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Can you wear black and dark grey together?

Can you wear black and dark grey together?

Black and dark grey are versatile neutral colors that can work well together in an outfit, as long as you follow some guidelines. Many people are unsure about pairing these darker shades, worried that the look may appear drab or dreary. However, black and charcoal can make for a sophisticated, sharp combination when done right. In this article, we’ll discuss tips and tricks for wearing black and dark grey together fashionably.

Complementary Colors

Black and dark grey are complementary neutral colors on the color wheel. This means they sit opposite each other, creating a striking contrast when paired. For this reason, these darker neutrals work beautifully when combined in an outfit. The black pops against the grey, keeping the look from appearing washed out.

Some tips for wearing black and dark grey as complements:

– Pair a black top with dark grey pants or skirt
– Wear a charcoal grey blazer over a black dress
– Style black shoes with a dark grey bag
– Mix a black belt with a dark grey coat

The contrast between the shades adds visual interest and depth to an ensemble.

Monochromatic Style

While black and dark grey look sharp together because of their contrast, you can also wear them monochromatically for a slick, sleek aesthetic. A monochromatic outfit sticks to the same color family, varying only in shade and texture.

Here are some tips for wearing black and charcoal in a monochrome way:

– Choose black as your base and use dark grey as an accent
– Wear different shades of charcoal together, like a medium grey sweater with dark grey trousers
– Add black tights to a dark grey dress
– Style a black handbag with a charcoal pantsuit
– Mix black and grey patterns, like a black and white striped top with a grey plaid skirt

When combining shades of black and dark grey monochromatically, pay attention to texture to add visual interest. For example, pair a sleek black leather jacket with a soft grey knit scarf.


Colorblocking, or wearing solid blocks of color, is a great way to combine black and dark grey stylishly. This technique adds a graphic, modern element to your look.

Some tips for colorblocking with black and charcoal:

– Wear a black top and dark grey bottom or vice versa
– Pair a black sweater with charcoal trousers
– Style a dark grey skirt with black tights and boots
– Mix a black jacket with a charcoal shirt and pants
– Accessorize a black dress with a dark grey bag and shoes

When colorblocking, choose pieces in solid shades without patterns. The visual separation between the black and grey makes more of an impact.

Casual Colorblocking Outfit Formal Colorblocking Outfit
Black t-shirt Charcoal suit jacket
Dark grey jeans Black dress pants
Black sneakers Grey collared shirt
Grey beanie Black leather shoes

Mixing Textures and Patterns

When wearing black and dark grey, you can incorporate different textures and patterns to add depth. This prevents the outfit from looking flat.

Some ideas:

– Pair a black lace top with a charcoal wool skirt
– Style a fitted black dress with an oversized, chunky grey sweater
– Wear black jeans with a grey tweed blazer
– Mix a dark grey striped sweater with black dress pants
– Top a charcoal suit with a black silk camisole

Aim for at least one piece in each outfit that introduces an interesting texture like leather, wool, silk, or lace. Also, don’t be afraid to blend patterns. Just make sure they are in the same color scheme.


Accessories present the perfect opportunity to incorporate pops of contrasting color when wearing black and dark grey. Jewelry, bags, shoes and other accents keep the look from becoming one-note.

Some accessory ideas:

– Silver or gold jewelry
– Red or burgundy lipstick or heels
– Camel or tan handbag or belt
– Forest green scarf or hat
– Baby blue or pastel purse
– Neutral shoes like beige, white, or brown

When selecting accent colors, stick to neutral, cool, or jewel tones for the most sophisticated look. Avoid brights or neons which might look jarring.


Black and dark grey make the perfect color pairing when you use them strategically. Complement each other through colorblocking, keep the look slick with monochromatic styling, or add visual interest by mixing textures and patterns. Avoid looking drab by sprucing up the neutrals with pops of color in your accessories. With these tips, you can fashionably wear black and charcoal grey together for a polished, put-together look. Experiment with integrating these deeper shades into your wardrobe for a dose of sophistication.