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Does February have 2 birthstones?

Does February have 2 birthstones?

February is a special month that happens to have not one, but two official birthstones associated with it – the amethyst and pearl. Let’s take a closer look at these two beautiful gems and what makes them so significant as February’s birthstones.

Amethyst – The traditional birthstone of February

For centuries, the amethyst has been recognized as February’s primary birthstone. This regal purple gemstone has a rich history and plenty of myth and lore surrounding it. Here are some key facts about the amethyst as a February birthstone:

  • The amethyst is a variety of quartz that naturally occurs in shades of purple, from light lavender to deep violet. Its color comes from trace amounts of iron in the stone.
  • The name “amethyst” comes from the Ancient Greek word “amethystos” meaning “not intoxicated.” Ancient Greeks believed wine glasses carved from amethyst would prevent drunkenness.
  • Amethysts have been prized by royalty through history. Ancient Egyptians wore amethyst jewelry and royal family members often wore amethysts – from Cleopatra to Catherine the Great.
  • In the Bible, the amethyst is one of the 12 gemstones that adorned Aaron’s breastplate and was considered on par with other precious stones like rubies and emeralds.
  • During the Middle Ages, European soldiers wore amethyst amulets for protection in battle. Bishops also wore amethyst rings to symbolize piety and celibacy.
  • Amethyst is the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20). It’s believed to impart wisdom, sobriety and restraint.
  • As a February birthstone, amethyst is said to bring peace, stability and courage to those born in this month.

So in summary, the amethyst has long been revered as a mystical and protective gem with royal connotations. Its regal purple color and spiritual symbolism make it a fitting birthstone for February.

Pearl – The modern birthstone of February

In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers officially adopted the pearl as a secondary birthstone for February, along with the traditional amethyst. Here are some key facts about pearls as a February birthstone:

  • Natural pearls form inside saltwater oysters and freshwater mussels when an irritant like a grain of sand gets lodged inside their shell. The mollusk secretes a fluid called nacre around the irritant, creating layers upon layers of iridescent nacre – and eventually a pearl.
  • Cultured pearls are grown inside mollusks on pearl farms under controlled conditions by manually inserting an irritant. They have the same beauty, luminosity and value as natural pearls.
  • Pearls symbolize purity, integrity and faith – which is why they’ve been worn as wedding jewels for centuries. They were particularly popular in Victorian-era bridal jewelry.
  • Pearls are considered lucky in Asia, where they represent wealth and success. Ancient Chinese warriors wore pearl armor for protection.
  • As a birthstone, pearls are said to empower those born in February with health, wealth and longevity.
  • Pearls come in various colors beyond white – including black, gold and peach. But white and cream are the most familiar pearl colors.
  • The pearl is the birthstone for the zodiac sign of Cancer (June 21 – July 22). It balances Cancer’s emotional sensitivity.

In summary, pearls represent classic beauty and have been coveted for ages as symbols of femininity, romance and status. Their cooling energy is thought to balance those born in February’s fiery nature. Pearls complement the traditional amethyst birthstone nicely.

The Significance of Having Two Birthstones

February is one of the few months that has been granted two official birthstones by the jewelry industry. Here are some reasons why February is lucky enough to have both the amethyst and pearl as its birthstones:

  • Having two birthstones gives people born in February more options and flexibility to choose a birthstone that resonates with them or fits their budget.
  • Amethyst and pearl complement each other nicely in terms of symbolism and energy. Amethyst offers spiritual protection while pearl provides purity and calm.
  • The amethyst represents February’s ancient birthstone rooted in history, while the pearl brings a more contemporary option.
  • The two stones look beautiful when worn together, allowing February babies to harness the power of both their birthstones at once.
  • Having two birth flower options allows for more creativity and personalization when gifting February birthstone jewelry.

So in many ways, February babies get the best of both worlds by having two gorgeous birthstones rich in unique meanings and attributes. Whether choosing one stone or wearing them together, February babies can fully benefit from the amethyst-pearl duo.

How are the February Birthstones Worn and Displayed?

When set in birthstone jewelry, the amethyst and pearl can be worn and styled in many chic ways. Here are some popular options:

  • Amethyst jewelry: Amethysts work beautifully in statement rings, pendant necklaces, cocktail rings, bracelets and earrings. Deep purple amethysts set in yellow or white gold have an elegant, regal look.
  • Pearl jewelry: Classic pearl stud earrings or strands are always in style. Pearls also look lovely in delicate rings, bracelets and necklaces. For special occasions, an exquisite pearl choker or cluster earrings add glamour.
  • Amethyst and pearl together: Mixing amethyst and pearl makes for an eye-catching combination. Wearing a pearl necklace with amethyst earrings is one chic option. Or flashy amethyst cocktail rings paired with ladylike pearl studs or a bracelet.
  • Birthstone engagement rings: For February-born brides-to-be, birthstone rings using amethyst, pearl, or both are on-trend. adding birthstones to the band or side stones of a traditional diamond engagement ring is a unique, personal touch.

When gifting February birthstone keepsakes, you can find beautiful birthstone candles, diffusers, vases, coasters and more featuring amethyst or pearl accents. Displaying birthstones around the home is a nice way to celebrate someone born in February.

Are There Any Other Birthstones for February?

While amethyst and pearl are widely recognized as the official February birthstones, some other gems are associated with February birthdays:

Birthstone Significance
Garnet Ancient birthstone for February – deep red garnets signify faith, courage and vitality
Onyx Zodiac stone for Pisces – promotes spiritual growth and protection
Rose Quartz Love stone – carries soothing, romantic energy
Jasper Supports emotional balance and stability

While alternate gems like these are sometimes gifted in February, amethyst and pearl remain the most iconic, coveted and popular birthstones for February-born babies.

How Can I Buy February Birthstone Jewelry?

February birthstone jewelry makes for beautiful and meaningful gifts for loved ones born in this month. When purchasing amethyst and pearl jewelry, here are some shopping tips:

  • Buy only from reputable jewelers with excellent craftsmanship and ethical sourcing practices.
  • With pearls, pay attention to quality factors like luster, surface, size, shape and color. AAA-grade pearls offer the very best quality.
  • For amethysts, color intensity is key – aim for rich, vivid purple hues without brown tints.
  • Consider custom birthstone keepsakes like engraved pendants, birthstone poems or personalized jewelry with the recipient’s birth details.
  • Well-crafted birthstone jewelry doesn’t need to break the bank – you can find high-quality adorable amethyst and pearl pieces at affordable prices.

Online jewelry stores give you exceptional selection across styles and budgets. Boutique jewelers also offer exquisite birthstone jewelry you won’t find in big chain stores. With a bit of searching, you’re sure to find beautiful February birthstone gifts to delight a loved one.


February is one of the luckiest months for having not just one, but two dazzling official birthstones – the regal amethyst and the ethereal pearl. These colored gems complement each other beautifully in terms of symbolism, lore, appearance and metaphysical properties. Those born in February are gifted with double the birthstone magic and meaning. When gifted as jewelry or displayed as home decor, February’s duo of brilliant birthstones will always hold special significance for February-born babies.