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How can I wear grey hair without looking old?


Going grey can be a daunting experience for many women. While some embrace the change and feel empowered, others worry about looking older than they feel. The good news is that grey hair doesn’t have to age you! With the right attitude and styling techniques, you can wear grey locks in a youthful and chic way.

Should I dye my greys?

This is a personal choice that depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Many women feel pressure to cover greys to avoid looking older. However, dyeing your hair every few weeks can become tedious and expensive. Embracing your natural grey colour is the easier, cheaper option. Grey hair is beautiful in its own right and modern styling can help you look stylish at any age. That said, if you enjoy colouring your hair and like the look, there’s no reason you can’t dye your greys. Just know it’s not a necessity for looking young!

How do I transition to grey gracefully?

Going grey overnight rarely happens. For most women, the process is gradual, with strands greying over months or years. Here are some tips for transitioning gracefully:

– Get a short haircut. This minimizes the contrast between grey and coloured hair.

– Use semi-permanent dyes. These blend greys without a harsh root line as your hair grows out.

– Try highlights or lowlights. These camouflage greys while growing out dyed hair.

– Invest in purple shampoo. This neutralizes yellow tones as grey hair can develop brassiness.

– Consider dyeing your hair intermittently. You could dye your whole head or just roots/part lines for a touch up.

– Embrace the process! Remind yourself that grey hair is natural and beautiful.

What grey hair products should I use?

Using the right hair products helps keep grey locks looking shiny and vibrant. Look for these ingredients:

– Protein – Fortifies and repairs hair structure. Grey hair lacks pigment so it tends to be coarser.

– Silicones – Seals the cuticle for added shine and slip.

– Hydrating oils & butters – Counteract dryness associated with grey hair. Some options are argan, coconut and marula oils.

– Antioxidants – Neutralize free radicals and protect hair. Try vitamin E, green tea or pomegranate extracts.

– Heat protectant – Creates a barrier against thermal damage which grey hair is prone to.

– Purple shampoo – Cancels out brassiness for brighter, cooler toned grey strands.

What is the best haircut for grey hair?

Your haircut plays a big role in keeping grey hair looking stylish and youthful. Here are some of the most flattering options:

Pixie – Shows off gorgeous grey texture beautifully. Needs regular trims to keep neat.

Bob – A chic classic bob hits at the chin for elegant volume and movement.

Lob (long bob) – Same elegance as a bob with added versatility of length. Very low maintenance.

Layers – Remove bulk and increase movement. Works with both short and long hair.

Bangs – Soften facial features and camouflage wrinkles. Great for framing the eyes.

Volume – Big, bouncy curls or waves prevent flat, aging looks. Grey hair loves body and texture.

Chin length or shorter – Crops draw attention upwards and accentuate facial features.

How do I style grey hair for a youthful look?

Your daily styling habits also impact how grey hair appears. Follow these tips:

– Add volume at the roots – Tease crown hair for lift.

– Curl grey hair – Waves and curls boost volume for a soft, lively effect.

– Try beachy, messy texture – Use salt spray for piecey, undone texture.

– Play with partings – A deep side part can shave years off your look.

– Avoid severe pulls backs – These drag facial features down for an aging effect.

– Set hair in rollers or pin curls – Make grey hair bouncy, not flat and thin.

– Finish with shine serum – Mirror-like gloss reflects light for brightness.

– Embrace the grey – Confidence and owning your beauty shines through!


Grey hair at any age can be absolutely stunning with the right attitude and styling techniques. Whereas some women feel pressure to dye greys, embracing your natural colour is liberating, inexpensive and actually very on-trend. With volume, bounce, glossy shine, flattering cuts and youthful styling grey hair doesn’t have to make you look or feel old. Take inspiration from gorgeous celebs rocking silver locks like Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren and Emmylou Harris. Your grey hair journey can be fun and empowering when you know how to work with your natural texture and colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best clothes and makeup to wear with grey hair?

Opt for bright, saturated clothing and makeup colors that contrast with silvery hair and brighten your complexion. Wearing gray near your face can make it look washed out. Avoid black which is too harsh. Instead, incorporate pops of color like emerald, sapphire, fuchsia. For makeup, mauves, berries, corals and pinks bring out your eyes and lips beautifully.

How can I prevent yellowing of my grey hair?

Grey hair turns brassy or yellow for a few reasons: product buildup, minerals in water, impurities in air, and even diet. Shampooing regularly with a purple shampoo helps cancel yellow tones. Also use a clarifying shampoo weekly to remove residue. Consider a shower filter if you have hard water. Eat a diet rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and E to combat oxidative damage.

Is grey hair drier? How do I moisturize it?

Yes, grey hair tends to be drier than pigmented hair as it lacks the protective melanin layer. To help hydrate, use a deeply nourishing conditioner after shampooing. Apply masks weekly and oils on the mid lengths and ends. Look for moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil. Limit washing to 1-2 times per week and always use heat protection.

How do I prevent brassiness as my dyed hair grows out grey?

To prevent brassiness and uneven tones, use a toning or purple shampoo. You can also dye your roots more frequently to match the rest of your hair until your grey grows out more. Another option is to get highlights or lowlights blended throughout the hair to camouflage roots growing in. Using a silver or blue-based color when dyeing hair can help neutralize brassiness as well.

Can I transition from dyed to grey hair without the awkward grow out phase?

It can be challenging growing out dyed hair gracefully, but there are a few tricks. Keep hair short as it grows out. Use root touch up products like sprays, crayons or powders to camouflage new growth. Add babylights or highlights around your part and hairline. Use a purple or silver toner to neutralize brassiness. And know that the awkward phase doesn’t last forever! Embrace the transition.

Summary of Key Points

Do’s Don’ts
– Embrace grey hair’s natural beauty – Feel pressure to dye greys
– Use moisturizing, repairing hair products – Hide greys with severe pulled back styles
– Get sleek, chin length or shorter cuts – Let grey hair become dry, dull and flat
– Add lots of volume and texture – Wear colours that wash out your complexion
– Style with waves, curls and shine – Forget to use heat protectant