ready to print your bookmarks:

  1. Open the PDF in a preview app and inspect the page size, bleed and orientation.
  2. Load your cardstock or paper into the printer tray. Heavier paper works best.
  3. Open your computer’s print dialog and select the correct paper size.
  4. Adjust print settings like page orientation and ink levels for best quality.
  5. Print a test page first on plain paper to confirm quality and alignment.
  6. Finally, print your bookmarks on your nice paper/cardstock.

Remember, you can print multiple bookmarks per page. Just return to the Canva editor and duplicate your design to fill the page before downloading and printing.

Tips for Great Looking Bookmarks

Follow these tips for professional quality Canva bookmarks:

  • Use heavy cardstock for rigidity – Try 80lb or greater
  • Trim edges neatly with a guillotine paper cutter
  • Print highly saturated colors for vividness
  • Consider laminating for durability and sheen
  • Make personalized messages for each recipient
  • Give bookmarks clever or literary-themed names

Creative Ways to Use Canva Bookmarks

Here are some fun ways to use your custom Canva bookmarks:

  • As gifts for fellow bookworms or students
  • To mark pages in your favorite books
  • To spice up plain envelopes when mailing letters
  • As placeholders in wedding programs
  • To hand out at a book launch, book club or author signing event
  • As souvenirs from a literary-themed vacation
  • In goodie bags at a book- or library-themed birthday party

Troubleshooting Guide

Use this troubleshooting guide if you run into issues printing your Canva bookmarks:

Issue Solution
Bookmarks look pixelated
  • Download template as high resolution PDF
  • Increase DPI/quality settings in print dialog
Bookmarks print cropped
  • Enable bleed setting upon Canva PDF download
  • Preview file to confirm correct size
Fonts look wrong
  • Use common standard fonts like Arial
  • Embed fonts when downloading PDF
Images print fuzzy
  • Upload high resolution images to Canva
  • Increase printer DPI
Colors look inaccurate
  • Check color settings in printer dialog
  • Optimize image color profiles
  • Use a ICC color profile


Printing bookmarks from Canva gives you an easy way to create custom bookmarks with your own photos, messages and designs. With Canva’s drag-and-drop editor and wide range of professional templates, anyone can create beautiful, personalized bookmarks in just minutes. Simply find a template you like, customize the design to your liking, download as a printable PDF, and print on cardstock. With a high quality home printer and some creativity, you can make Canva bookmarks for all your reading needs.