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Does YETI discontinue colors?

YETI is known for their high-quality and durable coolers, drinkware, and other outdoor gear. One of the things that sets YETI apart is their wide variety of color options available for most of their products. However, YETI does occasionally discontinue certain colorways once they sell out. This leaves some customers wondering why their favorite YETI color is no longer available and if it will ever come back. In this article, we’ll take a look at YETI’s color discontinuation history and practices to shed some light on this topic for YETI fans.

Why Brands Discontinue Colors

Discontinuing colors and colorways is a common practice across many product categories, not just coolers and drinkware. There are a few key reasons why brands like YETI decide to axe certain colors:

  • Poor sales – If a color just isn’t selling well, it makes sense for the company to discontinue it rather than continue producing items in that colorway. This allows them to focus manufacturing efforts on more popular options.
  • Seasonal colors – Some color options are designed to be limited edition and only available for a single season before being retired.
  • Material constraints – Depending on the materials used, certain colors may be difficult to reproduce consistently in future product runs.
  • Brand refresh – Brands may decide to discontinue a color that no longer fits with their overall brand image or marketing strategy.

By paring down their color lineup, companies can optimize their inventory and manufacturing processes. However, YETI does seem to bring back in-demand colors by popular request somewhat regularly.

YETI Color Timeline

Let’s take a look at some of the main colorway launches, returns, and discontinuations from YETI over the past decade:

Year Color Launch/Return Color Discontinuation
2012 Aquifer Blue N/A
2013 Seafoam Green N/A
2014 Coral N/A
2015 Pink, River Green N/A
2016 White, Ice Pink N/A
2017 Purple, Camo Coral
2018 N/A Seafoam Green
2019 Northwoods Green, Golden Coconut N/A
2020 Stone Gray Purple
2021 River Green Pink
2022 N/A Ice Pink

This table shows some of the main colorway introductions and retirements from YETI over the past 10+ years. As you can see, colors like Coral, Seafoam Green, and Purple have all been discontinued at some point after initially launching.

However, fan-favorite colors like River Green and Pink have also made comeback appearances years after being retired. So for popular colors, it seems YETI is willing to bring them back by popular demand.

Why Did My YETI Color Get Discontinued?

If your go-to YETI color has recently been discontinued, there are a few likely reasons behind that decision:

  • Lagging sales – As mentioned earlier, YETI regularly prunes color options that aren’t selling well. Your color pick may have simply been less popular compared to other options.
  • Seasonal status – Some colors are only offered for a limited time as seasonal releases before being cycled out.
  • Brand image shift – YETI may be moving their overall brand image and color palette in a new direction compared to when your color originally launched.
  • Manufacturing constraints – In rare cases, production issues with a particular color dye or pigment could lead to it being discontinued.

One way to get more insight is to contact YETI’s customer service team directly and ask if they have any plans to bring back your discontinued color someday. Make sure to call out how popular you feel that colorway is among the YETI community – that customer feedback is important.

Will My Color Ever Come Back?

As we saw in the timeline earlier, YETI has brought back formerly discontinued colors like River Green and Pink by popular demand. So there’s certainly precedent of retired colors making a comeback.

However, there’s no guarantee that will happen. A few factors that may influence the chances of a comeback include:

  • Original launch date – Colors that have been gone longer are less likely to return than more recently discontinued shades.
  • Fan demand – Colors that customers continually request have the best chance of being rereleased.
  • Past sales – If the color was originally a strong seller, YETI may be motivated to bring it back.
  • Brand fit – The color should still align with YETI’s overall brand image and style for a rerelease.

Rallying other fans to contact YETI asking for the return of your discontinued color choice can definitely help. YETI keeps close tabs on customer opinions through social media, reviews, and direct outreach.

Make your voice heard if you want your favorite color option back someday soon!

Discontinued YETI Colors

Here is a reference list of some of the main YETI colorways that have been officially discontinued over the past decade:

Discontinued Color Last Launch Year
Coral 2017
Seafoam Green 2018
Purple 2020
Pink 2021
Ice Pink 2022

This covers some of the major colors that have been cycled out of YETI’s lineup in recent years. As noted earlier, just because a color has been discontinued does not necessarily mean it’s gone for good. Utilizing the original launch date info here, you can get a sense of which retired colors may have a chance of coming back compared to others that are likely gone permanently.

Strategies to Get Your Color Back

If your discontinued YETI color holds a special place in your heart, here are some tips that may help convince the brand to bring it back someday:

  • Start a petition – Launch an online petition asking YETI to rerelease your color and rally other fans to sign it.
  • Coordinate social media – Get people to flood YETI’s Instagram and Facebook pages requesting the return of your color.
  • Email YETI customer service – Politely explain how popular you feel the colorway is and that customers still want it.
  • Comment on new releases – When YETI announces new colors, request your discontinued one in the comments.
  • Contact influencers – Reach out to prominent YETI reviewers/influencers and get them to help drive the request.

The more voices calling for the return of a color, the more pressure there is on YETI to listen. Be persistent yet polite in contacting them through all available channels. With enough customer interest, you just may get your discontinued color back for an encore appearance.

New Color Predictions

While bringing back old colors is great, YETI also introduces brand new colorways each year. Based on recent releases and current color trends, here are some educated guesses for new YETI colors we could see in 2023:

  • Matte Black – A popular trend across electronics and automotive, matte black would give YETI’s lineup a sleek, stylish new option.
  • Forest Green – Earthy green hues continue to grow in popularity and offer a natural, outdoorsy look.
  • Desert Orange – Vibrant orange would complement Yeti’s existing citrus colorways like Golden Coconut.
  • Stainless Steel – A true stainless steel finish would provide an eye-catching metallic look.

It will be exciting to see what new colors, if any, YETI does add next year. Be sure to let them know which shades you would love to purchase your YETI products in.

Wrapping Up

While saying goodbye to a favorite YETI color is disappointing, customers can take heart knowing retirements are often temporary. Passionate owners willing to provide feedback and request returns can sometimes convince YETI to rerelease previously discontinued colors.

Just remember to be polite and constructive in contacting YETI about your preferred color coming back. And keep an eye out for new colorways each year that may earn a top spot in your book. With a little luck, that missed coral or seafoam hue might just find its way back into the YETI lineup someday soon!