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How do I manually change the color on my Razer keyboard?

Changing the color settings on a Razer keyboard is a great way to customize the look and feel of your gaming setup. With Razer’s Chroma lighting technology, you have access to a wide spectrum of colors and effects to make your keyboard stylish and unique. The process of changing colors is straightforward, but does require using Razer’s Synapse software. Here’s a detailed guide on how to manually change the color on your Razer keyboard.


Before changing the keyboard colors, make sure you have:

  • A Razer keyboard that supports Chroma lighting (check model specs to confirm)
  • Razer Synapse 3 software installed on your computer (available as a free download from Razer)
  • Your Razer keyboard plugged into your computer via USB

Open the Razer Synapse App

Razer Synapse is the companion software that allows you to customize Chroma lighting effects and manage profiles on your Razer peripherals. To get started:

  1. Launch the Razer Synapse 3 app on your computer
  2. Make sure your Razer keyboard is detected by Synapse. It should show up under the ‘Connected Devices’ section
  3. Select your keyboard from the list of connected devices

Select the Keyboard Visualizer

The Keyboard Visualizer within Synapse is where you can actively preview and change the keyboard colors. To access it:

  1. From your keyboard’s home screen, click on the ‘Visualizer’ tab
  2. This will launch an interactive preview of your keyboard
  3. You can now start selecting keys to change the colors

Choose a Static Color

The simplest way to change your Razer keyboard color is to set a static color across the entire device:

  1. In the Visualizer, click on the ‘Keypad’ section to select all keys
  2. Open the ‘Chroma Studio’ module on the right pane
  3. Under ‘Effect’, choose ‘Static’
  4. Click on the color square to open the color picker
  5. Select your desired color and the preview will update
  6. Click ‘Apply’ to set the color on your Razer device

Select a Pre-Defined Lighting Effect

Synapse also comes pre-loaded with dozens of colorful Chroma lighting effects you can use:

  1. In the Visualizer, select the ‘Keypad’ to choose all keys
  2. In the Chroma Studio, change the ‘Effect’ drop-down and browse the effects
  3. Pick an effect like Spectrum Cycling, Wave, Breathing etc
  4. Use the effect customization settings below to tailor the effect
  5. Hit Apply when ready to enable the effect

Customize Specific Keys

For more advanced customizations, you can set colors for specific keyboard regions or keys:

  1. In the Visualizer, click on the keyboard zones/keys you want to modify
  2. Use the Chroma Studio to pick a color or effect just for selected keys
  3. Tweak the settings and hit Apply
  4. Repeat the steps to color additional keys

This allows you to mix and match colors across the keyboard for unique styling.

Create Profile for Custom Lighting

To save your customized keyboard colors and effects:

  1. In Synapse, click on the ‘Profiles’ tab
  2. Click the + icon to create a New Profile
  3. Give your profile a name and hit OK
  4. Go back to the Visualizer to see your profile name listed
  5. Any lighting changes will now save to this profile

Profiles allow you to quickly switch between different color presets on the fly.

Adjust Brightness

To change the brightness of your Razer keyboard backlighting:

  1. Open the Chroma Studio module
  2. Use the ‘Brightness’ slider to adjust from 0% to 100% brightness
  3. Synapse will remember the brightness for your profiles

Lower brightness is handy when gaming or working in dim environments.

Reset to Default

If you wish to reset your keyboard to the default lighting effect and colors:

  1. Open Chroma Studio and change the Effect to ‘Default’
  2. Hit Apply to load the default profile

This is an easy way to revert any custom changes you’ve made.


Learning how to change the color and lighting on your Razer keyboard opens up endless possibilities for creating cool, customized setups. The step-by-step process outlined above should help you get started with modifying basic colors, selecting fun effects, personalizing specific keys, and saving color profiles. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the Visualizer and Chroma Studio until you find a style you love!

Color Option How to Set
Static color Select keys > Pick color > Apply
Lighting effect Select keys > Choose effect > Apply
Single keys Select key > Pick color > Apply
Brightness Adjust brightness slider
Reset Set to Default effect

With the endless customization options and intricate level of control through Razer Synapse, you can setup keyboard lighting that suits your style and mood. So personalize your gaming desktop and have fun designing colorful keyboard themes and effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Razer keyboards support customizable color changing?

Most modern Razer keyboards with RGB lighting can support color customization through Razer Synapse. This includes popular models like the Razer BlackWidow, Huntsman, Cynosa Chroma, Ornata Chroma and more.

Do I need to install software to change Razer keyboard color?

Yes, you need to install the Razer Synapse software to customize colors and effects on Razer keyboards. Synapse provides access to the keyboard visualizer tool and chroma lighting config options.

How many color options are available on Razer Chroma keyboards?

Using Razer Synapse you can select from 16.8 million color options on newer Razer Chroma keyboards that feature per-key RGB lighting. So limitless color combinations are possible.

Can I create my own color themes and effects?

Absolutely, Razer Synapse lets you individually customize colors for specific keys and zones, as well as design your own dynamic lighting behaviors like wave, ripple, reactive etc. These can be saved to profiles.

How do I reset my Razer keyboard colors back to default?

The simplest way is to open Chroma Studio in Synapse and select the ‘Default’ effect. This will reset any custom colors/effects. You can also delete custom profiles if created.

Additional Tips

  • Try matching your keyboard color theme to your gaming PC setup for a coordinated look.
  • Sync your Razer keyboard to other Chroma-enabled devices for unified lighting effects.
  • Use lighter brightness in darker rooms to reduce eye strain.
  • Customize profiles for different games like FPS, MOBA, RPG etc.
  • Program reactive lighting that responds to in-game events for added immersion.
  • Browse the Chroma Workshop for thousands of color themes created by other users.
  • Change colors frequently to match your mood or decor. Possibilities are endless!


With full customizability over single key and whole keyboard lighting effects, Razer Synapse offers an easy way to modify your keyboard’s style. Equipped with advanced RGB technology, modern Razer keyboards are coloring canvases limited only by your imagination. So feel empowered to experiment with the multitude of colors and effects to make your Razer keyboard a unique extension of your setup and personality.