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Why is the LDS primary important?

The Primary organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints plays a crucial role in teaching and nurturing children within the church. Primary allows children to learn gospel principles, develop testimonies of Jesus Christ, and build faith from an early age. There are many reasons why the LDS Primary is such an essential part of the church.

Teaching Gospel Principles

One of the main purposes of Primary is to teach children the basic gospel principles of the LDS church. Primary classes are organized by age group and focus on doctrines and principles appropriate for each level of understanding. The curriculum covers topics like faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, the plan of salvation, priesthood authority, scriptures, prophets, and temple worship. Children learn sacred truths about Heavenly Father’s plan for his children and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Primary teachers follow approved lesson manuals and resources to guide each week’s lesson. Activities like scripture stories, singing time, sharing time, and crafts reinforce the gospel principles. Children who regularly attend Primary gain a foundation in LDS beliefs that prepares them for more in-depth gospel study as they grow older.

Developing Testimonies of Jesus Christ

A major emphasis in Primary is helping children develop their own testimonies of Jesus Christ. From the youngest Sunbeam class to the oldest Valiant class, lessons and activities focus on coming to know, love, and want to follow the Savior. Children memorize scriptures about Christ, sing songs of worship about him, and learn stories highlighting his life, ministry, and atoning sacrifice.

Primary supports children in gaining their own spiritual witness of who Jesus Christ is and the divine role he plays in their lives. As children study the gospel, pray, serve others, and feel the Holy Ghost, they can receive a testimony that God is their Heavenly Father and Jesus is the Christ. Developing this early testimony anchors them in faith and provides a foundation their testimonies can build on.

Building Faith and Conversion

Along with teaching doctrine and facilitating testimony development, Primary also gives children opportunities to exercise faith and become converted to the gospel. By applying gospel principles learned in class, participating in service activities, and sharing what they know with others, children can experience how living the gospel brings happiness.

Primary activities like scripture study challenges, Achievement Days, visiting teaching assignments, and participation in ward events allow children to act on what they are learning. As children act in faith, pray sincerely, live righteously, and feel the Holy Ghost, their faith increases. Over time, gospel truths go from being just head knowledge to becoming heartfelt beliefs leading to lifelong conversion.

Providing a Christ-Centered Community

Primary functions as a Christ-centered community where children can see the gospel in action. By developing friendships with other children striving to live the gospel, they gain important peer support. Primary provides a spiritual refuge where children can feel the Savior’s love and find answers to their questions.

Leaders, teachers, and activities all point children towards Christ. The learning, growth, and conversion fueled by Primary eventually propels children to make and keep sacred gospel covenants through baptism, priesthood ordinations, and temple worship. The Christ-centered Primary community gives them strength to withstand worldly influences and remain faithful.

Leadership Development

Primary callings allow adult ward members to develop important leadership skills. Members are called to serve as Primary presidents, counselors, secretaries, music leaders, pianists, teachers, and activity day leaders. These callings give them experience in teaching the gospel, planning and organizing meetings and activities, managing schedules and budgets, resolving problems, and working with leaders and parents.

Serving in Primary can be an intense spiritual and administrative experience. It requires leaders to live to a higher standard so they properly represent the Savior. Primary callings expose leaders to children’s pure faith, testimony, and love for the gospel. The combination of practical experience and spiritual growth better prepares members for higher leadership callings.

Supporting Parents

Primary complements and supports parents who have the ultimate responsibility for teaching their children the gospel. Primary reinforces gospel principles taught at home and enhances parents’ spiritual instructions. Parental involvement is also encouraged so families can have gospel learning experiences together.

Some ways Primary supports parents include:

  • Providing gospel instruction from additional caring adults
  • Giving parents tools to hold family home evenings and study the scriptures at home
  • Offering music, scriptures, articles, and activities to use with children outside of Primary
  • Communicating with parents about curriculum and upcoming learning goals
  • Suggesting service opportunities families can do together

This support system strengthens families and helps parents fulfill their divine roles as primary gospel teachers of their children.

Preparing Young Women and Young Men

The last two years of Primary for 11 and 12 year olds focus on preparing them to transition to Young Women and Young Men. The Valiant classes teach lessons on Eternal Marriage, Missionary Preparation, Family History, Temple Work, and Personal Progress. Young men and young women leaders also visit Primary to introduce the youth programs.

This time of preparation gets children ready to one day make temple covenants, fulfill missions, pursue education, and become spouses and parents. The spiritual foundation built in Primary sustains them as they navigate adolescence and plan for the future responsibilities of adulthood.

Strengthening the Ward

A dedicated Primary organization strengthens the ward or branch it serves. Primary leaders and teachers magnify their callings and set an example of Christlike service and leadership. Children bless congregations with their vibrant testimonies, uplifting songs, honest comments, and prayers.

Seeing children progress spiritually brings ward members joy and motivation. Therising generation reflects the spiritual health of the adults guiding them. A strong Primary now leads to spiritually prepared youth, faithful young adults, and righteous future leaders. Investing in Primary builds wards of faithful Latter-day Saints united in the gospel.

Blessing Children Worldwide

Primary blesses the lives of children beyond just within individual wards and branches. The Primary organization spans the entire global church, bringing gospel light to children worldwide. No matter their circumstances, every child can feel the Savior’s love through singing time, sharing time, and the consistent teachings of the Primary program.

Even in the most humble circumstances, Primary lessons elevate children spiritually. Primary in developing areas blesses children with hope in Jesus Christ, faith in God’s plan, and skills to improve their lives. The worldwide scope of Primary reveals its divine role in teaching all of Heavenly Father’s children.


In summary, the LDS Primary organization plays an essential role in teaching the gospel to children, helping them gain testimonies of Jesus Christ, and preparing them for future gospel responsibilities. Its global reach and support for parents and families make it an important part of the Savior’s kingdom on earth. The Primary program of the restored Church of Jesus Christ stands as evidence of Heavenly Father’s love and divine design for his children.