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What colors go with mustard yellow for wedding?

What colors go with mustard yellow for wedding?

Mustard yellow is a bold, bright, and beautiful color that can really pop at a wedding. However, pairing the right colors with mustard yellow is key to creating a cohesive and attractive color palette. The trick is to find shades that complement the vibrancy of mustard yellow without clashing. When done right, mustard yellow can bring a lovely warmth and playful spirit to your special day. In this article, we’ll explore the best color matches for mustard yellow that work beautifully for weddings.

Neutrals That Complement Mustard Yellow

Pairing mustard yellow with neutral shades is a foolproof way to let the yellow stand out while anchoring it with softer tones. Here are some neutral options that work perfectly:

Ivory or Cream

An ivory or cream white acts as a softening counterbalance to the bright intensity of mustard yellow. It also evokes classic wedding vibes. Having ivory details like table linens, chair covers, or wedding gowns allows the mustard yellow accents to truly pop.

Light Gray

A very light gray can provide subtle contrast against mustard yellow without overpowering it. Incorporate light gray via table runners, suit colors, or decorative vases.


From blush to tan, nude shades pair beautifully with mustard yellow. Try a nude color palette for bridesmaid dresses or table designs. Nude and mustard yellow is a sophisticated color combo.


Incorporate natural green elements like foliage, herbs, or eucalyptus to complement mustard yellow. The green neutral will make the yellow sing. Use greenery for bouquets, centerpieces, and reception decor.

Earth Tone Colors That Work with Mustard Yellow

Earth tones are versatile for pairing with the yellow because they are muted rather than bright. Here are some great earth tone options:

Light Brown

A light warm brown has a subtle contrast from mustard yellow while still harmonizing. Use it for suit accents, wood elements, table numbers, or signs.


With both gray and brown tones, taupe is the perfect neutral earth tone to accompany mustard yellow. Try taupe bridesmaid dresses or reception decor items.


The softness of beige offsets the bold yellow in a beautiful way. Incorporate beige into tablecloths, chair sashes, or paper goods.


A light tan paired with mustard yellow gives off effortlessly chic vibes. Use it for groomsmen ties, paper flowers, or table runners.


A light sand color has yellow undertones that complement mustard yellow beautifully. Use sand colored vases, table napkins, or other accents.

Pastels That Work Well with Mustard Yellow

Using soft, romantic pastels with mustard yellow makes for a lovely spring or summer wedding palette. Consider these pretty pastel pairings:


The interplay between bright mustard yellow and soft lavender purple is absolutely beautiful and suits a whimsical wedding. Use lavender for flowers, dresses, or paper goods.

Light Pink

A light blush pink brings out the playful side of mustard yellow for a sweet, charming wedding palette. Use pink for bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, or cakes.

Mint Green

The fresh look of mint green complements mustard yellow for a fun, youthful wedding vibe. Add mint accents via ceremony chairs, groomsmen ties, or reception decor.

Baby Blue

Soft baby blue is a perfect accent color to make mustard yellow pop without going overboard. Use baby blue for invitations, groom’s tie, or reception decorations.


A pale buttercream or custard yellow has just enough contrast from mustard yellow to complement it beautifully. Use it for table linens, bridesmaid bouquets, or cakes.

Deep and Vibrant Colors That Complement Mustard Yellow

Besides soft pastels, you can also pair mustard yellow with some deeper, more vibrant colors:

Navy Blue

Navy blue has an elegant richness that contrasts gorgeously with mustard yellow. Use navy for men’s suits, bridesmaid dresses, or decorative accents.

Forest Green

The earthy boldness of forest green complements mustard yellow’s vibrancy. Use it for bridesmaid dresses, reception floral arrangements, or invitations.


A rich plum purple adds a touch of royalty and luxury when paired with mustard yellow. Add plum via venue decor, wedding cakes, bouquets, or paper goods.


A vibrant coral orange will make mustard yellow pop delightfully. Use coral flowers, table runners, or programs for a summery vibe.


Deep burgundy red adds a sophisticated, elegant touch alongside mustard yellow. Use it for invitations, groom/groomsmen attire, or reception decor.

Metallic Colors for Pairing with Mustard Yellow

Metallic accents work beautifully with mustard yellow to add shimmer and glamour. Consider these metallic hues:

Rose Gold

The warm, pinkish tone of rose gold complements mustard yellow for a feminine, romantic wedding look. Use it for table numbers, candle holders, vases, or other decor items.

Antique Gold

A muted antique gold tone harmonizes elegantly with mustard yellow. Use it for wedding rings, table runners, chair sashes, or centerpiece vases.


Cool-toned silver serves as a nice contrasting metallic against the warm mustard yellow. Use silver for cutlery, candlesticks, vases, or charger plates.

Gunmetal Gray

Gunmetal gray has an edgier vibe than regular silver. It can complement mustard yellow beautifully for centerpieces or menswear accessories.


The fiery glow of copper plays off of mustard yellow’s golden tones. Use copper mugs, vases, candle holders, or table numbers.

Avoid Colors That Clash with Mustard Yellow

While many colors pair wonderfully with mustard yellow, some options clash or overpower. Avoid these incompatible shades:

– Neon colors like bright orange or lime green

– Pure white, black, or red

– Royal purple

– Seafoam or aqua blue

Stick to softer shades or colors with yellow, green, or brown undertones for the most cohesive look with mustard yellow. Bright cool tones tend to clash.

Examples of Full Color Palettes with Mustard Yellow

Here are some examples of full wedding color palettes built around mustard yellow:

Mustard Yellow, Lavender, and Ivory

– Mustard yellow: Main color
– Lavender: Secondary color
– Ivory: Neutral tone

Mustard Yellow, Coral, and Navy

– Mustard yellow: Main color
– Coral: Secondary color
– Navy: Accent color

Mustard Yellow, Sage Green, and Sand

– Mustard yellow: Main color
– Sage green: Secondary color
– Sand: Neutral tone

Mustard Yellow, Blush Pink, and Brown

– Mustard yellow: Main color
– Blush pink: Secondary color
– Light brown: Neutral tone

Tips for Incorporating Mustard Yellow into Weddings

Here are some ideas to seamlessly incorporate mustard yellow into your wedding:

– Use yellow in big statement pieces like bridesmaid dresses or wedding cakes
– Add small yellow accents via florals, paper goods, signage, napkins, etc.
– Place yellow details in key locations to tie the look together
– Use softer neutral yellows like ivory as a base and bring in bright mustard yellow for pops of color
– Make the yellow whimsical and playful with pastels or sophisticated with deep tones
– Include yellow in both formal and informal elements for cohesion


Mustard yellow can bring vibrant energy and warmth to weddings when paired with the right accent colors. Stick to harmonious neutrals, earth tones, pastels, and deep tones for the most pleasing palette. Making mustard yellow the star and using other hues for accents will result in a cohesive, pleasing look. With so many options, you can easily build a customized mustard yellow and complementary color palette that brings your wedding vision to life.