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Has Megan Fox ever been blonde?

Megan Fox is known for her signature dark brown locks, but the actress has experimented with lighter hair colors like blonde over the years. While she’s most associated with her natural brunette shade, Megan has proven she can pull off blonde and light brown hues as well.

Quick Answer

Yes, Megan Fox has been blonde at various points throughout her career. She’s dyed her hair platinum blonde, honey blonde, and light brown blonde shades for movies, events, and fashion shoots.

Early Career Blonde Moments

Even early on in her acting career in the early 2000s, Megan dabbled with lighter hair shades beyond her usual dark color. One of her first major blonde transformations was for her role as Carla Santini in the 2004 film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Megan sported a lighter brunette hair color with subtle blonde highlights for the movie.

She went full platinum blonde in 2009 for her appearance in Eminem’s music video for “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna. This remains one of her most striking blonde looks to date with her normally dark hair colored a vivid bleached blonde shade.

Going Lighter in Recent Years

While she maintained her signature brunette hue for most of the 2010s, Megan stepped out with lighter hair starting in 2017. That year, she was spotted with a golden honey blonde hair color at an event. This warm blonde look marked a stark change from her usual nearly black locks.

Megan went for an even lighter iteration of blonde in 2020, dyeing her hair a soft light brown blonde tone. She paired this summery hair color with matching blonde eyebrows for a coordinated impact. This highlighted blonde hair made waves and showed Megan’s versatility as a blonde bombshell.

Blonde for Movies & Photo Shoots

Aside from her blonde experimentation for public appearances, Megan has gone blonde for a number of movies over the years. Most notably, she became a blonde for her role as April O’Neil in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films in 2014 and 2016.

Megan also went blonde for the 2009 horror film Jennifer’s Body in which she played a demonically possessed high school girl. Additionally, she’s modeled blonde locks in edgy fashion shoots for brands like Armani and Hugo Boss.

How Does Megan Fox Look as a Blonde?

Megan Fox has proven she can pull off a variety of blonde shades, from platinum and honey to light brown. Her dark eyebrows provide contrast against blonde hair that make her brown eyes really pop. Overall, Megan’s edgy, feminine beauty translates well to blonde hair even though it’s not her natural brunette color.

Blonde Hair Color History

Year Event/Project Blonde Hair Color
2004 Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen movie Light brunette with blonde highlights
2009 Eminem “Love the Way You Lie” music video Platinum blonde
2009 Jennifer’s Body movie Strawberry blonde
2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie Golden honey blonde
2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows movie Golden honey blonde
2017 Fashion event Honey blonde
2020 Public appearance Light brown blonde

As this timeline shows, Megan has rocked various shades of blonde since starting her acting career in the early 2000s. She’s gone for a range of blonde tones from platinum to light brown for movies, photo shoots, music videos, and other projects over the past two decades.


While Megan Fox is known for her signature raven black hair, she has experimented with going blonde numerous times through the years. She’s proven she can pull off dramatic platinum blonde, golden blonde, and light brunette blonde shades equally well. Though her natural dark locks remain her go-to look, Megan isn’t afraid to switch it up and go blonde when the role, event, or mood strikes.

Whether she’s rocking barely-there platinum, girl-next-door golden blonde, or subtle light brown blonde, Megan shows she has the versatility and beauty to shine as a blonde bombshell. Her bold hair color transformations demonstrate Megan’s daring fashion sense and willingness to take risks and reinvent her look.

So while Megan Fox remains an icon with her trademark brunette hair, she has had some major memorable blonde moments over the course of her career. Megan continues to show she can pull off any hair color with moxie and make a major splash as a blonde or brunette.