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Does pink match hunter green?


When it comes to color coordination, one of the most common questions is whether pink matches hunter green. At first glance, these two colors may seem like an unusual combination. Pink is typically associated with femininity, romance, and playfulness. Hunter green, on the other hand, is an earthy tone that conveys masculinity, nature, and traditional style. Despite their differences, pink and hunter green can actually work quite well together if styled properly. The key is finding the right shades and textures to pull the look together harmoniously.

The Color Wheel

According to the traditional color wheel used by artists and designers, pink and green are considered complementary colors. This means they are directly opposite each other on the wheel. Complementary colors create a strong visual contrast when placed side-by-side, making them stand out from one another. However, they also have the ability to create harmony and balance when combined skillfully. The high contrast of complementary colors makes them ideal for accenting design elements.

Color Feelings and Meanings
Pink Femininity, romance, playfulness, warmth, nurturing
Hunter Green Masculinity, nature, traditional, steadfastness, health

Choosing the Right Shades

Pink and green both cover a wide spectrum of shades and tones. Combining bubblegum pink with khaki green would likely look garish. However, pairing muted dusty pink with deep forest green can create a sophisticated earthy look.

When selecting the exact shades to use together, consider the following guidelines:

– Softer, muted pinks work better than bright neon pinks. Aim for blush, mauve, or salmon shades.

– Deep jewel-toned greens are more compatible than bright lime greens. Choose hunter, emerald, or forest greens.

– Make sure there is enough contrast between the shades. If the colors are too similar, they may clash or become visually blurry.

– Add cream, gray, or wood tones to soften and bridge the gap between the pink and green.

Fabric and Texture

The particular fabrics and textures used for pink and green items also impact how cohesively they coordinate. Tactile elements like sheen, pattern, and fabric weight help the colors pair more harmoniously. Consider the following material combinations:

– Matte pink with shiny hunter green

– Solid pink with patterned green plaid or floral

– Lightweight pink chiffon with textured green tweed or velvet

Mixing materials helps each color stand out and adds visual interest. Monochromatic pairings in all pink or all green sometimes appear too uniform. Contrasting textures prevent that flat, monotonous look.

Ways to Style Pink and Hunter Green

Once you’ve selected the right hues and fabrics, there are several stylish ways to outfit pink with hunter green pieces. Here are some of the most fashionable options:


Use pink and green as bold blocks of color in an otherwise neutral outfit. For example, pair a blush pink skirt with an emerald green blouse and tan wedges. Or wear a salmon dress with a hunter green cardigan and nude heels. The colorblocking effect works well in both formal and casual looks.

Pattern Mixing

Mix various pink and green prints, like pairing a rose print blouse with forest plaid pants or a pink floral sweater over an ivy print green dress. Start with similar muted, earthy shades then layer contrasting patterns. Add some cream and wood tones to ease the transition.


Pink and green accessories are an easy way to incorporate both colors without being overly matchy. A hunter green bag can beautifully contrast a pink sundress. Salmon colored heels or jewelry pop against an emerald dress. Even a pink watch band or green phone case make subtle matching statements.


Ombré is a gradient effect where a color subtly transitions from light to dark. Use ombré to blend pink and green hues in the same garment, like a sweater fading from blush pink at the top to forest green at the hem. Or style your pink and green pieces to create an ombré look up and down the body.

Home Décor

Pink and hunter green can develop a bold, earthy style when used in home decor as well. There are many ways to tastefully incorporate both colors throughout a room:

– Paint an accent wall hunter green and use pink in the soft furnishings like pillows, rugs, and lamp shades.

– Upholster furniture in pink velvet or linen, then adorn with emerald and wood toned pillows.

– Arrange pink flowers in a deep green vase displayed on a wood console table.

– Hang forest green drapes and use salmon hued sheets on the bed.

– Lay a pink area rug in a study or sitting room with hunter green walls.

The natural design elements of wood, leather, stone and plants help bridge the two colors. Use cream, gray and brown tones as a neutral base for the pink and green accents.


Although pink and hunter green are very different colors visually, they can create stylish harmonious looks when thoughtfully combined. Choosing muted shades of pink rather than neon hues helps make the colors more compatible. Deep forest or emerald greens relate better to pink than bright lime greens. Contrasting textures and patterns also allow the colors to stand out from each other in an eye-catching way. With the right color pairing techniques, this unexpected color scheme can be fashion-forward, elegant and full of personality. So do not be afraid to experiment with pink and hunter green in your outfits and home décor. The high contrast combination is daring yet beautiful when properly styled.