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Why is shout out of stock everywhere?

Shout stain remover has become increasingly hard to find on store shelves over the past few months. The popular spray, known for its ability to remove tough stains from clothing and upholstery, has been sold out or in short supply at many major retailers. As consumers struggle to get their hands on this cleaning staple, many are left wondering: why is Shout out of stock everywhere?

Supply Chain Issues

The primary reason behind the Shout shortage comes down to supply chain disruptions. Shout is produced by SC Johnson, a family-owned company that relies on a complex web of suppliers to source ingredients and materials for their products. Like many other manufacturers, SC Johnson has battled significant hurdles in recent years attempting to navigate pandemic-related bottlenecks, labor shortages, and global logistics problems.

Specifically for Shout, SC Johnson has indicated they’ve faced issues obtaining enough stench-fighting surfactants and preservatives from their suppliers to meet demand. Surfactants help cut grease and oil, while preservatives allow the product to stay usable on the shelf. Without reliable access to these essential ingredients, SC Johnson has been forced to slow or halt production of Shout at times to avoid completely running out of stock.

Surging Demand

Compounding the supply challenges has been a sharp increase in demand for Shout over the past two years. The rise of deep cleaning culture during the pandemic led to greater use of stain removers like Shout. Additionally, with more people working from home, there’s been an uptick in home-based tasks like laundry and pet clean-up that drive stain spray usage. This demand has remained elevated even as parts of everyday life return to normal, squeezing supplies further.

The shortage has been noted across all varieties of Shout products – wipes, gel, spray, and more. However, the iconic original aerosol spray appears to have faced the most severe stock issues, with bottles often selling out instantly when they hit store shelves. SC Johnson has stated they are working rapidly to ramp up production to better align with the expanded customer demand.

Hoarding and Panic Buying

Seeing empty Shout shelves at store after store has led some shoppers to panic buy or hoard the product when they do find it in stock. This kind of consumer behavior further intensifies the sense of shortage, as people accelerate their purchase rate. Photos circulating online show shoppers stuffing carts full of Shout, stockpiling the product whenever possible. This excessive purchasing leaves fewer bottles for other customers in need, exacerbating retail outages.

Retailers have attempted to curb hoarding and panic buying by instituting Shout purchase limits when supply allows. However, many consumers admit to visiting multiple stores in the quest to obtain as much Shout as possible. This demand frenzy has been a notable factor worsening the visibility of the shortage in stores.

Alternative Products

With Shout in short supply, shoppers have searched for alternative stain removers to meet their laundry and household cleaning needs. Brands like Spray ‘n Wash, OxiClean, Resolve, and Grandma’s Secret have reported sales boosts as consumers seek substitutes. However, none appear to have achieved the exact same combination of cleaning power and affordability as Shout based on consumer reviews.

Retailers have also expanded promotions for their in-house stain remover brands hoping to capture frustrated Shout shoppers. Still, many customers seem to prefer waiting for restocks of their tried-and-true cleaner when possible.

Brand Price Ratings
Shout $5.99 (22 oz) 4.8 stars
Spray ‘n Wash $6.99 (24 oz) 4.5 stars
OxiClean $8.49 (24 oz) 4.2 stars

This table shows leading alternatives to Shout with key performance and pricing comparisons.

The Black Market

With Shout nearly impossible to find at times, some sellers have resorted to reselling the product online at inflated prices. Searches for “Shout stain remover” on ecommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay reveal exorbitantly priced bottles up to 4 times the normal retail value. Tech-savvy resellers use bots and coordinated teams to sweep up Shout inventory the moment it becomes available.

SC Johnson has condemned this black market profiteering off their product shortages. However, until supply consistently meets demand, these underground resellers will likely remain an issue. Wary customers try to avoid counterfeits and ambiguous third-party dealers when attempting to purchase Shout online.

When Will Shout Be Back in Stock?

SC Johnson has offered reassurances that Shout production continues around the clock to resupply as fast as possible. However, they caution that resolving the interconnected web of supply chain and demand obstacles takes time. Retailers suggest staggered restocks will continue happening at random times whenever inventory flows in.

To stay up to date, consumers should check product trackers like, sign up for in-stock alerts from retailers, and ask their local stores directly about incoming shipments. While Shout likely won’t fully return to normal availability until 2023, improved supplies should reach more areas in coming months.

Tips for Finding Shout

Here are some top tips for locating precious bottles of Shout during the shortage:

  • Shop early in the morning right after overnight stocking
  • Don’t rely just on the cleaning aisle – look around the whole store
  • Try dollar stores and discount retailers like TJ Maxx
  • Buy online directly from the manufacturer while in stock
  • Don’t rule out travel-size or wipes versions

Staying flexible and persistent at multiple stores gives shoppers the best chance at landing this hot commodity.

Making Your Own Stain Remover

For crafty consumers, DIY stain remover recipes using common household ingredients have also grown popular during the Shout shortage. Here is an example formulation:

DIY Shout Gel Dupe

  • 1 cup blue dawn dish soap
  • 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • Water as needed for desired thickness

Mix ingredients, transfer to an empty bottle, and shake before use. Scrub on stains, let sit 5 minutes, then launder as usual. While likely not quite as robust on tough stains as the original, this wallet-friendly recipe helps in a pinch.

The Future of Shout

While the current Shout supply instability has proven frustrating, the product’s enduring popularity speaks to its proven cleaning efficacy over decades on the market. As SC Johnson works to unravel manufacturing and distribution challenges in a turbulent economic environment, they likely will continue striving to meet customer demand. Brand loyalty remains high, evidenced by consumers willing to hunt through stores and pay premium prices just for a bottle.

In time, analysts expect the power of a trusted brand like Shout will win out. Continued enhancements across the supply chain should allow SC Johnson to fully replenish stocks and availability. Until then, consumers have proven remarkably resourceful at finding creative ways to get their laundry clean. Ongoing retailer collaborations and increased production capabilities point to a future where Shout stain remover once again can be purchased reliably by the steady stream of devotees seeking it out.


Shout’s disappearance from store shelves results from a perfect storm of supply chain dysfunction, surging demand, and consumer panic buying. While exact timelines remain uncertain, the manufacturer’s commitment to rectifying shortfalls and shopper ingenuity for sourcing alternatives both offer hope. With diligence and adaptation, clean laundry and furniture can still thrive during this stain spray scarcity. When the clouds eventually part, Shout likely will reemerge stronger than ever as a staple of home cleaning cabinets across the country.