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Why is Skims so flattering?

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and loungewear brand Skims has taken the fashion world by storm since its launch in 2019. The brand has become massively popular for its comfortable yet sculpting fabrics that create a smooth and enhanced silhouette. But what exactly makes Skims shapewear so flattering compared to other options on the market? Let’s take a closer look at the design and technology behind the Skims magic.

Skims Fabrics Are ultra-soft and stretchy

One of the hallmarks of Skims shapewear is its super soft, stretchy fabrics that move with your body. Skims shapewear collections like the Fits Everybody line and Sculpting collection use nylon and spandex blends that offer lightweight compression and bounce back to gently smooth and shape your figure. The soft, silky lining glides over skin comfortably while the stretchy power mesh, cotton, and modal fabrics flex as you move. This combination of softness and stretch means Skims shapewear offers breathable, flexible shaping rather than rigid, restricting compression.

In addition, Skims shapewear often incorporates cotton, modal, and micro modal fabrics that feel exceptionally soft against the skin. Smoothing tank bodysuits, thongs, and underwear are made from ultra-soft modal and cotton blends designed for daily wear. Softness and stretch are key to Skims shapewear’s ability to feel comfortable while enhancing your curves.

Targeted Compression Flattens and Lifts

Skims doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to shapewear. Instead, the brand offers targeted compression zones in thoughtful designs to provide lifting, smoothing, and sculpting exactly where you want it. For example, the Sculpting bodysuit uses targeted abdominal compression to define and cinch the waist, while flexible mesh zones leave the bust and derriere uncompressed. Similarly, the Fits Everybody collection combines compressive slimming fabrics with open, airy zones for just the right amount of compression and breathability. And underwear and bras are designed with strategic compression on the tummy and sides to subtly smooth bulges and enhance curves.

In addition, Skims shapewear often features strategically placed silicone strips or gel grips that stay put to anchor the shapewear in place. You’ll find these grippers at the top of thigh-smoothing shorts, on the interior side seams of bodysuits, or at the underbust, shoulders, and back of bras. These details allow Skims shapewear to lift and flatten without slipping or shifting out of place. So you get sculpting compression exactly where you want it to enhance your shape.

An Expansive Range of Sizes

Skims offers shapewear in an impressively extensive and inclusive size range, with sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL. Most styles are available in 9 sizes, ensuring a close, made-to-measure fit. Having such a wide range of sizes means Skims shapewear can properly compress, smooth, and support different body types and sizes. Ill-fitting shapewear defeats the purpose by creating bulges, gaps, and discomfort. By providing basically custom sizing, Skims shapewear avoids these issues and delivers subtle sculpting for more figures.

Seamless Designs Disappear Under Clothing

Skims wouldn’t be Kim Kardashian-approved if it didn’t ace the seamless, invisible shapewear game! Skims shapewear collections are specially engineered for seam-free wear under form-fitting clothing. Bras, bodysuits, tanks, and bottoms use seamless waistbands, hems, and edges that completely disappear under clothes. There are no visible lines, bulges, or discomfort even under the tightest dresses and skirts. For example, the Fits Everybody collection features seamless edges, bonding, and laser-cut hems to remain totally invisible. And bras and undies Use ultra-thin, seamless bonded edges that maintain a smooth appearance under clothing.

On-Trend Styling for Versatility

While Skims shapewear sculpts and smoothes your figure, the chic styling means it also looks fabulous worn as loungewear or layering pieces. Shapewear pieces come in on-trend neutrals and prints that can be incorporated into everyday outfits. For example, seamless bras and undies make a pretty base layer under sheer or clinging clothing. Slip shorts and tanks Look stylish with jeans or leggings. And long sleeve bodysuits, soft pants, and robes transition perfectly from the bedroom to brunch. This versatile styling means Skims shapewear pulls double duty, making it a wise investment for both shaping and style.

A Focus On Quality and Innovation

Skims didn’t just replicate existing shapewear when creating its collections. The brand focused intently on sourcing premium fabrics, using innovative bonding and sewing techniques, and incorporating smart features like grippy silicon strips. Skims shapewear goes through rigorous wear testing to ensure consistent quality and durability that withstands the pressures of daily wear and repeated washing. This quality-focused development allows Skims to improve upon the fit, feel, and function of traditional shapewear. The result is underwear, loungewear, and shapewear that looks and feels luxurious.

Skims Shapewear Collection Key Features
Fits Everybody Targeted compression zones, seamless edges, smooth fabrics, breathable mesh
Sculpting Lightweight compression, bonded edges, open bust zone, grippers
Smooth Essentials Ultra-soft modal and cotton, stay-put grippers, seamless edges

A Range of Styles For Different Needs

Skims doesn’t just offer one type of shapewear. The brand provides a range of styles to suit different outfit needs. Minimal thongs and bras smooth discreetly under clingy dresses or tops. Control-top pantyhose sculpt legs and tummy for a polished look. Soft tanks refine the waist when you want a little compression under a blazer or tee. Slip shorts smooth lumps and bumps under skirts and pants. And bodysuits contour the hips, waist, and chest for an hourglass shape. Having this range of shaping styles helps you target problem areas and enhance your assets for any occasion.

Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements

It certainly doesn’t hurt that celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Emily Ratajkowski, and Lizzo proudly wear Skims shapewear. These high-profile stars help promote Skims as the go-to brand for sculpting shapewear that makes you look and feel amazing. When you see your favorite celebs rocking Skims shapewear under their form-fitting red carpet looks, it’s a pretty persuasive endorsement. The strong social media presence of the brand and its army of influencers helps drive home the message that Skims shapewear is designed to confidently flaunt your curves.

Flattering on All Body Types

The ultra-soft fabrics, targeted compression, and extensive sizing of Skims shapewear helps it look flattering on all different body types and sizes. The stretchy material and breathable zones move with the body, while light compression gently streamlines and enhances your natural shape. Skims avoids restrictive designs that pinch, squeeze, or flatten. Reviewers love how Skims shapewear subtly perfects your proportions and smooths trouble spots in a way that looks natural – not compressed. Whether you’re curvy, petite, athletic, or straight-sized, Skims shapewear sculpts your body in the most complimentary way.

High Ratings and Rave Reviews

Across online retailers like the Skims website, Nordstrom, and Net-a-Porter, Skims shapewear receives consistently glowing reviews. Customers love the buttery-soft fabrics against the skin and lightweight sculpting compression that doesn’t feel constricting. Reviewers say the shapewear smooths flawlessly under clothing while avoiding any pinching, rolling, or bulging. And wearers are impressed by how Skims shapewear lifts their rear, trims their waist, or enhances their chest while still feeling like a second skin. The overwhelmingly positive feedback indicates that Skims shapewear delivers on its promise to flatter your best assets.


With its impeccably soft fabrics, targeted compression, and barely-there seamless designs, it’s easy to see why Skims has fast become the shapewear brand of the moment. By focusing on comfort, quality, and thoughtful sculpting zones, Skims has reinvented shapewear that flatters rather than restricts. The wide range of styles and sizes combined with smart features makes Skims worthy of a spot in any woman’s underwear drawer. So if you’re looking for shapewear that smooths, sculpts, and enhances your natural curves, it’s clear why Skims should be your brand of choice.